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Chalice Rings

The Chalice Rings are pure light, a crystal clear light, a light of crystal clear pure consciousness, has always been, is present throughout this universe since the beginning of Time, is
hidden during the times of great duality, and has the purpose to just Be.
To bring in that energy of great peace and ease, a
Pure clear light, a crystal clear pure light, within the heart.
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The chalice energy is not for healing, yet those results may occur. With an ache for example, it may transform the ache, because of the transformation of the old reality.  The chalice energy shifts old paradigms, beliefs, and realities.

To work with this energy, for example to do healing with yourself. The mind and the soul know your intentions, so leave your intentions with them as you move into the heart.
We are moving into a space of Being, and not doing, so drop your intentions as you come into the heart.

The Sacred Space of the Heart is where we begin with any energy work. It is the most important step in everything that we do. Sacred Space of the Heartvideo.

Take that deep breath with the soul, while within the heart. Make this conscious soul connection as simple as you can.

The Quantum Heart Activation video is an easy way to make this connection. Another way to consciously create this human heart and soul heart partnership, is to simply go into the heart, with soul before you (imagining your soul as a light bodied being, or perhaps as an energy orb). Or perhaps you would choose to start with being in the heart and expand. Expand into your true beingness, the soul’s heart. We are simply trying to achieve that mental knowingness of that heart and soul connection; whatever way is the simplest and easiest for you.

Connection within the heart is where this chalice energy is. Allow and imagine that pure light within your heart, and just Be with it. It will not take very long for all to be complete.

Again, there is no doing, it is simply Being with this energy and allowing. Some will have instant relief. Some will not. The chalice energy is not for healing, yet those results may occur. With an ache, it may transform the ache, because of the transformation of the old reality. The chalice energy shifts old paradigms, beliefs, and realities.

This crystal clear, pure energy plays a part in the transcendence of Duality on this planet, and throughout the entire universe. And, of course, it begins right here, with the human being.

One of the first ways we used it on myself, was to take it back to prior to my conception, and then bring it forward throughout my entire life. As it moved forward with me, it interacted with every situation and person I came in contact with.  Utilizing Time, in conjunction with energy work, is a powerful concept.  The Chalice Ring energies certainly assist with this concept.

While we were doing the reading on the Chalice Ring and this crystal clear pure light, I asked if Brenda would try to channel this pure light consciousness. It was like the time she channeled Tok for us, to ask questions. The whole time I had tears, and the field was intense, and Brenda felt like her heart was going to explode.

We received a couple messages in regards to how to share this information. What came through is:

Allow others to feel it as they feel it.
Use words to guide, to a point, then allow.
The interpretation will feel different for each person.
Some will run with it, some will run from it.
Make your words on it be easy. Don’t tie it down.
So, there you have it!  With all of the tools here at Twsitedsage, we have always been told not to limit them, or put them in a box.

I was noting that the only time I have been able to “hold” this Chalice energy, I would feel it on and around my brain. Brenda would feel it in the heart. As I was feeling it around the brain, it began to move. It moved down my neck and into my shoulders. From there I felt it reconstructing my wings.
And then my consciousness left my body, and settled around the back of my head. I became aware of myself separating... my wings grew as a golden being grew right up and out of me.
I was suddenly aware of my human aspect, and of my giant golden being aspect. The being felt solid. It was shiny and strong and radiant. I was simultaneously aware of it, and of my human self at the same time.

There is more to that story, though rather sensational, if you feel to read, below.
Again, this is simply my personal experience.

Part 1- So, I did a thing today...

 (February, 2021) The consolidation of all my soul aspects, into two beings... the human, and a giant golden winged being. My soul in complete wholeness. Of course, we all are, and always have been, whole and complete. Yet I feel this consolidation of all Soul aspects is simply another part of the Ascension process. It is the bringing in of your Light, more than has ever been.

When the Harmonic Creation Field Trio Tensor Rings were created, we saw it was helping the human hold more Light than the human has ever held before.
Next, the Field of Neutrality was discovered, which was later housed in the Ascension Pyramids. We have been working with the Field of Neutrality for about a year and a half now.
Amongst other things, the Field of Neutrality assists in harmonizing Soul aspects.

