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Introducing The Key Pendant Version 3.0
Introducing The Key Pendant Version 3.0
Introducing The Key Pendant Version 3.0
Introducing The Key Pendant Version 3.0
Key Pendant
Key Pendant

Key Pendant

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Key Pendant, version 3

UhnTok- the Key
Old Ancient Wisdom In the Bright Newness
It is the Ankh of the Now time

 Key pendants will be available again soon! Check back in a week!

The Now Time Ankh is a Key...
A key to unlock hidden doorways
A Bearer of Light that opens the Doors

Halo Ring for the 3.0 Pendant-  It makes the Key sing!  (chime)

This is a small Ring, approximately a size 5 finger Ring, which does add to the energetics, aesthetics, and makes a great chiming when wearing or spinning the pendant!

The Key Pendant

The Field of Universal Peace comes through first, expanding out to bring the Sacred Heart Activation to those who allow, while in it's field.

Creates Sacred Space around a person, clearing "ghosts" or Way-wards as they come into your field, as it brings their Soul in to help them cross over. The Key brings everyone's Soul more into the present, who are in it's field.

The field is about a block wide.
Does all the standard geomagnetic, EMF, and lower vibration clearing, plus the heart-based higher consciousness connecting and activating. The Key does not have to be wore as a pendant, it can simply be hung in your space. I have one on my car's rear-view mirror that I like to spin if ever in traffic or the city.

This is my favorite pendant to wear, and does not require any "doing".  Simply "Be" with this pendant.

The Key Pendant is approximately 3 x 3-1/2 inches. It is constructed of steel rods and a bronze center, then copper plated to a polished shine.  The newest version has a small hole through the center.  Not certain as the why, but it feels right, and I feel it helps create the chime sound the Key makes (described below).
The Pendant has a ball-bearing swivel attached. And why does it spin?  I cannot say... the original Keys always wanted to be spun, and this one is no different!
Adjustable Leather lanyard included.

Something unique about the new in 2023 Key Pendant... It sings!!  When I began wearing the pendant, I kept hearing a chiming sound around me.  It took me a few days to realize it was coming from the Key Pendant as it bumped against my other pendants.  Very subtle, but I notice it throughout the day, while wearing other pendants and necklaces.  I really enjoy the chime sound it makes!

One of my all-time personal favorites, and daily wears!!

The Story of the Key Pendant

How the Key came back into being:

It began with Doug Benjamin's findings of specific Cubit lengths from the Great Pyramid. Doug then taught people how to use two of these Cubit length rods to pin into the ground at the Cardinal and Ordinal points around an area to neutralize geopathic stress zones.

Slim Spurling and Bill Reid brought Doug's techniques more into the mainstream, where architect Simon Bialobroda came up with a concept of using these sacred proportions in an 8-pointed star. This mathematically ratioed symbol was secretly used in ancient Templar societies.

Bill Reid began constructing the 8-pointed star, known as the Starburst, to neutralize geopathic stress.  For information on Bill’s inspiration for the Starburst, please check out the article at the bottom of the page from Simon Bialobroda.
The measurements Simon shares come from the research of Doug Benjamin. A link to an article from Doug can be found at SacredMeasures.com.

So, after taking Bill Reid’s Gravitobiology class several years ago, I was guided to recreate the Starburst with different Cubit measures, and then dropped one of the intersecting rods down from the center with the Phi Ratio, where “UhnTok- the Key” came into being. The UhnTok was the Ankh of that Now Time, at the cusp of the old and new world energies.

This 8-pointed sacred symbol was given it’s name by a group of ethereally based Egyptians and friends of my sister's close friend, Thoth. We made a few versions of the Keys, including the Atlantian Key, the Manifestation Key, and the Goddess Keys. I stopped making the Keys as we began shifting more and more into the new energy. 

Here is some of what we were seeing with the original Keys we were making:

In our soul is the wisdom of each lifetime we lived on Earth, and so much more. This is the key to unlock it. Access your personal wisdom. The knowledge is within you. Meditating with these tools within the heart center will help you unlock that wisdom within you.  A Very Powerful Manifestation Tool. Take the key in the consciousness and program it, but mind/body/soul can over-ride it. Manifest while seated within the Heart.
Used for downloads of information, enhances the energy of both crystals and the Key when used together. Also synergizes with other sacred symbols within the environment.

Ancient UhnTok, in the Bright Newness

Upon hearing of Bill Reid’s passing, I chose to bring in the new Starburst.  I had already considered making the UhnTok again, with the new measures and within the context of the new energies we are in.

The Starburst, and the Keys, did not have Etheric Templates like our Tensor Rings do. They were simply Straight-lined Cubit measures and sacred symbols. Bill’s Starburst utilized a Tensor Ring to amplify and hold beneficial energies. The previous Keys could be used for nonbenefical energy transfers by the right user. That has traditionally been inherent with Straight-line Cubit measures.  The new Starburst and Key cannot be used for nonbeneficial purposes.

The Golden Light Wand and the Golden Fire Wand both have an energetic counterpart that ensure they are healthful and beneficial to all. These are the two that were put together to form the new Starburst. The copper-coated steel rods, once welded together, created something more than the Wands separately. The energetic properties of both the Golden Light and the Golden Fire Wands are still present in the new Starburst, and now the Starburst has an Etheric Template also created for it!!

