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Silver Infinity Bracelet
Silver Infinity Bracelet
Silver Infinity Bracelet in Gift Box

Infinity Bracelet

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Infinity Bracelet

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The energy of the Infinity Bracelet connects one more deeply with their own infinite Light, which is Divine Unconditional Love. More than beautiful jewelry, it assists the wearer in being more loving to themselves, inviting even more of their Light to reside in their physical body. As the wearer embodies more Love within, their every thought, every word, and every action becomes more loving - creating a more loving world. As within, so without.

Fashioned out of solid .999 silver tensor rings, with infinity symbol welded securely in place, the powerful tensor technology restructures harmful electromagnetics, balances energy bodies, and helps organs function better.

Adjustable to any sized wrist, from 5-½” & up. Packaged in an elegant gift box.

The Infinity Bracelet has the same energetic properties as the Infinite Light Pendant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Patricia B.
Anniversary gift

My bracelet is beautiful . I wear it all the time because it both looks and feels good!

Marie B.
Infinity bracelet

Infinity bracelet- This is such a lovely tool for enhancing attention, focus, and general well-being! It actually load when I first open the box! And at hums Or should I say it vibrates all day long while I wear it and that starts from the time I pick it up! I got this for myself on my birthday and I absolutely love it I wear every day! Thank you for creating such a beautiful powerful tool

Shirley S.

This beautiful, handmade bracelet seems to make me feel more at peace. It is not only a work of art, but functional technology that makes me feel like I am glowing! Thank you Brian, Billie and crew!

Zara R.
Infinity Bracelet

I love my Infinity Bracelet! I put it on when it arrived and formed it around my wrist which is small, (the ends are close to touching) and haven't taken it off since. Awesome energy, feels stabilizing and balancing. Believe it helps even out what folks have termed ascension symptoms. Thanks for the addition to the family of wearable tools from Twisted Sage. I have quite a few and use them all! I like that the bracelet helps the water in the body. I use my trinity water rings daily also! Love to all the Twisted Sage family and best wishes for an amazing New Year and an incredible Decade! 💜🌞Zara🌹

Mark T.
Infinity Bracelet

I bought the bracelet for my wife as a Christmas present.
When the Bracelet arrived I thought this is a classy piece of jewellery. Looks superb as a substantial weight to it as well.
My wife wears the Bracelet everyday, she tells me “It makes me feel better, more relaxed”.
Thanks Brian and the TS team.
Mark T