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golden fire coil
Golden Fire Coil
Golden Fire Coil
Golden Fire Coil
Golden Fire Coil
Golden Fire Coil
Golden Fire Coil

Golden Fire Coil

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Golden Fire Coil with Infinity

Pendant size is just under 4 inches including the attached Infinity. 

The Copper version comes with our signature adjustable leather lanyard.

The Silver version is made from .999 fine silver, and comes plain, with a lanyard, or length choice of sterling silver chain.

The Copper and Silver Coils carry the same energetic field.  We suggest to feel which one calls to you! 

Our premiere EMF protector pendant for nearly a decade!

The Golden Fire Coil Pendant creates a powerful, flowing, Tensor field which surrounds and harmonizes all that comes into your field!   The infinity creates a powerful heart-connector.

The original Empath Filter!!

The field which flows around you acts as a filter, allowing in the information, but not any of the energies that may come with it!

The Tensor Coil's toroidal field flows through the Heart, throat, Pineal, Quantum Mind, then expands out.  This brings your light and consciousness to the forefront.

The Soul's Light, and the Light of the Earth, come into you, and there is a merging,
a connecting of the bigger You, the Earth, and the you in the here now moment.

Many people can feel this one very physically.

Allow your soul to open the doors of infinite possibilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Marty M.
Favorite New Necklace

I bought it just before going on a cross-country trip. I wore it the entire dive and made groundbreaking contact with my heart/higher self. It has been life changing as I can reach and feel my heart with just casual thoughts and not have to go into full meditations now. A huge step forward for me in my expansion/ascension! This vendor was recommended to me by the YouTube channel "The Cosmic Secret". I also greatly enjoy the grounding ring from this vendor.

Amy P.
Wonderful helper!

I'm loving my new golden fire coil. I'm an empathetic healer & bodyworker, and as soon as i received the coil, i've been wearing it everyday. I feel like it helps create more space in my field, and has been a great tool in helping me to allow the energies/frequencies of others I work on to pass through me, instead of me taking them on and processing them as if they were mine. Wonderful helper!

Cleo I.W.S.
Golden Fire Coil

I put it on daily and the moment It is attached to my neck I’m encircled with energy. My state of being is calm as thought I’m walking upstream in a river and the water has no resistance.

Shawnna S.
Love It!

I have it hanging from my review mirror and I appreciate the positive energy that has permeated my car... Sometimes I hold it and I can feel the beautiful energy. Love it!

sonja t.

Since obtaining and wearing my necklace, my energetic field has become less cluttered with other energies that are less than helpful. Additionally, I have noticed that I am not as energetically drained after a long day in the office. I will be buying other copper items soon!