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Harmony Cubit

Teotihuacan Cubit measure becomes the Harmony Cubit or the Harmony Ring (2014)

  • The Ring cleanses distortion fields from around the body very quickly. Lower vibrations change fast into whatever they need to be or they just evaporate.
  • The Ring creates a stronger connection to your entire Entourage- all of those who walk with You in the Highest and Best for You- allowing you to become more fully aware of your Entourage.
  • The ring is vibrating to three vibrations- past, present and future, helping to integrate them into a higher frequency.
  • Elementals of Earth come through the Ring to bring in Remembering Codes, but not like Codes from the Sun.
  • The Ring brings you in touch with Earth, as a Human of Earth. Balance of Mind Body Spirit.
  • Codes from the Sun shine through the Ring, coming through our Sun from places such as the Central Sun, moving the Earth into a whole new frequency.
  • If not ready to accept these Codes, they won’t come through. If you are ready, they will enter the Pineal and travel through to the Heart. There are matching Codes within the Heart that match those coming through the Ring. When you are in Harmony and Balance, and the time is right, these Codes Activate. They Activate what are strictly your Gifts.
  • connected to the Earth Elemental of Water- will work better with water than any previous Cubit, the thicker gauge Ring works really well with the body.
  • As connections are made and You enter into Balance and Harmony in the Heart, and your Mind is settled, you hear and know and see more than you ever have in the past. Simply go with the intent of doing so, along with the knowingness that you can.

The Cubit length that creates this new Ring is the basis for the ancient Mesoamerican city, Teotihuacan. Translated as the “birthplace of the Gods”, Teotihuacan contains the great Temple of the Sun. This unit of measure has also been found in Bolivia at “the Gate of the Sun,” in Ancient Egypt, at Stonehenge, and other megalithic structures around the world. The Pyramid of the Sun and the Great Pyramid of Egypt have an identical base-lengths even!!!

The American civil engineer Hugh Harleston has done extensive research and found undeniable evidence for the measures of Teotihuacan being connected to both the circumference and the radius of the Earth on a scale of 100,000:1- all cut from the Standard Teotihuacan Unit Cubit length. He has proven that the layout of Teotihuacan encodes information about the shape, size and movement of the Earth.

In numerology, there is a plethora of clues to lost information associated with the Standard Teotihuacan Cubit length. There are repeating numbers throughout the physical structure of Teotihuacan and the Standard Teotihuacan Unit of measure, one of which is the number pattern related to the Stem Cell sequence… to our DNA.

The Creation Story:

Scott Miller, Master Alchemist at The Crystal Hotel, suggested creating a Ring out of the STU (Standard Teotihuacan Unit).  He pointed me to a video by Graham Hancock titled Quest for the Lost Civilization.

On September 2nd, the Ring created out of that length was found to be hollow-like.

We could not find the Etheric Template related to this Ring, and so I asked a friend to see what her and Slim could see with the Etheric Template.

  • We are getting that it is 'hollow'. Not a working tensor ring, but the only intention was to make the specific length. There is a long discussion i am having with myself in regards to creating tools. I know this ring could be a working ring with the intentions (possibly working for more than just myself, but that’s another conversation). I would like to use a cubit that is already established in the ethers and then work with that one.... but, here’s the other part of conversation.... did slim find the Royal Cubit length was already working, or did he create it ethereally? If that is the case, that changes everything....

The royal cubit was already working. This new one is waiting to be connected to new energy. It's like it's not on yet.

The rings have guardians that work with them have you noticed? This new one has created a ripple in the universe and I see Beings organizing to bring it into the web of light. Huge vortex of energy opening up now because of this physical ring. It's in a chaos state at the moment but it will stabilize in the next few days.

  • It is wonderful, brings a tear to my eye, so flipping exciting!!!

I know. It's being calibrated Slim says.

  • I will sit and see and ask if the bigger me can be a part, as well as me me. Physical me wants to ask that it does become the 432 MHz and work with the heart...

September 6th-

  • …curious to know what you see with this new cubit. I believe I may have to yet create it in the ethers. Melissa doesn't see the etheric tool there, and wondered how the web of light you saw plays into the etheric aspect of the ring.... I know the galactic cubit was a working ring when I made the first one, and then created the etheric version based on it, which is the ascension ring. anyways, just trying to get a grasp on how the creation works. I have asked the master builder aspect of me to jump in and be of service in the creation of the tool, but not sure if the conscious 3d me needs to take an active role with intention to create whatever it is from this "blank" template....

It looks like the energy and geometry of each ring has to step down to 3rd density. The new cubit is still stepping down. It will be done by next new moon it looks like. There is a lot of activity going on so this new ring can fully be activated. And the higher consciousness of you has everything covered. Just be open and listen for what needs to be done.

  • perfect!

September 26th -

  • It's Here!!!!! Wowza!!! You are welcome to connect and look at the Ring now... just completed the Etheric side of things.
  • Otherwise, here is some of what seeing with the Balance and Harmony Ring: adding the templates of the Ascension Ring (and everything it encompasses) along with the etheric 5D Animator template.... wow!!! Went from burning fire to cool flowing waters!!!!

