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Twisted Sage Studios provides free life changing resources, including activations and atunements.


Sacred Space of the Heart


Journey to Gaia


Anchoring Light / Global Love and Gratitude Grid

Light Anchoring 


The Ascension Chamber Audio contains the most up-to-date consciousness work that we currently offer online.

Our personal sessions and workshop processes will soon be available for all to access, such as the Sacred Heart Activation which can be accessed through the Golden Fire tools.

Sessions Now available:

Universal Light Attunement and Activation

Spiritual Contract Revocation

Super profound consciousness work, in an easy to follow meditation.

Golden Light Rod-

An ancient tool which anchors in all that you are; cleaning, clearing, connecting all time and space.  Environmental clearing of non-beneficial geo-pathic and geomagnetic, including portal/vortexes and entities.  Light anchoring, Soul-powered, etheric-tool attunement!

5D Animator /  Ascension Chamber - Stepping into the column of Light.  Includes MerKaBa Activation

More information on the MerKaBa here

Heart Code and Pineal Activation

DNA Uploads Downloads Activation and Clearing- Sound and Toning from The Elders Three

 Infinite Heart