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Martin W.
New Infinity´s

I bought four new Infinity´s for adding it to my silver creation field coil. The other three, were for my family members. I felt at first, a tingeling feeling on my crown chakra, and my feet. It is defently a big plus to have theese as an addition to the tools. I really love the new infinity´s and I feel more grounded and connected.

Golden Fire Coil
Cleo I.W.S.
Golden Fire Coil

I put it on daily and the moment It is attached to my neck I’m encircled with energy. My state of being is calm as thought I’m walking upstream in a river and the water has no resistance.

Water Rings
Joao P.
Powerful Tensor Rings

I always have my water rings next to my bed, and I realised a huge difference in the quality of the water and vibration as well! I got the home set, personal set and a few silver rings. The copper rings feels more like earthly water, I actually love that. The silver rings I put into a water jar on the fridge and it makes the water very pure and tasteless. The personal set I always use in the car, in my water bottle, next to my Divine I Am Torus and I noticed that after I started using these tensor rings in the car, the range increased from 750km to 950km per tank! It’s absolutely incredible the power of these tools! I’m grateful ✨

Finger Rings
Joao P.
Silver and copper finger rings!

I love my finger rings! They are beautiful and has an amazing energy that flows into my body. I highly recommend it and can’t wait to try the silver creation field ring 😊

Highest Potentials Bracelet 😍

I love this bracelet, it has a soft energy and fits perfectly on my left wrist. I can also use my watch and it doesn’t bother me :)
My rating for the Highest Potentials Bracelet: 1.000.000 stars ⭐️ ✨ 🌟

Amazing bracelets!!

I love wearing the Heavy Duty 3-1/4" bracelet over my other 3 bracelets, I feel that it amplifies the power of the other bracelets, and in addition, it creates a protective field, cleans the environment, and it fits perfectly on my right wrist. I don’t think it was too heavy, I just like the weight and I feel really good when I'm wearing this bracelet. I use the harmony bracelet next to my bed, I like to put crystals inside and I also have my water rings that I use to energize and restructure water. These bracelets are high quality and I feel like they will last for a long time! Gratitude for the wonderful tools and all the knowledge 🙏❤️ ♾️

Absolutely Amazing!

Absolutely love this one and the new energetics! Felt this as an immediate heart opener, creating a serene peacefulness in the midst of the busyness of the everyday world.

A spiritual tool

Infused with the golden fire
This is most communicative
And amplifies your energy

I use this on Mt Shasta Daily


Paul of Venus

Peace of mind

Being at a conference in Los Angeles with the Halos, I noticed that those who tried the Halos on felt a field of peace and calm come over them. I also noted that wearing a Halo in the city helped keep me grounded and connected. As soon as I would take the Halo off, it felt like I was fully immersed in the thoughts and energies of the city.
The Halos are very balancing and harmonizing. They carry the energetics of the Infinite Light Pendant 2.0, which is a very phenomenal energetic. This energetic is also found in Light Bangles purchased after the 1st of February!

Light Body Activator

I am still processing the efficacy of the Light Body Activator.

Torus Pendant
Satisfied C.
Alchemist Torus Pendant

This is my second review on this pendant. Sometimes when I am around really negative people at work, I get either a headache or an ache on my head. That happened today for a shorter time. I took the pendant and placed it on the spot that ached, and it was gone immediately! All the other issues that I have been having are disappearing. I only had it for a couple of days. I wear it all the time except when I take a shower. This is going to be my favorite piece. I am so glad that I made the investment. Thank you so much.

Torus Pendant
Satisfied C.
Alchemist Torus Pendant

I just received it today. It is absolutely beautiful!


I love the tools made by TwistedSage! Support high quality!

Very happy 😊

Amazing craftsmanship!

Light Bangles
Satisfied C.
Light Bangles

I purchased 2 light bangles. One for each wrist. I really like them.

everything was beautiful, thank you so much!

Simply got to try.

Ive gotten a few items from Twisted Sage. Never disappointed with the quality of their work. This is incredible booster for me being a empath. I waited to write a review til after i wore the Heart Pendant for a month. I wear this along with their Quantum Wisdom Wand. People around my work environment noticed a major change. It helps ground a empath and attract the right energy Love and around you..❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love and light hope this review helps..

Elizabeth O.
Beautiful Jewelry

I love the jewelry from this company. It is beautiful and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. Thank you for making such amazing and unique jewelry.

Erases survival based fears.

This bracelet right here...this grounding bracelet is the truth! Of course I was feeling the energy before it arrived, but I had no clue it was such a profound energy that I didn't know I needed til I got it and tried to take it off and go about my business. I was immediately hit with the stark realization that I may have rarely if ever been thoroughly grounded! Never felt the fullness of my own energy, the unapologetic heart centered self-assuredness .Also I notice maybe two hours after wearing it that Time seems to be not real, seems flexible some how. I purposefully got the grounded bracelet days before the silver HP bracelet so I wouldn't just geek out on the blissy, high space that is the Highest potential (reviewing that one next) anywhere much thanks to Brian, Brenda, Lucas and the team dropping spiritual bangers in the form of copper tools...long live Twisted sage!!!!!

2.5 inch golden fire generator

I got this one for work. I keep it in a coffee cup. :)

Quantum Heart Coil Pendant

very pretty pendant, which in addition to being beautiful it warms my heart! thank you so much

Golden Fire Coil
Shawnna S.
Love It!

I have it hanging from my review mirror and I appreciate the positive energy that has permeated my car... Sometimes I hold it and I can feel the beautiful energy. Love it!

I loved the wand I bought I thought was getting a different wand but I also believe maybe this is meant to be my necklace snags a lot a handful of times but like I said I love my necklace

DIY Torus
Quantum Crafting

This DIY Taurus was such a treat to make. I have been a fan of Twisted Sage creations for many years, always feeling so drawn to their mandalas. When the opportunity arose to purchase a kit, and assemble a healing copper tool with my own hands, I was elated. Brian makes the process look so effortless and perfect. I would not say this was an easy project. However, this was totally doable by anyone with moderate determination and perseverance. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Now I have a tool that is charged up with so much energy, and is already synchronized with my energetic field. I also have a new appreciation of all the perfectly symmetrical and geometric tools Twisted Sage produces.

Much gratitude to the Twisted Sage family for providing this wonderful kit and opportunity.

The time to heal ourselves is now, WE HAVE THE POWER.

Twisted Sage had fast delivery and the product is wonderful!