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Energetic Transformation Kit
Energetic Transformation Kit
Energetic Transformation Kit

Energetic Transformation Kit

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Home health and personal care kit!

Made for transforming your local 5G Network, drinking water, WiFi, cell phone, home electrical system, and for your own personal protection and healing!

New!  Choice of Silver or Copper Pendant

The Energetic Transformation Kit Includes:

• Cell Phone Tab

• Wifi Tensor Ring

• Water Alchemy Ring

• Quantum Heart Coil Pendant (Copper with leather lanyard or silver with silver chain)

• Golden Fire Tensor Field Generator

• Smart Meter and Home Electrical Clearing Plug-in Disc

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The Energetic Transformation Kit has everything you will need for your environmental, personal, water, and all form of EMF care.



We begin with the Tensor Field Generator for your environmental clearing, which includes the transformation and clearing of dense energies in general, and specifically EMF, Radionics, HARP, Geomagnetic and Geopathic, Portal/Vortexes, and lower vibrational consciousness, all within a 2-1/2 mile diameter.

The Golden Fire Generator, does all this plus brings through a sense of well-being for all those within it's field, as it helps clear connections for each individual, so they may bring in more of their own Light.

The 2-1/2” Golden Fire Generator extends out one and a quarter miles in all directions to restructure nonbeneficial frequencies, including EMFs, Geomagnetic, Cell Towers, Power Lines, Radio Waves, HARP, Radionic Transmissions, Portal/Vortexes, and lower consciousness energies.

Cell Phones

Cell Tab


Next we have the Cell Phone Tab. The Cell Phone Tab Bio Feedback Study: Transmutes harmful EMF’s while providing emotional clarity!

Even with a Golden Fire Generator in the home, we suggest for those who carry their cell phone to utilize a Cell Phone Tab as well.


The Wifi Ring is a super versatile tool, which can be used for much more than putting on your Wifi router to transmit beneficial frequencies from.  It can be carried in your pocket or as a pendant, placed over water facets, and can also be used over light-bulbs to transmit those unconditional love frequencies of the Golden Fire through the visible light spectrum!  '

Simply place the Wifi Ring on the source of the nonbeneficial frequency, where it will automatically connect to and transform the frequency emitted.  If you do not have access to the source of the energy emitter, carrying the Wifi Ring on your person will protect your field.   Can be wore as a pendant or carried in the pocket. 


Tensor Fields, in general, bring water to it's original crystalline structure, making water lighter in weight in the lab due to the positive right-hand high-spin rate, and balancing PH.  And that's just what's happening on the physical level.  Our Water Rings are also clearing all cell memory of water, and bringing it back to it's original blue print of water!  The Rings can also be used to communicate with water to create healing elixirs!  We call this 3.5" Ring the Water Alchemy Ring, which was created specifically for this kit!

Restructure and Energize your water, as seen in "The New Science of Water", simply by using our Water Ring with your container of water!!

Home Electrical System

Smart Meter and Home Electrical Clearing Plug-in Disc.

The Plug-in style of Disc can be placed in any outlet to harmonize the electrical system all the way to the local electrical transformer box, and all households connected to it!  Essentially, one Disc clears an entire apartment building!

Use a single Plug-in Disc on any plug in the home, to extend throughout the home's electrical system!


Coil Pendant to create that protective bubble around the person, transforming all EMFs and other nonbeneficial energies as they come into your field!  The perfect Pendant for EMF Sensitivities, and one of our most powerful pendants that we have created thus far!

See the link below to view and find more about the two Quantum Heart Coil options!  
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant


This Kit contains everything you need to begin your exploration into Tensor Technologies for your home and health, expansion and connection...


The Energetic Transformation Kit Includes:

  • 3-1/2" Water Alchemy Ring


Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
emf home energetic transformation kit

I always get many questions answered by Marry. Brian also was kind to respond to some questions she did not know the answer to.
I feel so blessed to get their guidance.

It has been intense energies in general lately an I am so grateful to have some added protection from the harmful EMF. It is so wonderful to have the EMF transformed into a non harming energy for myself, family and environment.

Jacob R.
Perfect starter pack

The necklace is amazing! It looks beautiful and works very well with balancing the heart. The phone piece works amazingly well. I can feel it definitely protect against 80-90% of the negative energy coming from my s20 ultra. Which is pretty amazing! And the golden fire generator has been enormously effective at clearing out negative energies from my heart. For 300$ this is a amazing product especially for people starting out and not sure where to start


Excellent quality!

Odile L.D.
Energectic Transformation Kit

I wish I could say something specific about the items we received but, unfortunately, I cannot tell if it makes a difference with EMF. I would like to believe that it does. Thank you.

Amazing Positive energy

I felt a positive change in my home energy when the package arrive and ever since it seems like there had been a more positive environment around my home, even a friend mentioned how she liked to be in our house because she felt peace and a calm state of mind.