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Distance Healing Sessions

Twistedsage Studios has Distance Healing Sessions Available with Brenda, Brian

   Brenda Schnose




Hot Springs SD

Message Phone: 605-890-1559

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Brian Besco

Brian has returned from a time-out reset,
and is ready to share newly refined space in live sessions!
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Guided Journey Work.
Brian walks you into the heart and brings you to a space of deep connection with your wisdom and light.

In approximately 15 minutes, you will learn to be an Alchemist of Light, allowing the distillation of dense energies, traumas, non-beneficial soul contracts, and put simply: *all of your Soul's incarnate experience, from throughout this entire Universe, brought into Wisdom and Light.

*all... or as much transformation as you will allow at a time, but you will be given the tools, and an audio recording of the session, to continue this never-been-done-before transformative work.

The clearing releases accumulated energies from more than just this lifetime, and beyond our Earthly experiences.

Your Soul shines brighter, as you become the Alchemist of lifetimes of experience, into Wisdom and Light!