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 in Australia and China. Become a Twistedsage Studios Web Affiliate!



Distributor In China | Hong Kong | Macau, Taiwan

Become a TwistedSage Studios Web Affiliate!!

If you would like to be involved, and have a website, Affiliate links are an easy, no hassle, win win way for selling the tools online.


Passion, for the tools, is the main reason people become involved with distributing the tools.

And, as a manufacturer working in that Aquarian Business Model, the price increase from manufacturing to retail is minimal compared to other business models.


Wholesalers/Distributors must own a Retail Store or *Service Agency.

*Service Agencies are those who offer professional services, and sales, based on the Tools (ie professional Dowsers and energy workers).

Please contact Brian for more information on becoming a Wholesale/Distributor.

There are also minimum purchase requirements to wholesale.