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What is a Torus?

The Seed of Life, made with 6 circles, creates a six-petaled flower.
A second Seed of Life placed atop and slightly shifted from the first, creates the 12 petal design you see here.

Torus design as a crop circle in 2009

This design, in Tensor Rings, creates a flowing energy pattern know as a toroidal field (aka tube torus).  This subtle yet powerful energy field brings discordant energies into harmony.
Energy loves to flow in a toroidal fashion; whether it's seen in a galaxy or a molecule, from sunflower heads to the electromagnetic field of the heart, energy loves to flow in harmonious patterns such as this-

Uses of the Torus

They say that the act of healing consists of releasing and rebalancing. The Torus is a great tool to place anywhere on the body to release whatever the energy issue is, and bring the psychical back into balance.  Most of us sleep with any of the Torus at night.

Of course, there is the deep release and rebalancing work that happens with this field, as you are connecting more with you as the Creator that you are.

We use a Torus in every one of our healing chambers, as they create that tangible energetic flow within the chambers.

The size of energy field created by the various Torus ranges from room-size, to larger than a home.  The fields also restructure (harmonizes) EMFs, clear dense energy, and all that the Tensor Fields do. 

Alchemist Torus

The energies of this field land at the heart of the person holding it.  The entire gamut of releasing takes place, the programs, traumas, soul constructs, etc. 

The release takes place, without there having to be a list. 

Become Divine Awareness, allow the release of all, then all can release.  Through the field of Awareness.  If you create a list, it limits the all to just the list.

The Alchemist's Torus is the first of the Twistedsage tools to hold the Wisdom energetics.  This energy is coming from deep within the heart of the earth, and from the central sun of creation.  The energies are here for deep change.

These new tools and energies had been waiting for us to get to this point of time, as we are now in the middle of this giant shift.  People would not have been ready for this energy before now.

This new energy will help people fully release, as the Earth is involved.  She is helping us move into a higher vibratory space, with the physical body.

The sun that is involved, brings the highest you. You as a Creator Being.  You are that sun.  Your sun brings your stuff into this space, in the here now moment, and Earth absorbs it.  No worries about the Earth, she’s got this.  She is a powerful transformer.
Some energies will not be released into the Earth.  Some will be changed, alchemized, transformed it into something new, helpful, and beneficial.

Alchemizing energies, experiences, into Wisdom and Light.  The Soul’s Light. 

This process makes the Soul brighter than it was.

We are shown the soul as being bright.  Being on Earth, bringing more Light into the Soul than before the experience here, as it transforms experience into wisdom.  The Soul becomes brighter because of it’s experiences.

The Alchemist Torus creates an energetic pattern and flow that bridges the heart of Creation and the heart of the Earth through you.  This is a much more potent and powerful Wisdom field, as it has a pattern and flow that resembles that of all creation.

This energy redefines what is the Heart of Creation.

Whoever is working with the tool, the energies you feel are coming from the soul itself. 



They say that the act of healing consists of releasing and rebalancing. The Torus is a great tool to place anywhere on the body to release whatever the energy issue is, and bring the psychical back into balance.  Most of us sleep with any of the Torus at night.

Of course, there is the deep release and rebalancing work that happens with this field, as you are connecting more with you as the Creator that you are.  The video below will walk you through the meditation/space which the Torus holds you in.

Activation and Creations

The video below walks you through the energetic process which occurs with this Torus.  You are the epicenter of the toroidal field, as the human in the here-now-moment.  That beautiful electric-blue energy from the heart of the Earth herself flows up to envelope you fully, while You as that golden Sun, a central sun and creator of an entire universe, begin to shine even brighter than before.  All of the experience throughout lifetimes turn to wisdom.  To light.  Creating an increase in consciousness and light.  Your Soul brighter, because of your experiences here.

To use the field to help uncreate creations which no longer serve, be in the space with the Heart of Earth and the Sun of the Soul, and put your awareness onto the situation or pain, and allow this field to shift it.


The Alchemist Torus will hold a field about the size of a room, until you place your attention and intention to expand the field.  The field will expand however large you wish it to be, for as long as your attention is on it.  The field returns to the size of your immediate environment when your attention is not there.  For now, yet our ability to work with these subtle energy fields grows as we play in them.

You can also replicate this energy field and send it other places.  Such as imagining it throughout a school or workplace.  It will do whatever is in the highest and best, for as long as your attention is held there.  For some within the field, it will bring them into that space with the blue light of the earth, and the gold sun of their soul.  That will bring a permanent shift for them.

The Torus designs have always loved to spin.  Many hang from motorized spinners, like this one from Amazon.  As there are two separate seeds of life that make up the Torus, you can gently pull the two seeds apart if you wish to wire a 2 to 2-1/2 inch crystal into the epicenter of the Torus.  This is mostly for aesthetics and to enjoy the field of the crystal radiating throughout the home.

The New Energy Meditation during a recent 50 Questions Friday!


