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Sacred Geometry

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Athan~Everything Ring
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Athan~Everything Ring "We got five Everything Rings. The energy from these rings are amazingly potent! I work with three of them mostly. Using the Everything Rings I open portals for healing, communication, manifestation and whatever else I am guided to open a portal for, always for the highest good! Once I am done with my work I close the portal and I disengage! I create a grid with crystals, stones, Tensor tools we got from Twistedsage, four Quantum Grid Points I have, Ascension Grid Pyramid, which I use individually or I mix and match according to guidance as part of the portal. The energy generated is amazing! I mostly work with three Everything Rings I use one with the grid, another one with a crystal I use to connect with the Field and I wear the third one. When I am done, the portal is closed and I disengage and I put everything away including the rings. I do this because of the energy being very strong and also because I am not aware of the way I feel all the time and I do not want to attract strange energies or "things" because I am not in a good space or centered. I am very careful working with these tools. I wear two rings as bracelets and one as a pendant when I work with wands or pendulums and I have noticed fast results. In my opinion the Everything Rings are not jewelry pieces or something "cool" to wear or carry around, they are powerful tools and we need to be careful about how we use them. Also I do not wear them for over 15 minutes and the longest I worked with them was one hour as I was writing guidance I was getting. Of course, these are my experiences and we are all different so each one of us is gonna have a different experience. Thank you Brian, Brenda and the Twistedsage team! The work you all do is totally awesome! Love and Peace!" #twistedsage #tensorring #everythingring #copperring #energyshift #healingenergytools #energy #energytool #heartwork

Tensor Rings are…

Created through both Science and Spirit, these Heart-based Higher Dimensional tools are Healthful and Beneficial to the Environment, the Human, the Soul and beyond.