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Creation Field Coil
Creation Field Coil
Creation Field Coil
Creation Field Coil
Creation Field Coil

Creation Field Coil

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New Creation Field Energetic!

Coil pendant carries a powerful field

It is a space of creation

A Space of Creation for your Highest Potentials to be realized into the moment.

The Silver Creation Field Coil is made of 0.8 ounces of fine silver wrapped around a sterling silver tube.  The Copper Creation Field Coil is made of copper-wrapped brass.

The 3 inch Creation Field Coil resembles the quantum heart coil pendant, yet much heftier in weight size and energetic. Pictured are the Creation Field Coils (larger) in comparison to the Quantum Heart Coil Pendants (smaller).

The Nothing Space is housed in the coil's field, while the Highest Potentials is held in the tube within.  All Tensor coils create a toroidal field, the tube torus, which connects with the toroidal field of the heart... grounding, connecting, aligning the body, mind, soul.

Please refer to these directions to illuminate your Highest Potentials within the Creation Field.

We begin with the Nothing Space: 
Deep breath.  Let go of intentions.  Hold or connect with the coil.  Just allow. 

This is the Nothing Space.  Space of No-thing.  And in that space is Everything.

Must be in the heart center for your Soul light to come in fully.  You will feel the human you step aside as the mind goes blank. This is where your light, your amassed wisdom, begins to illuminate your Highest Potentials.  All occurs automatically.  Simply allow.

As your Highest Potentials illuminate within the Nothing Space, allow yourself to slip into this Field of Creation.   In the moment everything changes within and around you, yet everything almost looks the same.

Wisdom illuminates the highest potentials of creation for you

Wisdom comes from human experience being released.  Soul alchemizes those experiences (good bad ugly or otherwise) into Wisdom.  We suggest to begin with the Wisdom line of tools, which are all about alchemizing experience into wisdom.  Again, it is wisdom which illuminates the highest potentials for creation.

The Wisdom Wand, along with the Quantum Heart Coil Pendant, are two staples to begin your journey into Wisdom.

From there, the Creation Field tools hold a Space of Creation for your Highest Potentials to be realized into the moment.

Lanyard is our signature adjustable leather lanyard.  The Chain option for the silver coil is a 24" Sterling Silver chain. 

This is a heavier coil pendant, weighing nearly an ounce!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Creation at it's finest!

The silver Creation Field Coil is my all time favorite daily wear tool! I never sleep with jewelry, especially necklaces, until this one came along! The energy is very peaceful. When I tune into it, the field brings me more into the present moment. I can tell it keeps me more centered and balanced, to where I am not so erratic in my thoughts and emotions. It is calming and peaceful, and I feel grounding as well. Plus, it is such a beautiful and perfect sized pendant for me! The chains are really nice as well!

Amazing energy, amazing experience

I was gifted two Creation Field Coil pendants, a copper one and a silver one and I have been working with the two of them. Same energetics, but......
I have noticed that the silver one carries a finer vibration/energy/frequency (my own interpretation). I have felt that the silver one is more intense than the copper one. Both produce the same results! Both create a field around me and I feel being inside an energy orb. Also wearing these pendants together with quartz crystals is amazing, the crystal becomes alive as I perceive it! When I do Reiki and wear the Creation Field Coil pendants I feel and "see" this energy field around me and the energy moves through my hands. Working with the Creation Field wand when wearing the Creation Field Coil pendants is another amazing experience. Also I use the wand and the coil pendants as pendulums for healing. The Silver wand is my tool of choice for healing and portal work.
I am very grateful for these tools as they are of great help to me and to those I work on. Thank you Brian and the Twistedsage team!!! Much love!


Best shop



Unlike Anything Else

I just received this today and already know this is unlike anything else Brian and the team at Twisted Sage has come out with before.
I can't wait to play in the field of unlimited creation with this tool, but am so deeply grateful for all of the work that goes into creating and anchoring in these amazing fields!
Without a doubt, this is going to be a new favorite!