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Testimonial Gift Cards

5 Star Testimonial


Receive a $50 Gift Card for a video testimonial.


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Receive a $20 Gift Card for a testimonial with a photo, and the standard percentage off for a written testimonial.

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Limited time offer. Limited to 1 video per household,
3 photo testimonials per household,
and unlimited 10% off coupons for written testimonials.

 A "verified purchase" link will come in an email after
the purchase and delivery of an item from our store.
Or you can follow the links above to post on the tool of your choice!

Gift Card and Discount Codes apply to published testimonials.
Please allow a week for our decision to publish your submission.

As always, only one Coupon Code or Gift Card may be used at a time.

Here is my video review, to see how simple it can be!!