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Twistedsage Studios Provides Powerful And Affordable Energy Tools
For Consciousness Shifting And Tensor Field Technology.

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Mark G.~Wisdor Tensor Practitioners Ring
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Mark G.~Wisdor Tensor Practitioners Ring "Its awesome and a must have for me. I had first bout the 3.5 inch one to try out the Wisdom type. It does everything Brian mentions. Quickly helped me remove a knarly day long headache once by placing it over the pain. So I knew I needed one that fits over my whole body at once. This ring does not dissapoint. Just remember to do your part. With using the universes energy / consciousness to do any have to deserve the resuslts first. Usually any thing requested in Love, true love and forgiveness for all, will get you there. Thats my default feeling unless I let myself get angry. As another note: When I got the first small wisdom ring, I found it fit the glass top of a brand aromatic new glass jar candle I had bought. I placed the ring at the top of the glass jar thinking that I would be charging the scents coming out of it when its burning. I lit the candle and subsequently fell asleep. I subsequently fell asleep. When I awoke a couple hours later the candle flame was out. I would soon learn that this candle is veeeery hard to put the flame out on and that I had to place the jars lid on it to starve the flame out. So, what I think was happening is that the guardians of the template of this ring did not want me projecting the idea form of fire into my or anyones near's house. That is my feeling. And, honestly I kind of should have "known" better as I always intuitively had that feeling when choosing not to put flames right inside my crystal grids. So, there you go. The Wisdom Rings are actively powerful." #twistedsage #tensorring #tensortools #practicionerring #wisdomring #wisdomenergy #Wisdom #energymover #shifting
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️M.~Exquisitely beautiful, powerful energy, absolutely top- notch!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️M.~Exquisitely beautiful, powerful energy, absolutely top- notch! "Love at first sight! ( And here I thought it'd be a dude, not a pendant!:) Gosh, this was a major splurge, but am so very glad I did! Where do I even start? Might review both this and the Binary Infusion pendant...After decades of I Am meditations, I first felt drawn to this pendant last year and the kind and loving folks at TS told me about the more affordable Binary Infusion pendant with the same energetics, so I got that, went to a busy part downtown and was just lifted above all the noise and commotion, nothing sticky, just that gentle, graceful flow with ease. So that remained a favorite, ( changed now to the fantastic Alchemist pendant by adding the Divine I am ring) with its classy, understated, timeless ( literally! ☺️) design and powerful, local as well as non-local, infinite energy, wave and particle collapsing into Rigpa or Pure Bliss, which, after listening to a webinar, also changes GMO food to optimal one. This alone is truly great as where I currently live, organic food is oftentimes not affordable nor available. So knowing one can alchemize one's food is empowering and super helpful! Back to the pendant itself--recently, I felt intensely drawn to it again, despite being fully onboard with the new wisdom sun energetics, so I didn't even know why this wanted to come...saw a fantastic video of Brian being interviewed by dear Valerie of Crystal Blue Oracle at 34 minutes the pendant is mentioned, and still hesitated a while-- when I asked, dear Brian with his utmost integrity said again that the energetics are in the BI one I already had. I had saved up a long time last year for the amazing Divine I Am Torus assembled by dear Brenda, and somehow, it still felt like the pendant belonged to the Torus. So I took the dive and am so glad! When it arrived, I was enchanted, it felt like the most known pendant ever, hard to describe. I had definitely seen this pendant in past lives/other dimensions and it was a joyful reunion! I find it hard to take it off.." #twistedsage

Tensor Rings are…

Created through both Science and Spirit, these Heart-based Higher Dimensional tools are
Healthful and Beneficial to the Environment, the Human, the Soul and beyond.