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Alchemist Tab-
2024 Edition!

The newest update brings the energetics of the Grounding Ring, AI Interface Ring,
Cell Phone Tab, and Creation Field energetics, all into a two-inch sticky Tab!!! 
  • Remediates harmful EMFs, just as the Cell Tab does.
  • Brings through clarity and grounding. And a sense of peace.
  • All the properties of the AI Interface Ring also apply. 
    This simply means you are bringing through more of your Light and Consciousness into every conversation, text, and email that you have with your phone or computer

If you compose music, or write a novel, the energetics will come through
in that piece of work as well
!!  Such a profound tool, the Alchemist Tab!!

With the Alchemist Tab on your phone, your phone radiates a beneficial and harmonizing field of Highest Potentials, bringing more peace and clarity while having your phone on you!

While attached to your phone, tablet, computer, modem, or even electrical panel, the energetic properties of the Alchemist Set of Rings is going to be radiated through a harmonized electrical field of the device, electrical system, or broadcast!!

As always, if you change your phone or phone case, and need a new sticky back, call or write and we will send you one for free!

The backing on the Tab is translucent, and adds a beautiful aesthetic with the copper rings on your electronic device.

The 2024 update encompasses all previously created Alchemist Tabs
and Gateway Tabs, so no need to get a new Tab just for the energetics!

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As of February 26th, the 2" Alchemist Tab carries a an even deeper connection with Self, and a more tangible grounding with the Earth. 
This is the fourth energetic upgrade since this trio Tab was first released! 
The 2024 edition still carries the Gateway and original Alchemist Tab energetics! 

The Alchemist Tab transforming harmful electromagnetics into something beneficial, while bringing in your Light more than ever held in incarnation! 

Please visit the Cell Phone Tab page to see the EMF studies!

While attached to your phone, tablet, computer, or even electrical panel, the energetic properties of the Alchemist Set is going to be radiated through the now-beneficial electromagnetic field of the device or electrical system!!

*The placement of Tab may interfere with cordless charging devices, check before you stick!*

Below is the product video for the Gateway Tab.  The information still applies to the Alchemist Tab, but the energetics is so much more now.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
This works! 👍 ( Well, all of 'em do:)

I was so darn excited when these came out and enchanted by their beauty--they felt really familiar-- that snail mail did its thingy with taking its sweet time while overseas, so before they actually got here, I did the unspeakable 😂 Put my beloved Gateway pendant with some Scotch tape onto my laptop to test-drive these babies...So that did work, too, actually in a fun way...had a rather serious day and felt like some light-heartedness was due, and next thing, the most outrageously funny texts started arriving....which was also flippin' amazing given that my laptop from the States isn't linked to my even older Samsung phone..but shows again how potently these tools work indeed with the energetics of Wifi in a larger field as both devices were stationary that afternoon within 3-4 feet apart! So they did exactly what the lucid description said, to a t- So then the "real" Alchemist Tabs for these electronics arrived!!

The Alchemist energetics really do come through in every email, text, communication!! Sheer, powerful Magic!!! 🙌 Am writing my next book and it flows with so much more ease and effortless creativity than sometimes before when old 3d collective- consciousness emails would throw me momentarily off from the spacious Infinite Light one was immersed in with the creative process as that same Light we are. Also, old. non-stop bureaucratic email or spam intensified for a about a day that I thought I had unsubscribed from, it was like when inner challenges come up to be released yet in a physically tangible way. which prompted to unsubscribe even more, and after that, and only essential, valuable, progressive, new energy was allowed through.

The first few days were so exciting, like a kiddo in a candy store! Waited with anticipation what would happen, but it really wasn't a placebo effect, just loving texts arrived, or neutral ones, others stayed away. Ordered two more for family, highly recommend and happy to wear my beautiful Alchemist pendant again which felt too precious for the laptop, really. Don't know what I was thinking, but much needed fun surely was had!! Thanks for yet another excellent tool, so, so exquisitely pretty!!

The only downside 😇 really is that I am losing precious time by closing the laptop lid slightly every once in a while to take a peek at the radiant beauty of these Alchemist rings shimmering, melting into their color, their texture, running my fingers softly over and around them which feels like a mini meditation--gosh, what an exquisite piece!!! 🌸

Hats off, dear Twisted Sage, you did it again!! Much Love and many thanks for really enjoying each and every communication and having the ones that no longer resonate stay away! ❤️

Kathy K.
EMF Protection

The 3 circles on my phone shields the harmful rays. Love it.

Nelli D.
It looks great!

It looks great on my phone. The first couple of days after I received and did the breathing and intention I was so emotional! I think it made me appreciate and be aligned with what’s best for me and my body. Thank you!

My favourite.

It has lead me into the deeper state of transformation of inner growth. Eternal Gratitude.

Kenzie B.
Buy these

I love this product. I didn’t know I was missing such an important tool until I had it. It feels really good to pick up my phone now. Thank you Twistedsage.