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4" Tensor Coil

4" Tensor Coil

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Tensor Coils

Tensor Coils move energy and harmonize personal fields.  They are used in the co-creation of other tools, such as the Activator, or Slim's Rainmaker.  A Tensor Coil creates a Toroidal field, which is a natural and harmonious energy flow found throughout nature, and even in the electromagnetic field of the human heart!

The Four-inch Tensor Coil is created in the newest energetics here at Twistedsage.  It holds that deep peace found in the new energy, Wisdom, and Alchemist fields. 

Some suggested uses for Tensor Coils

Pendant-  This was the size of the original Golden Fire Coil Pendant, before the mini was created.  Still makes a great pendant, even without an infinity!

Passive Environmental- Can be hung or placed in any environment, and it creates a field approximately 8 feet wide and tall.

Holding Space- By simply holding the Coil, you can imagine the field around you, which can then be used to do energy work or meditation, or utilize the field as simply a rejuvenating, safe personal space.

Addition to tools-  Can be slipped over a Golden Fire and Light Wand, placed inside a Tensor Field Generator, or used to create Slim's Rainmaker.  We have also placed them inside a 1/2" copper pipe, cut to sacred measures, to make scepters and staves.  Encasing the Coils inside of orgone pyramids is also suggested!  All of these ways simply add another component to the field you are working with.

What makes a Tensor Coil such a special tool?

Tensor Coils were first created at Twistedsage Studios in 2011.  What makes them so special, is the way in which they move energy.  The coil has a two-way flow of energy, where energy is both coming and going out of each end of the coil.  The energy also spins in both directions, creating a true tube torus.  A torus, or toroidal field, is simply an energetic structure, a natural flow and pattern of energy.  This energy pattern is is naturally occurring in nature, from molecules to galaxies.  Even our heart creates an electromagnetic field, about six feet across, which flows in this toroidal pattern!

A torus simply the pattern energy takes in it's natural and harmonious state.

I would like to share a quick story about using the Tensor Coils...  When the Harmony Coil first came out, I was able to take the things I would habitually do and put them into my own field.  For example, I would always run energy into my food and drinks, giving gratitude for every step of it's life and creation from the ground all the way to becoming my food.  The coil was able to help infuse this intention into my own energy field.  I no longer have to consciously shift the food I come into contact with, it happens on its own, without a tool or my having to consciously do so.

Slim's Rainmaker

 Slim Spurling, the original creator of Tensor Rings in our lifetime, showed us this configuration several years ago.  It consisted of the original trio of Tensor Rings, four Tensor Coils, and he showed a clear quartz sphere in the middle to hold intentions. 

Once we placed this grouping of tools together onto the ground, we could feel waves of energy flowing outwards like ripples in a pond.  We began to feel the coolness of rain on the skin, and could smell rain in the air, yet it was not really there...  We did readings on this configuration, besides what Slim was telling us, and we saw that this field was clearing GMO's in seeds, plants, and also clearing any harm that GMO's have on the physical body!  Since then, this energetics has been put into all of the tools!

You can use any Trio of Rings.  The Water Alchemist Home and Personal sets are pictured above.

Four Tensor Coils.  They do not have to be aligned with the North/South geomagnetics.

Any Tensor Field Generator will work in place of a clear quartz sphere, for holding intention!

Once all pieces are placed together on the ground, go into the Heart Space, and simply set your intent for working with the weather and/or all of your local natural environment! 

The field is approximately 1/2 of a mile wide, while it rests.  With your attention on it, and with an intention to expand the field, you can hold the fields as far out, or wherever on the planet, you wish!

Again, this is bringing through the new energy, which is more about using your intention to set things in motion, but then trusting and allowing your higher consciousness to bring about changes in the highest and best that you could possibly allow.  Even if it does not look like what your original intent was!

We have epoxied all pieces together as one unit, which is handy for moving it around.  This does not affect the energetics at all.  You can also wire the pieces together if you wish, or even put into concrete or buried in the ground!

Again, do not worry if the coils are not lined up exact, or the rings perfectly nested, the generator centered, or anything of that nature.  The fields come together and do the work without the need of fine tuning or perfectly aligning!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Renard W.
Couldn’t Wait

I bought just one initially but it felt incomplete without the other 3. I combined it with the alchemist trio of rings to make a rainmaker. I’m still playing with it and will report back

Neil J.G.

This tool is beautiful. I'm still in the process of discovering the benefits of this tool.

What I observe is that most people are friendly and respectful every time I'm wearing this coil.

Thank you, Twistedsage Studio family. 🥰

Mark G.
1X4 Wisdom Tensor Coil from the Rain set

Its great. I only bought one. Am actually using it as part of my personal "Med-Bed". I already have 3 different Practitioners Rings that I can put at either end of my bed when I sleep. Switching or combining them when needed. But When hip stiffness crept back on me the other week I wanted something in the middle. I hung the wisdom coil dead center beneath the bed frame and hip area has been totally loose and comfortable as when I was doing regular PT way back in the military service. Actually even looser than then :) By the way, if you have large Practitioners Rings of different sizes and want to combine them for a session, you can strap them together at 4 points with these velcro straps. We use them in IT at work all the time to keep computer cables neatly routed. Just attach a strap to itself around one ring, then loop the velcro around the next ring and back onto the velcro strap. Look for Vecro brands product named One-Wrap. 09-02-22 1138 UTC


how divine! how magnificent! how wonderful!