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This tool is an amazingly powerful tool that you can do many things with, and it brings peace and calm once you get used to the energy. Very powerful, I have bought 5.

good stuff

i love their work


I feel very safe with the heart coil pendant. Thank you

Wisdom Wand

Hi Twisted Team,
I just want to thank you for sending the Wisdom Wand to me so quickly. I love it. It brings me peace and calmness. It's beautiful. I enjoy wearing it all the time.

Thanks again so much!

Love to the whole team.

All the best,

Kim Seacord:)

Bought as a gift for someone they love it

Betar Coil W/ring

I love the Betar coil with ring. I put the alchemist rings around them because they just belong together. I look at it and its pillar of light expands. I write intentions on it and put my clients on it during sessions. I also speak into it and put it under my pillow asking it to help me regenerate fully and sleep well. It works.I also put my water, food and supplements on it.

Grounding Ring
Marty M.
12” Heavy copper grounding ring

It’s very helpful, the dirt around me is very dry and full of thistle so being able to keep shoes on while grounding is very beneficial. It is a heavy gauge cooper wire. I will be ordering a larger version to sit/stand in soon!

Infinite Heart
Gisela B.
Watching the magic unfold

I have been very amazed with all that happened since I received this little tool. I ordered it in silver, it was described as a soul amplifier connecting with past lifetime soul. It has made me aware of my surrounding energies that needed to be dealt with, literally, things were falling off the wall. I am so thrilled with it and am curious, because my relationship has taken a good turn and am waiting to see where it all will end up. I am wearing it daily on a chain around my neck. Sometimes I think I need to distance myself a little. I am wondering if it needs cleansing, like stones, maybe in the sunlight or moonlight.

Light Body Activator Ring

I added this ring to my wings of Tok pendant, with a Harmonizer and Devine I Am Ring. I can feel the difference. I feel more centered ,calmed and connected.

Absolutely love it. I put it on top my cat when I took it out the package, and went in the other room. I felt the energy from it so strongly from the other room. My cat LOVED it. She sat there for about 20 mins with it on her, just vibing. I absolutely love it, have it on daily, and it really helps, especially the days my energy feels heavy. Thank you for making your products!

emf home energetic transformation kit

I always get many questions answered by Marry. Brian also was kind to respond to some questions she did not know the answer to.
I feel so blessed to get their guidance.

It has been intense energies in general lately an I am so grateful to have some added protection from the harmful EMF. It is so wonderful to have the EMF transformed into a non harming energy for myself, family and environment.


Water tastes like velvet.


Greetings! I received 3 of the cell phone tabs, and together I felt the positive energy when I opened the package. I used 2 on phones and placed the 3rd on my wifi router. I am very happy with this item.

Grounding Ring
Katherine S.
Great Product.

I am very grateful for these products and their work in the world.

Gift for Self and Friend

Interesting piece and could feel the connection with the Earth deeply. Placed one in my home and the other two at my friends business. Learning a lot and enjoy the journey. The energy is incredible.

Better Safe than Sorry

I purchased the EMF copper plate for my circuit panel, and now feel safer sleeping with my bedroom above the panel.

Favorite New Necklace

I bought it just before going on a cross-country trip. I wore it the entire dive and made groundbreaking contact with my heart/higher self. It has been life changing as I can reach and feel my heart with just casual thoughts and not have to go into full meditations now. A huge step forward for me in my expansion/ascension! This vendor was recommended to me by the YouTube channel "The Cosmic Secret". I also greatly enjoy the grounding ring from this vendor.

Cell Phone Tab
Marvin J.
Elegant Design (Working Form and Function)

This is my second Cell Phone Tab after losing my first one because of a Cell Phone change. Understanding how the Golden Fire Tensor Rings work and how you flatten the ring which makes the Tab fit nicely on my Cell Phone with the case on is ideal! I like that much thought and research went into producing this tool and it is aesthetic in appearance!

So much chaotic and disharmonious frequencies engulfs us from the gizmonics we interact with from every direction that it behooves us to attempt to mitigate them as best we can! Thank you Twistedsage for all your great work!!!

Cell Phone Tab
AManda V.


Elaine A.
Elementals - Plymella and 1” New Energy Golden Fire Ring

I ordered Plymella - it’s beautiful and for some reason I decided to sleep with it - sleep is seldom a problem for me but I think I’m sleeping a deeper sleep.
I misunderstood how to order the free Golden Fire Ring, but you sent it along in a separate envelope - I was so happy to receive it - I wear it close to my heart.
I attended Catholic school through 8th grade and there were many photos of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Mother Mary was portrayed the same way. The ring brings back memories of those beloved photos and makes me feel connected to them. I felt cherished when I looked at those photos as a child and the ring brings back that feeling. Thank you.

Omg!! After combining the Nothing Space! And the Grounding Rings!! I felt a peace like never before. So what do I do when I feel like this?!! I Dive into it and expand as much as I possibly can I open up my heart and broadcast as far and wide as possible this feeling is amazing everybody should feel this type of peace!!

Wisdom Wand Pendant
Christine F.
Wisdom of the Wand

I love to wear my wisdom wand with the infinity piece above it. I feel a soft, spacious energy while wearing both. Having the Wisdom Wand on a cord also allows easy access to move energy for the client in either a sweeping motion or static, where there is more concentration for collapsing energy blocks.

Heka Clasp Bracelet
Christine F.
Clasp the Versatility

From the very beginning , I knew I wanted two of these Heka clasps, one silver, one copper. This energetic compilation really sang to me. When they came in, I put them both on the same wrist. The energy felt strong and concentrated. Exactly what I needed. After wearing them this way for weeks, I no longer felt the need for that much energy, and yet I still wanted some. So I placed one on each wrist. The result for me was a soft, diffused energy. I love the versatility of these clasps.

Lemon plant

My lemon plant in house was attacked by small flies. He was hardly groen more. After placing the plant outsido little result. But after placing the heddeka great results. Don’t know what happend but now there are purple leaves and flowerbuds growing.