Tensor Rings are…

Created through both Science and Spirit,
these Heart-based Higher Dimensional
tools are Healthful and Beneficial
to the Environment, the Human,
the Soul and beyond.

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Golden Fire Torus co-creates a field of such high vibration Soul Light around a person that only what is in the highest and best is able to penetrate the field. Brings through all that the Golden Fire tools from TwistedSage.com has to offer, for a personal light field which transcends all concepts of "protection"

— Products shown: Golden Fire Coil.
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My name is Rev. Vincent and I have used quite a lot of the tools that Twisted Sage sells. I do a lot of Energy work: dowsing, removal of negative energy and entities, healing work and I find that the products that they have do amazing results. With some of it you don’t have to do anything, it has such high vibrations that just sitting it somewhere does everything for you. I do use his tools, mostly the rings,with my work and everyone says that they can feel the energy coming from them. The other tools which I’ve been using lately are just as amazing. Even if you don’t do Spiritual work it doesn’t matter. I would highly recommend trying any of his products out and there are so many and they all do something different.
Rev. Vincent
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Give a life-changing gift of Golden Fire and Unconditional Love Energy from a phenomenal family-operated business, Twistedsage Studios.
Christmas orders due December 1st, International deliveries take a week to 10 days longer.
Gift Certificates available, as are free Intuitive Readings for the appropriate gift to your loved ones.
Ship direct as a gift, or to you.
#SmallBusinessSaturday #CyberMonday

— Products shown: Golden Fire Rings, Golden Fire Pendant, Golden Fire Generator, Golden Fire Crown, Golden Fire Infinity and Golden Fire Coil.
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Ivy Sievers

I am using this piece with my Radionics instrument. I just bought it at the last week from Brian at the Radionics symposium and just having it in my bag I could feel a smoothness around my begin, during my 10 hour drive home and now placed where it’s home is it was an idea purchase for my intent. I recommend this piece and 5 other styles I also purchased before and during the symposium. Thank you twisted sage. I love your YouTube links!!!!

Ivy Sievers / Fire Generator

I am so thankful to have the beautiful heddeka swirls…a constant companion to the structured water that I nourish myself with each day. I so completely agree with the statement made in the Heddeka description: “It is not that the Earth is is great danger because she is not. She is moving and doing exactly what she needs to do.” It is we, the humans who are being called to align with our precious Mother.

Denean / Elementals

I picked up the harmony practitioner ring and use it daily as well as wear a smaller one on a necklace daily. It’s quite amazing just how powerful these are for working with energies. Don’t hesitate to pick one up yourself!

Brandon / Harmony Ring

I primarily use my harmony ring with my drinking water and the results are noticeably positive; it’s great to take along when traveling to use with whatever drinking water options I happen to have while away from home. I’m looking forward to experimenting with it for other uses– such a versatile tool!

Michelle / Harmony Ring

I’m the kind of guy who is “blocked”, I have a hard time feeling energy from anything…reiki, stones, qigong, etc,
But THIS, i actually feel “lost” when I don’t have it with me…can’t explain it….it makes me feel “at home”

Wade / 444 Coil