Tensor Rings are…

Created through both Science and Spirit,
these Heart-based Higher Dimensional
tools are Healthful and Beneficial
to the Environment, the Human,
the Soul and beyond.

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Gifting Greg Braden a mini Golden Fire Torus at the Kryon event. ... See MoreSee Less

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Making a run of Golden Fire Twistedsage.com brooches for the Kryon and Greg Braden confernce weekend!! It's going to be an amazing weekend!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Universal Light Activations- step into the Quantum Void, as your entire Soul Spark anchors into the very core of your physical being (DNA). In the process of bringing in these high level activations and becoming the anchors to New Earth Grids, we will be doing all the Soul-level connecting clearing and activation work.

There is so much of the “simple work” that happens automatically during the process… releasing cords, non-benefiical entities, clearing and aligning chakras and energy bodies, returning and clearing Soul shards, aligning with our higher Soul Self, reactivating the MerKaBa, clearing past present and future lives, clearing timelines and realities that no longer serve us, and etc etc etc.
It has never been so simple and easy to clear and reset ourselves from lifetimes of soul-based experience,
so that we may move forward as the Master Creators we truly are!!!

The older grids of 3rd Density Earth have been slowly fading out. Some of these were held in place by pyramids and other megalithic structures. Some were more natural in their creation. While the New Earth Grid is being constructed by US, the Activated Human. These grids are much more heart-based and become more tangible as more of us are connecting and creating in this New Earth Matrix.

No matter how you see and say it all, this Activation exercise is one of the most profound and all encompassing works we have had the honor to share, thus far.
The “Journey work” in a one-on-one guided meditation

The process is a very simple guided meditation, by telephone. The monetary energy exchange is $20.
It takes only 10 minutes, so we request that when you select your time and day, that you also set your space to be ready for an undisturbed 10 minutes plus. You will be able to pick up and go right afterwards, or preferably you can stay in the moment and space of peace and bliss and just Be for as long as you choose.

The verbal process includes, but is not limited to:

Setting the Three by Three space to enter the quantum void
Sacred Heart Activation
Balancing brain hemispheres
Quantum Mind Activation
Clearing programs, beliefs, and emotions which no longer serve you

Notice, that once you schedule your appointment, things will already begin to shift!!
This is simply how the quantum world of soul-level intentions work!!

Expect Magic and Miracles, as you are obviously ready to change your entire reality!!!
So, lets do the release work, and step into the flow
of the expansion of the Universe and of Creation itself…
…as YOU are the embodied Light of Creation!!!

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I am using this piece with my Radionics instrument. I just bought it at the last week from Brian at the Radionics symposium and just having it in my bag I could feel a smoothness around my begin, during my 10 hour drive home and now placed where it’s home is it was an idea purchase for my intent. I recommend this piece and 5 other styles I also purchased before and during the symposium. Thank you twisted sage. I love your YouTube links!!!!

Ivy Sievers / Fire Generator

I am so thankful to have the beautiful heddeka swirls…a constant companion to the structured water that I nourish myself with each day. I so completely agree with the statement made in the Heddeka description: “It is not that the Earth is is great danger because she is not. She is moving and doing exactly what she needs to do.” It is we, the humans who are being called to align with our precious Mother.

Denean / Elementals

I picked up the harmony practitioner ring and use it daily as well as wear a smaller one on a necklace daily. It’s quite amazing just how powerful these are for working with energies. Don’t hesitate to pick one up yourself!

Brandon / Harmony Ring

I primarily use my harmony ring with my drinking water and the results are noticeably positive; it’s great to take along when traveling to use with whatever drinking water options I happen to have while away from home. I’m looking forward to experimenting with it for other uses– such a versatile tool!

Michelle / Harmony Ring

I’m the kind of guy who is “blocked”, I have a hard time feeling energy from anything…reiki, stones, qigong, etc,
But THIS, i actually feel “lost” when I don’t have it with me…can’t explain it….it makes me feel “at home”

Wade / 444 Coil