We see a Soul aspect as a part of us that exists in another time and space. Past lives are the perfect example of this. If you are familiar with the concept, past life trauma affects the human in the here and now. Whether it was a traumatic life, or death, those things begin to surface as we bring in more of our Light, the true essence of our Soul.

I like to see it as every particle of Light we bring in, is a piece of who we are throughout this universe. As we bring in all these particles of our Soul’s Light from throughout the universe, we bring in the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. The empowerment, knowledge, experiences, traumas.

Through the years, as we have looked for the root cause of a particular human ailment, we will check to see if it is a Soul aspect that is causing the issue. And most often the root cause is from another life, or Soul aspect. Once the Soul aspect was cleared of its traumas, then the here and now person would also release their ailment.

We have been using the Field of Neutrality to harmonize and integrate our Soul’s Light within the human. In this process, we have witnessed the Soul distilling the Light and information from an incarnation, and that incarnation simply dissolves away. It is no longer in existence. It is truly the integration of the Soul’s Light into the here and now human. A full-on Ascension process of leaving the old behind, so we can be creators of the new.

The story of today...
It actually started around winter Soulstice 2020. I took a deep dive. A dark night of the soul, to the extreme. After two months, I went even deeper. That ended up with me on the floor, under a blanket, for nearly a week. Brenda helped me do the release work, and I eventually became a functioning human again.
But that was really about it... I was still not the multidimensional being I knew and loved. I also didn’t realize Brenda had been having a rough time since then as well.
Despite all of this soul level energetic weirdness, Brenda was seeing a new Ring, or rather a new energy wanting to come through to be held in a Ring. This was to be the new Chalice Ring.
Even during my time of disconnect, we managed to bring through the Everything Ring. So things were still moving along, and the Everything served me well during this time. But it was apparent that this new energy coming through, was the next step in the process.

This crystal clear, pure, pure energy, plays a part in the transcendence of Duality on this planet, and throughout the entire universe. And, of course, it begins within the human.

I'm super excited to share what I have learned in regards to duality and how this new energy helps transcend duality.

Ok, back to the story at hand.
I saw that around Brenda's head was this dense space she was connected into. It appeared that she was stuck in like a crevice within a narrow passage, which lead from this here and now earth space, to that space and frequency where her soul resides. As she was loosened, she shot up and out of the space so fast, her human got dizzy. She just kept going and going like a rocket, and finally stopped well out of reach of the dark mass she just exited. It was the best she felt in two months.
I was pretty well entrenched in the space and wasn’t moving, though didn’t realize it until that moment. We did a bunch of other work with this space, and ended up leaving it at one point, until we could figure out where to go with it.

February 5th, we both woke up in a fog. We got together to finish whatever this was. Over the night, I had the epiphany that we could not do the work from the perspective of the higher self, that we had to be the human.

So, we stepped in as the humans. We held that crystal clear light, the Chalice energy, within the human, and expanded that to the core of the Earth and whatever other beings that were aware of the energy, we called upon to also hold that crystal clear light. There were a few groups within the Earth that were holding that energy as well. Ancient civilizations within and on the Earth itself.

This shifted and dissolved the impenetrable bubble around the Earth, and the Chalice energy radiated (for lack of a better description) out into the universe. When holding this crystal clear pure energy, you cannot be in a state of doing.
The day prior to this, when the Silver dragon Brenda works with came in, we could not “do” anything with this dark mass that extended throughout the universe. We simply had to sit in a meditative state, and allow that energy to do the doing.

Which is what we were doing today, simply holding the energy within the human aspect. Truly being the bridge, the anchor, the hollow-bone so to speak. Once we and the Earth plane were clear, we saw this mass was throughout the entire universe. We watched as threads of this clear pure light connected planets, then galaxies, and spread throughout the Universe. We were then able to see into the core of the mass, where we found a giant singular consciousness whose purpose was to hold duality’s existence within this universe. It was plucked right out of this universe, and a light elevator was set up on earth to assist the last of that dark sticky energy to exit, as it freed itself from humanity.

