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Practitioners Ring Regeneration 26
Practitioners Ring Golden Fire 29
Practitioners Ring Harmony 27
Practitioner's Rings
Practitioner's Rings
Practitioner's Rings
Practitioner's Rings
Practitioner's Rings
Practitioner's Rings
Practitioner's Rings

Practitioner's Rings

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New!  HP and NTS  Practitioner Rings!

• 24" Nothing Space

The same energetics as our latest Ascension Chamber, the Nothing Space (no thing space) is where you find a calm and peaceful space containing ALL of your energy and potentials, in an uncreated state.  Allowing yourself to immerse into this space dispels old energies, allowing the highest potentials of creation to manifest into your every moment.

27" Highest Potentials (HP)

Birthed from the Nothing Space, this beautiful powerful field illuminates the highest potentials of creation for you.  The return of the Galactic Ascension Ring!!  - Yes, that's Right!!  Our beloved Galactic Cubit has not been used in years!!  It is now the space holder for the Highest Potentials Practitioner Ring!

• 23" Grounding Ring

This medium gauged Ring is intended for Grounding.  It is not doing all the higher consciousness work that the other Practitioner's Rings do, yet allows all this higher consciousness work to come through easier while grounding it more into the physical.

Strong connection to the Heart and High-heart area of the body.  Opens up Heart energies to flow, allowing the Heart to be a part of the grounding.  Connects with the Heart of the Earth, and brings through that bio-electric and electromagnetic connection between the human body and the Earth.

This Ring can be used anywhere you are, to ground just as if having the feet deep in the soil, or while hugging onto a tree.  Even in an apartment building, or an airplane.  It is an amazing Ring to sleep with, to have under your chair while at work, or in any situation where you need more grounding. 

Add it to any Practitioner's Rings to bring more of the higher consciousness energies and work more tangibly into the here and now physical you.  Perfectly portable size and weight.  Can easily be taken on a plane, or placed behind the seat of your car.

• 23"  Wisdom Ring

We first called this Wisdom Energetics Ring the "New Energy" Ring.  The Ring may still have an "NE" stamped near the weld instead of a "WR" stamped on it.  This Ring helps with releasing old stuck dense energy, or simply changes it into something new, helpful, and beneficial.  This is the way of the Wisdom energetics :)

This is a perfect sized companion Ring.  It is super portable, even for planes or movie theaters, yet it is big enough to easily fit around larger bodies to do energy work.

• 29" Golden Fire Ring

The Trio is featured in the video below, and goes more in-depth on their properties and uses.  The video was made before the Alchemist and Wisdom energetics came in. 

*Ring sizes are all approximate diameter in inches

And don't miss this beautiful Set of interconnected Practitioner's Rings,
known as the Alchemist Halo!!!

We also carry a 26" Horse Harmonizer Ring for working with all four-legged critters!  It is a light gauge Ring, as animals do not need as potent of a field to energetically respond.  We suggest sticking with the standard Practitioner's Rings for working with people.

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Our largest Rings to work with any modality. Can be used both actively and passively.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Omg!! After combining the Nothing Space! And the Grounding Rings!! I felt a peace like never before. So what do I do when I feel like this?!! I Dive into it and expand as much as I possibly can I open up my heart and broadcast as far and wide as possible this feeling is amazing everybody should feel this type of peace!!

Joshua B.
Practitioner Rings!

I love my practitioner rings! I have 4 I put under my bed and sleep over! The rest I sometimes lay on my body! They are so potent with divine light, they make a coherent field for cells to communicate and heal! I can see the white light floating within the vortex of the rings! They help me sleep better & deeper at night, full color amazing dreams!

Renard W.
Best Sleep

The Grounding Ring has drastically improved my sleep. I normally would wake up 2-3 times every night but since sleeping with this ting under my mattress I get deep prolonged sleep. Occasionally I’ll wake up once in a week now but the sleep is so deep and soothing

Mary L.O.
Amazing energy

I really love my set of Practitioner’s Tensor Rings. I regularly use them in clearing sessions that I do for my clients. Additionally, I place them under my bed every night to help with great sleep.

"A Great Tool"

I purchased the 26" Wisdom Tensor Ring, and tried it out on myself first, immediately I became calmer, less stressed, and my shoulder pain was gone.
I ask the young lady that cuts my grass if I could try it out on her, and she replied yes. I scanned her field, and lowered the ring over her body several times. After completing, I asked how she was feeling, and she replied. "It was like I had an out of body experience, and all my pain when away."
All I can say is WOW, Twisted Sage what a great tool, and I will be using it at totallyyou.us.....