The two pound Alchemist Torus is created with a 13 inch Chalice Ring which holds that crystal-clear pure consciousness light of the Chalice.  The 12 Petals are Divine I Am, or the energy of the Soul, and center Rings are Harmonizer Rings for integrating consciousness more into the phsycial.  These three energies together make up the Alchemist Set of Tensor Rings, which creates a whole new energy we refer to as the Wisdom field

The Wisdom energetics, particularly the Wisdom Wands, carry a field that has been instrumental in the integration of lifetimes into Wisdom.  Light.  And consciousness.  All expanding the Soul's brilliance.  This new energy is yet another giant leap from the Wisdom energetics.

Within the energy of the Chalice Tensor Ring, you become that container, the chalice of crystal clear pure consciousness light that transcends duality. 

The Divine I Am Tensor Ring holds a space which allows your soul to integrate all lifetimes.  This soul level work extends throughout this entire universe of duality creation.

The Harmonizer Tensor Ring acts like a bridge, or a cosmic blender, which integrates all of this Light more into the physical.

Distilling the Light and Information of all lifetimes into the here and now for you.

As lifetimes are cleared, harmonized, and integrated, you are closer to being simply your soul and the you in this here now moment.   Aligned as a powerful divine creator, bringing into creation something more, something new, and something totally you.

Divine I Am

Divine I Am Torus

The copper Torus is approximately 4-1/2" in diameter. 

It is all that the Divine I Am Pendant is, and so much more. For one, it works also in the environment, throughout the home. 

Works on the full spectrum of the human, the full I Am. On all levels.  Emotional. Physical. Soul connection.

Releases programs and traumas that the individual is ready to release, across all time.  

As you are using the Divine I Am Torus for your self, it extends out to the collective, through all time.

And you do nothing.  You just be.  All is connected in with you, your Soul.  That is were the work begins. 

The Soul is in charge. You, as the human, if you can just be and allow.  Surrender to the Soul.  This is where all the miracles take place.

As you change, it affects your whole reality, which includes your environment and those within it.

As far as the doing is concerned with this tool...  you can come into with intentions of doing if you choose.  But, if you allow and just be with it and your Soul's light, it will all be with more grace and ease.  Much more doing will happen this way!!

When using on self, it is shifting the reality as the individual shifts within their self. Place the Torus on the body or in the home.  Wherever it feels right.

When placing it within the home, it includes everyone within the home and changes the reality.  Changes the individual if they choose.  Some will not choose, but it is OK.  That is their path.

The Divine I Am Torus is capable of doing what all the Cosmic Sundisc does, along with the Divine I Am Activator Pendant.  But is yet another step upwards and onward from these previous two.


The standard size is made with a super heavy gauge outer ring, and is a very powerful piece.

The giant 25" Sun Disc is made with an ultra-heavy outer ring, and weighs 12.5 pounds.

A beam of light comes from the center of the universe, through the toroidal field of the Sun Disc, through the human toroidal field, and into the Earth. The human becomes the interface for this light anchor to the Earth.

How does it affect the human? As the human becomes the anchor for that light, that vibration changes the body. Bringing that vibration through the body, becoming Divine Self, clearer. Helping the body dissolve dense energies. The body cannot contain any of the denser energies. The denser energies fall away. If the human tries to hold onto them, it is not going to be an easy ride.

Crown wide open, this is part of what it does. As this comes through the crown, it goes into every cell. This energy that comes in is You. It is the energy of the higher you into every cell. Bringing the body and the Soul even closer in vibration. As you integrate, you become more actively a Being of Light.

The quantum field from the Sun Disc's toroidal field comes in, becoming a part of the human toroidal field.

As comes over the human field, it integrates into the human. Goes into every molecule, so every cell becomes this Regeneration field.

It looks like a Light Body as it integrates into the Human Body. Transformation of the Human, cell by cell, into a Light Body.

It is not a remembrance, it is already all there, this is giving us access. Opening the Human to who they truly are.

It brings in the higher aspects to the MerKaBa, while strengthening the torsion fields of the person.

This tool is a game changer. We have always done the consciousness work first then brought in a tool, so the tools become training wheels for those abilities to manifest within a person. This time, it was the tool that transformed us and took us to a whole other level... Super powerful, especially for those who are ready to go there!!

I have witnessed some who do not have the immediate effects the Disc has had with us, but for others, it is an instantaneous opening of cosmic proportions. If you can feel the photos of the Sun Discs you are ready for them!!

The standard size is made with a super heavy gauge outer ring, and is a very powerful piece. I feel it very much on the physical. It is 8-1/2 inches in diameter, and weighs just over a pound.

 Cosmic Sundisc


The giant 25" Cosmic Sundisc is made with an ultra-heavy outer ring, and weighs 12.5 pounds. This is a super powerful piece, that can almost make one feel queasy at first as it creates such a powerful field from within it. Works well to hang on a disco-ball spinner. At it slowly spins, it creates some phenomenal fields around it.


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