Golden Fire Rings

Activates the Sacred Heart connects the Quantum Mind

The 1″ Heavy-Duty Golden Fire make a perfect pendant-sized Ring. I also like to add the Golden Fire Infinity for an extra boost to my pendant. Lanyards are available here.
The 2″ Golden Fire Ring is a good pocket-sized Ring. It is a little heavy for a pendant Ring.
The 4″ Heavy-Duty Golden Fire Ring makes a versatile Activation/Healing tool. I carry one in my back pocket to share with people.
The 8″ Golden Fire Ring is a lighter gauge than the 4″. Fits on top of most heads, for a few it can slip onto the neck.
The large, heavier gauge, Rings are all that the standard rings are, yet seem more physically present.
The 21″ Heavy-Duty Golden Fire Ring is a versatile, easily transportable Ring.
The 28″ Heavy-Duty Golden Fire Ring is the premier personal Quantum Space portal for the entire body to be within.

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