Twistedsage Studios Provides Powerful And Affordable Energy Tools For Consciousness
Shifting And Tensor Field Technology.

Ascension Grid Pyramid
Divine I Am Torus with Attunement Available
Divine I Am Activator Pendant

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Alfredo~Super Highway to Evolution
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Alfredo~Super Highway to Evolution "I've been holding back on my review for this ring for a while because of the massive changes occurring since I first started working with the Harmonizer. Let me tell you it has been profound! I got the 9 inch ring soon after release and have been using it in conjunction with the Chalice ring in meditation. This is the next big ring here and it will bring rapid change as it did with me. I feel this imminent return to rapid growth and change and haven't slowed down since I got this ring. Daily dreams have become the norm again and journaling of my journey is a daily inspiration. Moving forward like a speeding train of momentum unable to stop growth which is inevitable. All contrast is the great teacher to us all to show what we dont prefer. Following our inner wisdom to what we really want and desire that fulfils our purpose and destiny. Life is to be lived and enjoyed in all aspects as to be here is a blessing of creation. We are here to create with every word spoken or written. And the most important lesson for me after all these massive changes is to be in allowance for what is. Others have their own journey but our each individual journies are the most important. To be cherished and nurtured with self love above all else. To be in the receiving mode to allow the divine forces that are all around us to work with us and through us. In a state of unconditional love that is ever expansive and infinite. Harmonizer ring, be ready for change!" #twistedsage #tensorring #harmonizerring #copperring #energyshift #healingenergytools #shift #energytool

Tensor Rings are…

Created through both Science and Spirit, these Heart-based Higher Dimensional tools are Healthful and Beneficial to the Environment, the Human, the Soul and beyond.