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GhostBusting 101

Ghostbusting 101 is Spirit Release for yourself and others, or your home, so simple, you can teach children to do it, and, of course, many infants and children see things others no longer perceive.

Within many traditions, it is seen that the Light to Home, to Source, is open for 2 – 9 days after death.

We see the portal as open for about nine days.

After that it requires the attention of a person to open the light to Source for them to return.

If you choose to offer this service, it simply becomes common place, as you are aware and in service.


*Spirits are those who come from the Light, where Earthbounds are those “stuck” between worlds.

Sacred Space of the Heart… out of your head, out of any fear, and in compassionate love for the Beings you assist
Take a few moments to breathe and become centered
Give permission to those who walk with you, your angels, your guides, to assist you.
Request Archangel Raphael and Michael to bring in Love and Healing for all.
Visualize a bubble that encompasses the entire household while intending it to be filled with Love and Light. With unconditional Love, with your Light.
Visualize a bright White opening on the wall. Or ask Archangel Michael to help in opening a portal to the Light.
Earthbound spirits are invited to go to the Light. You may feel bodily sensations such as dips in temperature, feelings of sadness or depression, fatigue, headache, pressure in the throat or chest. Which are all normal, as your body feels subtle energy.
Be compassionate.
You may tell them they may return after they have “checked in.”
Ask that they leave any unfinished business with the Angels, as they will care for it.
Inviting them to transition, to step into the Light. You can ask the Archangels to help guide them, or ask their Soul to step in and help!
You should feel a lightness, when the earthbound crosses over.
You can clear the space and your field and those around, through visualization, or ask for the assistance to clean and clear the energetic fields.
Close the Light with intent or a wave of the hand. Whatever feels right to you through out the whole process, again try to keep it easy!
Give gratitude to those who helped.
Again, this is just a suggested way to proceed. It gets simpler and easier as you do it, of course!
IF you have any issues along the way….
Go back to the heart space.

Be kind, in the heart, and out of fear. And keep it simple.


NEW!  We have a webinar on the tools and techniques used for the processes above!