My sister Brenda and I held space as the new Template was created for the Starburst, and it was taken back to the time of the initiates and the first use of the symbol, where the Starburst Template was harmonized with those symbols and brought forward to here and now. A powerful process….

The new Starburst is seen as creating a 360° Sunburst of beneficial energy outward. It goes out for more than a city block, then tapers off. Within this space, it is clearing nonbeneficial geomagnetic lines, portal vortexes, EMFs, and water ways.

More information on the new Starburst can be found at https://shop.twistedsage.com/products/starburst

The Key Pendant is not as large and encompassing as the Starburst, as the Key is more personal.  It will still work with the water like the Starburst, but just the water within your own body and immediate field.

The Geometry Hidden within the Egyptian Rods -Simon Bialobroda March 2012

"This is the story of the Geometry Hidden within the Egyptian rods which started off as an exercise in geometry to discover whether there were any principles of sacred geometry underpinning what those in the dowsing community call the Egyptian Rods, for lack of a better term. Perhaps the name owes its legacy to the fact that Pharonic images and sculptures over 3,000 years old depict the use of divining rods and pendulums. In addition, the ancient Egyptians were well versed in the use of tools for healing and the art of Geomancy.

As an architect and dowser, I was made aware of the Egyptian Rods, being introduced to them through my interest and studies in the art of dowsing. A few years back dowsing became an integral part of my architectural practice in helping to protect people from the ill health effects of electromagnetic fields.

First, what are the Egyptian Rods? The Egyptian rods are a set of eight rods of specific proportionate length, four of which are longer (25 inches) and four of which are shorter (14 5/8 inches), commonly constructed by cutting copper coated 3/32 inch diameter welding rods. Arranged vertically around the perimeter of a property or house at the four corners and midpoints, the installation of the rods will do a good job of protecting the inhabitants against geopathic stress and harmful EMF's. I discovered that the ratio between the long and short rods corners and was 1.7094, a ratio based on the square root of two, one of the most widely used mathematical ratios found all over the world from Temples in India, to Stonehenge and the Pyramids. It is also an interesting fact that the square root of two is used for its aerodynamic benefits in the design of the stealth bomber in the wing pattern. To the right is the geometric study (the second photo here on Facebook) I performed which reveals the ratio, which I propose is one of the factors responsible for giving the Egyptian rods their therapeutic properties and imparting a function that all sacred spaces share. One of the other benefits of this sacred symbol is its use in meditation. As the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul said "There are many ways in which the intuition can be drawn into activity, and one of the most useful and potent is the study and interpretation of symbols."

The geometric construction is known as the sacred cut (dashed lines) and formed a symbol in Temple societies known only to a handful of initiates. From it are derived the proportions which constitute the mathematical ratio found in the Egyptian rods. Of further interest is the fact that one of four gifts given to Hercules before setting out on the 12 labours was a golden breastplate, forged in gold by the God Vulcan to protect and strengthen Hercules' heart. The symbol on the breastplate consisted of eight radiating lines in the form of an eight-pointed star."
-Simon Bialobroda

Old Ancient Wisdom In the Bright Newness The Ankh of the Now
Also known as UhnTok-the Key
UhnTok-Ankh of the Now
Also known as the Key-
A key to unlock hidden doorways
A Bearer of Light that opens the Doors

Customer Reviews

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Thank you 🫶

Rey L.
Key pendant

Love it Thanks Brian

Jeremy F.
A very REALLL tool

I ordered this pendant after a dream vision prompted me to do so as I am familiar with twisted sages created tools. Well when I received the effects were instant, instant clarity in the energies around me and what was very interesting is that in my environment wether at home or out and about those with UN pure intentions are more instantly exposed and those with purer intentions come within the time and space it holds. It brings forward those who may need to experience the energies even if it's on an unconscious level for them. It is now available to them, and you all at the same time. As for the spinning aspect thi, as I've seen in my minds eye let's say, it spins the field of the tool and clears away all that is abrasive, much like ringing out a rag of all the wash water. In my personal experience the direction at which it needs to be spun changes based on the environment and social situations I'm in. Use your intuition. All in ALLL I reccomend this tool. 7 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Pure, blissful Light! Luv!! 😍

Love this gorgeous, ancient, yet new, fresh NOW~WOW energy--ineffably light, beautiful, playful and yet such a powerful tool to integrate lifetimes and harmonize timelines! Read the wonderful, highly informative and detailed description ( thank you sincerely!! 🙏) and recognized this, too, from eons ago. It so does hold and contain Life's beauti- and bountiful energy in its etheric template as well as the gorgeous physical representation! Opens one's heart chakra even wider, if that's even possible, 💓 connects all subtle bodies and aligns chakras in such a gentle, flowing way! A total favorite! Superb craftsmanship, consistently above- and beyond lovely customer service, immeasurable thanks, dear loving TS Studios team! ❤️

Steve P.
Incredible efficiency on shipping and delivery

I made my first purchase from twistedsage a few days before Christmas (12/21) the Key pendant and water restructuring tensor ring. My expectation was they would ship after Christmas? My expectations were based off experiences with other online companies during this difficult time.
This afternoon (12/24) twistedsage package was in my mailbox........wow, so impressed with the quick delivery with no expedited charge. It’s now my job to use this incredible tool to deliver the Love of truth.