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I love your jewelry. I get compliments all the time and have sent a few people here.

High Vibe

This light bangle is perfect for everyday wear. I put it on as soon as I received it and haven’t taken it off.

Generator bracelet

Very happy with the purchase. Love the combo ot tensor tech and genesa crystal. I was wearing on my wrist but felt pretty bulky ( wearing at work). In Brian's workshop he spoke about an individual who used it in AZ and placed an orgone device inside, he then witnessed rainfall. I also tried this and 2 weeks later we had a heavy rainfall, which i haven't seen in over 17 years. Intention is everything. Bless up 🙏

Cell Phone Tab
mario l.v.
Cellphone tab

I have developed a increased sensitivity to non native emfs. The tab is easy to apply and gives me piece of mind. Still feel the radioactive waves through my hands when I hold the cellphone too long. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend it to a friend.

Wifi Tensor Ring
Second Purchase

Loved it so much when I lost my first I bought another! My daughter loves to fidget with it, and I feel the urge to carry it with me at all times. I also place it under my drinks for a few minutes, or atop my beer bottles for a softer taste and no bite.

Clear Water

The “good water” going thru the Berkey filter is now Amazing water with the addition of the Tensor ring! It’s like putting your face in a natural spring!

Wisdom wand pendant

This is a little power pack that I can take everywhere. It draws into focus and brings to a point intentions, Source and outcome.

Best customer service

The water ring is amazing and they have the best customer service

Betar Coil w/Ring

Water restructures very quickly when I put it on the Betar Coil. On a plain ring it seems to take overnight. With the Betar Coil/wRing its. minutes. I look forward to other applications I heard about on 50 Questions.

Immediate relief from bad air

I was having an allergic attack, sneezing and coughing, blowing my nose. I put the whatchamacallit on a hook in front of the air conditioner and it all stopped immediately! I was very impressed. At the time we were having 127 ppm air quality, bad for sensitive people.

Feel The Love

not only is the craftsmanship excellent but have already felt a synchronization & smoother ambient feeling within the home, plus within 2 weeks of receiving the disc have seen a drop in the energy bill :) awesome stuff guys...love and light!

Cell Phone Tab
Gabrielle D.
Phone Tab Review Recent

Felt the difference on how the energy embraced my field. I felt instantly better as my 1st purchase

I love my pendant!

My Quantum Heart Pendant is beautiful and I love it! Thank you so much!

Wifi Tensor Ring
Carrie P.
Thank you!

I noticed an energetic shift immediately. This is my first foray into water restructuring tools.

Just arrived

I woke up in Great mood and realized my heart pendant was arriving today...a great feeling of calm/grounding has come over me since putting it on...I feel "Blessed" now.


Silver chain, good quality, and great price!

Trauma? Give this a go. (Wings of Tok Pendant)

After ~2 months of extremely varied experimentation, this soon-to-be-phased-out little thing of beauty was used as part of another Universe-planned crucible: extreme PTSD. Very unexpected twist, yet, not remotely surprising given how things have been unfolding.

Thought it was largely overcome years ago, and with a bunch of other nooks and crannies reworked, microscopic rough edges sanded and freshly polished, etc. Nope; some bits of the original, complex, and compounded triggers were still somehow embedded, and it took donning this mini WoT (with Harmonizer ring) to seriously ground the self and release the vast majority of the undesired emotions.

However..... It didn't help that stupid Time was of the essence when this happened, and the absolute Need to be centered and calm (yesterday!!!) was accompanied by a terrible tick tick ticking. Added a newly upgraded Wisdom wand, and voilà.... cool as a cucumber. Right quick.

Could finally keep calm and carry on, with maximum clarity.

However miraculous that seems, it's not Magic; it's a lightning speed, absurdly gentle Reminder of how to get back control, and then to relinquish it to do what needs to be done. (Trust in Intuition.)

Truly don't know of any other products on this planet, in this time period, that has the ability to cover and clear so much, and then nudge in the best requisite directions with Grace, Ease, and Alacrity. (Zero hijacking; nothing is abrupt or jarring.) Just like with the HP + Nothing Space tools, if you've been There many times before, you can now work on getting There infinitely faster. Just make sure your tools are fully upgraded, optimally combined, or on hand!

Can't yet comment on how this compares to the larger WoT wheel--perhaps an unbalanced evaluation considering the obvious size difference and add-on for the mini, but it would be interesting to see if there are any new changes or upgrades to the larger version in the future.

Thank you so much Brian and the TS team for such badass creations!

"What...? That was nothing."

Haha, no; that was Nothing SPACE, and inspired!

Endless self-monitoring aside, it's been truly humbling and astonishing watching both the HP and Nothing Space in action via another who's content just "dozing". Simply witnessing another take momentous first steps towards substantial soul evo with Insane amounts of Grace, Ease, and Alacrity is jaw-dropping, but more so when there's zero personal realization of the very "out of character" catalyst, in situ. (If you're in the AoE, it can be easy to miss!)

The Nothing Space is exceedingly familiar space if Zen is your thing, i.e., No Mind/Mushin, and a similar/parallel frame of mind--sans action in this case--is Flow. All of this Flows together in the best possible way; even faster than anticipated when you can get a boost from the newly anchored energetics. Will need far more experimentation to nail down, but the HP Mini Gen could be a stealth advantage for improv.... seriously, never boring!

Thank you Brian and the TS team for anchoring awesome into this petite amazeball!

We love your products

Alchemist Halo
Gloria A.

We have your product in our studio...working within the three circles...shaping the rings...adding the twist of simplicity...ahhh...nothing but Love...


I have the calendar to my son and he took it to his job. He gets lots of compliments on the photos!

Finger Rings
Michelle P.
Finger Rings

Great products, great people. Would definitely buy again.

This feels amazing!

As always the energy is present before the tool arrives and I’m always lead to play with combos. I paired a silver gaiasphere generator with the np generator pendant and it grounds me into nothingness. Such a beautiful blank canvas of endless possibilities

Water Rings
Alec D.
House plants

I have used water rings for house plant's. Noticed I water less. I live in AZ and plants dry out very quickly. Also notice less evaporation with table fountain as well a humidifier. Love this product and look forward to more experimenting. We use artisan water for drinking and have not tried drinking tap water yet!😍

Prototype Generators
MaryLouise M.
A New Fav!

Brian is correct when he says this isn't for everyone. It IS Powerful! At first, I could only wear it for a few hours at a time. Instantly, I'm IN NO SPACE. What a tremendous place to BE. Thank you Brian & Team for making this.