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Refining the Wisdom Wand

The Wisdom Wand has gone through several energetics shifts, since it was first created, Refining the Wisdom Wand so it now contains the energetics of ALL the Twistedsage Wands!  - The Dragon, Fairy, Shaman, Golden Fire and Light, and Quantum Healer Wands all rolled into one!

But those are merely updates to one of the most profound energy fields that I have ever worked with!  The Wisdom Wand creates a cocoon-like field of the Wisdom energetics around you, holding you in that zero-point space of the Soul.  That space where you come to center, within the Heart, and drop all creation which no longer serves you.

Just you and your Wisdom, your Soul-level experiences from throughout all time, harmonized into heart-based wisdom.  All that you are, into Wisdom.

I Am All That I Am.  I Am Aware. I Exist. I Am All That I Am.


I contribute my current sense of deep peace to the Wisdom Wand.