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Shifting And Tensor Field Technology.

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Fernando~I Am My Devine Manifestation
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Fernando~I Am My Devine Manifestation "What a phenomenal Soul Tool & Healing session w/ Brenda. I could feel those days that Brenda held space along w/ my soul to bring this Devine Tool into creation. It feels so blissful to be with my Torus, as all past traumas were cleared by my soul when I placed it on my being. It will still bring out deeper unconscious Behaviors/Patterns in both myself & those in its vicinity. Then you just release them in breath, so simple right, though sometimes we tend to make it more difficult than that. This Torus is something I’ve had before lifetimes ago & something I will still have eons from now, if not in the physical, then certainly in the etheric. Even the way I manifested the money for this tool, I traded 1 ring for 15, and all the pieces lined up into place. Certainly this is a tool that is priceless & its true value lies in something you can not measure because it is always changing. It is a wealth unto its own. It also makes a phenomenal addition to my Mini Ascension Pyramid & only yesterday did I place this tool on an electronic turntable & the energy moves in such a brilliant way than before, when it was stationary. This tool is both easy & difficult to put into words about its true nature. Mostly because everyone’s is different, having their own unique frequencies that shifts according to each owners needs. Words can only express so much, & if you are sensitive enough you can feel the energetic signature of the Torus through the picture. Even in its geometries, 2 seeds of life wrapped together under one ring, The Devine I Am Ring. Let those seeds thrive & become your Devine Manifestation. Cosmic friends forever. -Fern Blessings & Abundance to Brian, Brenda & all the Twisted Sage Studios Team. For creating/ bringing into being consciousness shifting tool." #twistedsage #tensorring #tensorfield #divineiamtorus #torusenergy #manifest #energyflow #cosmic

Tensor Rings are…

Created through both Science and Spirit, these Heart-based Higher Dimensional tools are Healthful and Beneficial to the Environment, the Human, the Soul and beyond.