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Tensor Field Generators
Divine I Am Generator
Tensor Field Generators
Tensor Field Generators
Tensor Field Generators
Tensor Field Generators
Tensor Field Generators
Tensor Field Generators

Tensor Field Generators

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Simply set it in your environment and let it go to work! 
Or, carry the Generator with you to clear and Lighten space wherever you go. Place crystals in the center to amplify the energetics of the crystals, or speak an intention into the generator, and it will amplify the highest aspects of that intention, affecting everything within the sphere of influence.

A single Tensor Ring creates a column of Light, a Tensor Field Generator creates more of a sunshine effect throughout the environment, illuminating all that is within it's sphere of influence.

    • Highest Potentials (HP)

      It is like your personal light house; illuminating your highest potentials in every moment of creation, and broadcasts these highest potentials into the field.
      Energetics: Energies and properties of ALL Tensor Field Generators.
      Size: 1-1/2" HP mini Generator.
      Sphere of Influence: Size of a home.

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      The flattened wire Tensor Field Generator is a fairly sturdy Generator that can be carried in your bag, but not sturdy enough to withstand stepping or sitting on.

      The field of Higher Potentials is determined by your level of consciousness, and is only limited by what you choose to experience. The HP mini Generator will still "protect" from EMF and other Energies that do not belong to you.

      Highest Potentials (as an energetic) is a reflection of that space of Nothing, yet Everything in potential. Your Light illuminates the highest potentials, which exist in that nothing space. Those potentials are illuminated for the human to more easily choose those potentials over the ones they are carrying.

    • Nothing Space

      The space of nothing is just that. A nothingness space. Nothing but your energy and your light.
      Energetics: That space of our 5th generation Ascension Chamber.
      Size: 1-1/2" Fidget Generator.  Also listed as the No Space Generator Pendant.
      Sphere of Influence: Your personal field.
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As you allow the human to step aside, your light begins to repattern energy differently.  Everything is energy. Thoughts, aches and pains, life situations, are all energy in creation. Human conscious shines on your energy to create what you are experiencing.

*In the nothingness space, you may feel your mind go blank, and this is when the human steps aside. Your true light, your higher consciousness (not your human consciousness), shines it's light onto this vast ocean of energy and potentials, illuminating your highest potentials in every moment of creation. Yet it will always be up to the human alone, to choose and allow any and all potentials into experience.

I have found that if you are not in the heart space and allowing, it can be rather intense. Simply take a breath and allow! 

It is from this space of nothingness that you allow your Highest Potentials to be realized.
The HP also contains the Nothing Space within its potentials. You need only access it!

    • Divine I AM

      Brings out and helps release old energies.  The "junk".  Brings in that connection to higher self more.
      Energetics: The Wisdom, Golden Fire, and Harmony. 
      Size: Heavy-Duty, 2-1/2" Generator. 
      Sphere of Influence: One city block
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       While in the Heart, and with intention, the Divine I Am Generator can carry the energetics of any previous Tensor Field Generator.  But through allowing and surrendering to the Soul, is where you will find that the most magic occurs. 
      Potent, powerful, portable.
      Take your old stuff, as it comes up, and breath it into the Generator. 
      It's that simple.

      Brenda's experience with the Generator:  While traveling across the midwest recently, Brenda noted that the Generator put an energy field around them.  It was a field of Peace and Ease.  Her passengers, she noted, were talking and talking, bringing up traumas in life, which were simply transmuting away in this field.

      The Divine I Am energetics is individual for each person.
      It is the energy of your Soul, You, that higher You.

      Begin working with the Generator from the Heart Space.

      Allow the Soul to do it's thing.  You, as the human, can also use the Generator with intent, just be in the Heart Space.  Also realize that we as the human may want, may not be in the highest and best, as determined by our Soul.  This tool is truly best utilized through surrender and allowing, yet you can still take an active role, while in the Heart Space.

      *The Sacred Space of the Heart is a simple three breath technique we use in consciousness work.  Any of our videos will begin with the Trinity Breath, to go into the Heart Space.

      I have been carrying my Divine I Am Generator in my luggage, with no problems at all!!
      Though heavy duty and sturdy, the Generator can still collapse if put under a lot of pressure.  We do have a guarantee on the physical construction of the tools, so if you happen to sit on your generator, just send it back and we will happily reshape it for yo


    • Golden Fire

      Activates the Sacred Heart. 5G mitigation. Clears entire neighborhoods. Activating this Light with the heart begins the cleaning, clearing, and healing of all lifetimes.
      Energetics: The Sacred Heart, a facet of your Soul's Light.
      Size: 1" copper or silver. 2-1/2" Light. 8" Heavy.
      Sphere of Influence: 2-1/2 Miles
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      Emanating the energies of unconditional love, peace, harmony, and connection, Golden Fire Generators create a space that clears and transforms non-beneficial energies, affecting everyone within the field, whether or not they are conscious of the energetic shift. On some level, they feel peace, and that energy remains with them as a seed planted for the soul to further cultivate.


    • Harmony

      The sphere emits a pulsing of energy, the frequency and vibration of Love. The Harmony Generator is an amplifier, a reminder, of the vibration of Love.
      Energetics: Love and nature.
      Size: 7" Heavy gauge.  Available in a 3-1/2" Generator Bracelet.
      Sphere of Influence: 8 to 12 miles.
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      When someone who stands in their Being-ness holds the sphere, they are amplifying and synergizing and projecting the frequency and vibration of love fully into the entire larger sphere of influence around them.

      The Harmony Generator is an amplifier, a reminder, of the vibration of Love.
      What else do you need? Love is the foundation…

      The Harmonies have a strong connection with whomever connects to them. They will go to work immediately on a person or their environment, bringing all into Balance and Harmony.

      For instance, you can carry a sphere into a "bad" part of town, and it will balance out the perceived dark and light energies then raise them both up in frequency.

      This Generator is not as powerful in the clearing of EMF and dense energies as our newer generators, but will still create beautiful effects on people and places.  Best used for nature, gardens, working with plant and land devas and elementals.  7" Generator used extensively in commercial agriculture.


Also available:
Generator Bracelets
No Space Generator Pendant
Gaia Spheres (A slightly different geometry, with 6 Rings instead of the 4)

Customer Reviews

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Bought as a gift for someone they love it


So powerful and the definition of good things come in small packages! Thank you!


Awesome generator. It’s very clearing and will immediately alter the space. I definitely felt it moving dense energy.

Anthony V.

I love the tools made by TwistedSage! Support high quality!

Linda L.
It has great energy

It has great energy