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About Us

About Us is the Twistedsage Studios family, a business with over half of the employees being immediate family. This is us in the original Studio... we've grown a lot since then! Twistedsage Studios incorporated in February of 2017, but has humble beginnings going back to 2010.

Mom and Dad Besco; Shirley, Daryl and dog “Maybe”,
packaging orders and keeping us in line.


Billie Besco, Business Manager, Sister. She keeps it all running;
Daily operations, books, payroll, website building, and everything else it takes to keep us going. Without her, we’d still be sitting in the copper age.

Billie Besco | Business Manager | Sister

Lucas Matsamas, Shop Foreman, Nephew. He’s the production master builder and has been here since the beginning.
100’s of Rings come through here daily.

Lucas Matsamas - Shop Foreman

Mary Molloy, friend for over a decade.
Reiki Master, Shaman, Sage, Pipe Carrier, Portal Keeper.
Creator of the Heddeka Rings.
Master Craftsperson, here since the beginning and seen working at one of the polishing stations while its -15 degrees outside.

We also have Mary’s son, William, who comes in for the evening/night shift to clean and polish tools.

Mary Molloy - Master Craftsperson


My other sister Brenda Schnose. Brenda makes the Torus’ for the Studio, as well as being a co-creator of the energetic tools, including readings on the tools.

And of course there is me, Brian Besco.