It was a couple days after the New Moon that I called my sister Brenda to ask her help seeing what needed to be done to manifest the new Ring. She said she was going to pull it into this dimension, and so we both grabbed on and pulled it into a reachable plane. It was hot and fiery, she remarked that it was burning her hand.

She was amazed at how it connected the Dimensions unlike any other Ring. After it was fully brought into the physical, it seemed the physical Ring was not nearly as powerful as the Ehteric version.   Brenda saw the Ring was not complete. The entire gamut of frequencies and properties that are present in the Ascension Rings were brought into the Etheric Template of the new Cubit. Brenda got the Ring was still not completely there yet. I felt there was some big piece still missing as well. The Etheric Template of the 5D Animator popped in, and I infused it into the Etheric of the new Cubit.

They kept telling Brenda “Balance and Harmony.” I set the intentions of all infusions into the Etheric Template be in Balance and Harmony with each other, as well as with each person who uses the Ring, and with every multidimensional Being using this Ring, the end results are for them to be in Balance and Harmony with the energies and frequencies of this Ring and with themselves.

Brenda immediately felt the Ring turn into cool running water as I felt the physical Ring get cold. I began to feel cool running water as well. We both shed a tear- it was truly a magnificent moment in the completion of the manifestation of the Balance and Harmony Ring!!!

Contains the Etheric Template of both the 5D Animator and the Ascension Rings

  • Ethereally use the chamber at night by visualize Ring above head or around Heart, creating a column of light around you.
  • Ring works when there is an allowing of Mind, Body, and Soul. The Soul is on board, as it is for the Highest and Greatest Good. The unconsciousness of the Body knows, it is on board as well. The Mind is the one that needs to be on board.

To use the Ring for all that the Chamber does, there needs to be an Allowing to happen. Again, the Body and Soul are allowing the experience, it is the Mind that needs something to hold onto- some Brain Candy perhaps… :)

One of my favorite uses: placing the Ring on the crown for a couple of minutes, allowing it to sink down and around the Pineal... this is super powerful and you can then replicate it at anytime, with or without the actual Ring. :)

One of our tool readers said:

“This ring is like a record keeper Crystal. I am seeing far into the past and feeling and experiencing what things were like as far as I want to go.

 It even works for other planets. It really connects me to the physical ness of Earth or Venus or whatever planet I focus on.

 So I see why it clears distortion of the physical body it works well on the third plane and brings awareness to a person of all the other planes. And more. So yes this ring is a good water ring and stone ring too.”

Again, it is not the size of the physical Ring, as all contain the same potent and powerful template.  Using the etheric Ring can be much more expansive than using the only the physical Ring...

Descriptions of the Etheric Templates of the Ascension Ring and the 5D Animator.

The Ascension Ring properties:

  • Contains every known straight-lined Cubit and Tensor Ring frequency that has come before it
  • ​Available within the Rings are:
    • the highest aspects of the Plant, Mineral, and Crystal Kingdoms
    • ​​Earth Elementals
    • The Council of Light
  • On every twist of the wire you will find a tube torus that surrounds each of these nodes
    • Each tube torus pulls in positive and negative energy, sending it out as a non-dualistic energy - a whole and complete energy
    • The tiny toroids also act as DNA scrubbers
  • Connects with the Higher Soul Self and works with all of the Soul's Aspects

The 5D Animator properties:

  • Brings together Higher Soul Self and all of your Soul’s Aspects, bringing ALL of YOU into alignment within the column of Light
  • Cleans, Clears, and brings back Soul Shards of yours and Releases Cleans
  • Clears and returns ones that you may carry of others, throughout time, space, and dimensions
  • Cuts any non-beneficial energetic cords
  • Raises vibration of the multidimensional you for all work to take place
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional healing and clearing is available to whatever degree that is acceptable to you
  • Cleans Clears Balances Aligns Chakras
  • Releases Soul Contracts that no longer serve you
  • Releases Entities that are non-beneficial, including those related to Soul Contracts
  • Archangels Michael and Raphael step in to usher any Beings that were attached, to where is for the Highest and Greatest good, including any Earthbound spirit attachments
  • Cleans and Clears non-beneficial energetic implants
  • Unlocks DNA and all the eternal wisdom it carries for you
  • Connects to your Star Family, completing your DNA uploads
  • Connects you to your Soul Family, completing your Soul Codes
  • Activates the MerKaBa, not only the 8-pointed Star Tetrahedron connected to the physical body, but all MerKaBa Fields of you and your aspects that are for the Highest and Greatest Good
  • And so much more that we are not seeing at this time

An Introduction to the Council of Light

  • The Rays of the Council of Light are an integral part of the Ascension Ring
  • The Council of Light connects automatically through the Ring
  • Your Higher Soul Self is introduced to the Council of Light
  • The Council ushers Source Light into specific Light Rays
  • These Rays are available to the Soul and all of its aspects
  • The Light Rays are much more than we understand right now

The Higher Soul Self is the one to access the Ascension Ring

  • Your Soul is the consciousness that wields the available frequencies and Light
  • The Soul will use the Ascension Ring for its Highest and Greatest Good
  • When a person is in connection with their Soul, they will have a higher perspective of the outcome from this tool
  • All aspects utilize the Ascension Ring properties, including the aspect of YOU