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mini Activator
mini Activator with Betar Coil
mini Activator

mini Activator

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mini Activator & Energy Harmonizer

The mini Activator is just under 2 inches square. Featuring the new HP mini Generator, Quantum Heart Coil, and Alchemist Trio. This trio of amazing tools sits atop our signature Torus design, while all is sealed in Ecopoxy, a plant-based resin.

More than Sacred Space

Brenda and I were playing with the mini Activator today, where she witnessed it expanding the human heart out beyond human experience.  A gold light within started small, and then grew with each breath.  It became large and brilliant, like the sun.  The rays connecting you with all that you are, including the great I Am.
The Activator series is based on an ancient Atlantian tool, used to create Sacred Space.

The activator can be placed anywhere in or outside of the home, or kept in the car or office.  It creates a field that is about the size of a home. 

The mini Activator was inspired by The Activator 3.1 Energy Harmonizer, and carries many of the same potentials and energies of all the Activator line, harmonized into a field of much greater potentials.

Save $5 with the Betar Coil / Activator Combo!!

mini Activator with Betar Coil
If you feel into the photo above, the potency of the mini Activator is amplified greatly with the Betar Coil.
The mini Activator is a broadcaster and feedback station of higher potentials.  The Betar Coil is an amazing and versatile tool, and a powerful addition to the mini Activator.
The mini Activator is portable and sturdy.  It is still recommended to have awareness of the protruding coil if you are getting super rough with it.  Our lifetime warranty covers welds, but does not warranty resin products.  Yet it is intended to last for many years of continual use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazing energy

One word..".Powerful " I use it with Betar Coil to focus and amplify.my Intentions. I asked to find peace in this chaotic Storm..I found the Calm Place "Eye of the Storm" with the Mini Activator!The Energy of the household changed immediately. Thank you Team Twisted Sage


One of your many power tools. I like to place my hands around it to sense the energy emitting from it. Every now n then ill feel a weird shift in my brain. This is my favorite piece. Thank you again


Great product