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Grounding Ring
Grounding Ring
Grounding Ring

Grounding Ring

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Connects with the Heart of the Earth, and brings through that bio-electric electromagnetic connection between the human body and the Earth.  Strong connection to the Heart and High-heart area of the body.  Opens up Heart energies to flow, allowing the Heart to be a part of the grounding.

This Ring can be used anywhere you are, to ground just as if having the feet deep in the soil, or while hugging onto a tree.  Even in an apartment building, or an airplane.  It is an amazing Ring to sleep with, to have under your chair while at work, or in any situation where you need more grounding. 

Mike, who does the polish/grinding at the Studio, uses the Grounding Ring under his chair, to keep from floating away while handling all the tools!

The Grounding Ring is simply for Grounding (yet also mitigates discordant EMFs).  It is not doing all the higher consciousness work that the other Tensor Ring energetics do, yet allows all this higher consciousness work to come through easier while grounding it more into the physical.

Two sizes to fit your needs!

We offer a 12" and a  23" Grounding Ring.  Both the same gauge of wire, and the same energetic potency.  The size difference is simply for convenience and how you intend to use it. 

12" Grounding Ring

More precisely, this is an 11-1/2 inch diameter Ring, making it portable and super versatile. 
Fits behind or under a car seat, over the neck, hang it on the headboard so you sleep within the column of energy. 

 • 23" Grounding Ring

A great stand-alone Ring and pairs well with other Practitioner Rings.
The 23" Wisdom Ring and/or the 27" HP Ring are great combinations.  
These are found on the Practitioner's Ring page. 

Adding Grounding to other Practitioner's Rings, brings those higher energies more into the physical. 

The 23" Ring is one gauge lighter than the heavy duty Practitioner's Rings.

Originally created as a way to etherically ground Radionic (frequency healing) machines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marty M.
12” Heavy copper grounding ring

It’s very helpful, the dirt around me is very dry and full of thistle so being able to keep shoes on while grounding is very beneficial. It is a heavy gauge cooper wire. I will be ordering a larger version to sit/stand in soon!

Katherine S.
Great Product.

I am very grateful for these products and their work in the world.

Melissa P.
A Deep Sleeping must!

Hanging on my headboard to let my entire body ground while sleeping! I will be buying one for each family member!
LOVE y’all’s tools & the amazing, caring customer service!
Thank you!
(Can always hang behind headboard out of sight & still receive all the benefits but right now I’m loving seeing it & reminding me of intention)