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Universal Light Activations

Come step into the Quantum Void of infinite possibilities thru Universal Light Activations, one of the most powerful higher-consciousness meditations available!

From this space, your entire Soul Spark will be anchored into the human, and into the very core of your physical being (DNA).
We will ultimately anchor in this Field of Universal Light,
which contains the Field of Universal Peace as well as your Light,
as well as the tri-fold Golden-Flaming Sacred Heart.

This Universal Light field is also found in the Golden Fire tools.
This "field" of Universal Light and Universal Peace are part of what makes up
the New Earth Grid that we are all co-creating together.

The Attunement and Activation is now freely available, as there are now enough people holding the space of the Golden Fire field to make the attunement without us consciously holding the space for you!

Cleaning, Clearing, Connecting, Activating

In the process of anchoring in these high level activations and New Earth Grids, we will also be doing the Soul-level connecting and clearing work.
There is so much of the "simple work" that happens automatically during the process... releasing cords, non-benefiical entities, clearing and aligning chakras and energy bodies, returning and clearing Soul shards, aligning with our higher Soul Self, reactivating the MerKaBa, clearing past present and future lives, clearing timelines and realities that no longer serve us, and etc etc etc.
It has never been so simple and easy to clear and reset ourselves from lifetimes of soul-based experience,
so that we may move forward as the Master Creators we truly are!

The older grids of 3rd Density Earth have been slowly fading out.
Some of these were held in place by pyramids and other megalithic structures.
Some were more natural in their creation.
The New Grids are being held in place by the Activated Human.
These heart-based grids become more tangible as more of us
are connecting and creating in this New Earth Matrix.

No matter how you see and say it all, this Activation exercise is one of the most
profound and all encompassing works we have had the honor to share, thus far.

The "Journey work"

The process comes through in an audio download and distance session with Brian.
Once you make the purchase, Brian will consciously connect with the space held for you, to offer assistance in the clearing process.
When you follow along with the guided audio meditation, Brian and Brenda are both there, Soul to Soul with you.

Before beginning the meditation, please be sure you are hydrated. Set your space with no distractions, so you can remain undisturbed for at least 15 minutes.
You will be able to pick up and go right afterwards, or preferably you can stay in the moment and space of peace and bliss and just Be for as long as you choose.

The basic processes include:

  • Grounding and Connecting from the Heart
  • Setting space with the Three by Three
  • Geometry clearing and activating
  • Anchoring in your Light, in it's entirety
  • Sacred Heart Activation
  • Balancing brain hemispheres
  • Quantum Mind Activation
  • Bringing in the Field of Universal Peace
  • Cleaning and clearing the "basement of the Heart"
  • How to use your Light for the continued work on self and the greater world

Notice, that once you choose this Activation, things will already begin to shift!!
This is simply how the quantum world of soul-level intentions work!

Expect Magic and Miracles, as you are
obviously ready to change your entire reality!!!

So, lets do the release work, and step into the flow
of the expansion of the Universe and of Creation itself...
...as YOU are the embodied Light of Creation!!!

Universal Light and the New Earth Grid are mentioned also in the Light Anchoring video found HERE.