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Radionic Rings
Radionic Rings
Radionic Rings
Radionic Rings
Radionic Rings

Radionic Rings

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We offer two size of Tensor Rings made for your Radionic instrument's wells. Either size slips over the outside of the Pyrex or Acrylic wells of all KRT (Kelly Research Technologies) instruments, and many other units with similar diameter wells.

The smaller 3-1/4" diameter Ring fits the KRT standard Pyrex or Acrylic wells. 

The larger 8-1/4" diameter Ring fits the KRT XL Pyrex or Acrylic wells.


Grounding Ring fits around most Radionic instruments and is used as an Etheric Ground.

This medium-gauged 23 inch Ring is a perfect way to ground your Radionic unit, without having to physically do so!  Great for apartments or upstairs locations where physical grounding is not feasible, or for on the go when you wish to ensure your instrument is grounded.  I personally prefer to always have a Ring around the instrument to harmonize the energetics of the entire unit, as well as to create the etheric ground.

The energetics of these Rings are designed to bring about the best in your Radionic broadcasts.


  • Lessens broadcast time
  • Brings more dimensional layers to what you are working on
  • Ensures all broadcasts are safe
  • Amplifies the witness

Plus it brings all the energetics of the Tensor Rings through, such as

  • Restructures discordant EMFs
  • Works with the consciousness of plants, animals, and the land
  • Brings water to it's original crystalline structure, balances pH, and brings the consciousness of water more into physical embodiment
  • The frequencies and properties of all plant, mineral, and crystal kingdoms are available within these Rings
  • The Tensor Fields can never be used for harm, no matter the intent or lack of intent that goes into the broadcast
  • All Earth Elementals, such as Water, Air, Wind, Fire, and Ether are all present in the Rings, which assists with any environmental transmissions such as with weather or weather patterns, or even aquifers and other bodies of water

If you are interested in bringing through even more of the highest potentials and possibilities of the person, plant, or animal you are working on, then adding the Betar Coil w/Ring to the mix is highly recommended.  Found here

More information on the energetic properties and creation of the Radionic Rings.

Again, the Radionic Rings are made specifically for working with your Radionic Units.  You can still utilize these Rings on their own, for use with people, pets, plants, water, supplements, etc.  The Radionic Rings include all frequencies and properties of every Tensor Ring created here at Twistedsage Studios, and closely resembles the energetics of the newer Tensor Rings, such as the Wisdom Rings and the Alchemist Sets.  

What makes the Radionic Rings different from all other tools that we produce, is found in the Etheric Templates of the Rings.  These were made by Brian and his sister Brenda, who also called in the etheric assistance of one of their most trusted friends in Radionics, and a master at his craft. 
When we create the higher dimensional components of any of these tools, we leave the mental and human follies out of the equation, and allow the higher soul self, or higher consciousness, of each us to bring what is in the Highest and Best into the equation. 
Then all is harmonized to ensure that each Ring is always bringing through the highest potentials into your work, in the highest and best for all, with grace and ease.

There is a story about working with one of the top Radionic professionals in the world, where he found that a broadcast to clear a cold virus would normally take 20 minutes.  After adding one of our older Tensor Rings to the unit, it took the broadcast time down to mere seconds!  This can free up your time and instruments for other work, by simply adding a Radionic Ring to the mix!

We have also received feedback that these particular Rings are increasing the intensity of the broadcast by anywhere from 2 to 7 times the normal rate, depending on the instrument the Rings are used with.

Brian has been a teacher at the "Taught by the Masters" International Radionics Symposium for the last 8 years.  Here is one of his recorded presentations....

Be sure to check out our Radionics Collections Page for more suggested products to work with your Radionic equipment and broadcasts.  https://shop.twistedsage.com/collections/radionics

More on KRT's instruments can be found at Kellyresearchtech.com


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Bruce M.
works great

I put the ring under my water tank and the intensity increased for better health
Much Gratitude