Brenda and I were both recalibrating after this. I was noting that the only time I have been able to “hold” this Chalice energy, I would feel it on and around my brain. Brenda would feel it in the heart.
As I was feeling it around the brain, it began to move. It moved down my neck and into my shoulders. From there I felt it reconstructing my wings. And then my consciousness left my body, and settled around the back of my head. I became aware of myself separating... my wings grew as a golden being grew right up and out of me. I was suddenly aware of my human aspect, and of my giant golden being aspect.
Around me I could hear armor falling away, while a new golden set of "armor" (there is truly no need for protection as the divine beings of Light that we are) was plating my magnificent winged aspect, including a helm.
The being felt solid. Like gold would be. It was shiny and strong and radiant. I was simultaneously aware of it, and of my human self at the same time. I was not sure exactly the profundity of this moment until later.

After Brenda and I hung up the phone, I started playing. I sent my golden winged aspect to my daughter. It did something with it’s wings which unzipped her and made her expand into a large electric-blue winged being, while my human aspect gave her human aspect the crystal clear Chalice energy to hold. I was like, wow. Lets keep going!!

I worked with another person, then went to the studio where my golden winged one was met by our other sister. We stood and looked at each other for a moment, then the golden winged one wrapped its wings around her and squeezed tight. She exploded into one of the biggest and most beautiful electric winged beings I have ever seen.

I physically went to the shop after that, and consciously took my niece through the process. She got super hot and had to sit down. The winged one that came out of her was not solid like I was. And actually none of the others were solid now that I thought about it. As her and her soul held the Chalice energy, it was bringing in all the loose particles of light that she was, all of her Soul’s aspects, and any dense energies within her being dissolved as she became solid in her Light being.
It was a beautiful process. I found others coming into my awareness and lining up to have their selves unzipped, released, and restructured.

I felt like I had become simply my soul, and my human, and that was it. No previous lives or loose soul aspects. I was whole and complete within my human and my soul. Brenda later confirmed that knowing.

I spent the day in bliss, working in the physical, as well as holding my attention with the golden winged me, which shared that clear pure light with those that came into awareness and then unzipping and watching their higher being solidify. Every person was a little different in appearance and color, most had wings, some did not.

So, this is where I leave you... with an offer to receive this precursory Ascension Activation.
Be in the heart. Connect with this Chalice energy, found within these rings, and just be.
The golden winged one will come in and unzip the human, allowing that higher being to step out and bring in all that you are throughout this great universe.
Again just be with this crystal clear pure light, allowing it to do the doing, while you simply be. You may feel a variety of sensations. Just be aware of where your awareness is, and have fun with this!!

Part 2-The dissolution, or disillusion, of wings…

February 14th, 2021

The fog was still there. The same fog we had been noticing since the beginning of February, and maybe for much much longer. It felt like a soft ceiling that would bump into. And as you came closer to the ceiling, the fog would get thicker. You could not see what was real there. That fog was present and noticeable upon waking in the morning. The past two days I could not step out of it.
Then Brenda called. She had an implant that couldn’t get rid of. It was like a steel plate and a ball, at the top of the head. Whenever she tried to look at it, it would disappear. And it would make her forget that she even saw it. So, she wrote herself a note this last time it came into awareness, to be able to find it again.
We worked on it for some time, at first trying a combination of the old ways of doing, as well as simply holding space with the crystal-clear light energy we have been working with (the Chalice Ring energy). We were running out of ideas. As soon as we started to feel shifts happening, we would be taken out of it. There was no witnessing nor doing with this implant or the space we were in.

Finally, we said we are bigger than this. For a moment I was able to get my higher awareness out of the field we were caught in, but got sucked back in. A couple of times we were getting close, because we were each getting hit hard. The middle of my back, where my etheric wings connected in, still hurt this evening. We kept trying different techniques, in hopes of getting through and out to where we could have a higher perspective of what we were dealing with.
After another attempt of being bigger than all of this, I was able to step out of that space. I could see that I was standing on what looked like a sheet of glass, and all that was below was the darkness, the space we just came out of. Then I saw a giant being shuffling layers of realities, creating that limiting space we were in.
I saw this being, Brenda, and I sitting together, creating a brilliant energetic triangle with us each on a point. I could see the being, and it’s Light, it’s divine spark. I could sense the other two points were Brenda and I. Yet I could not tell which was which. I had to ask Brenda who was fading in and out of the space, but I knew it was me.
The being and Brenda were both solid and on that plane, while I was both on that plane, and in the darkness below.

It took Brenda talking me through to realize what I needed to do. To simply surrender. Surrender to the soul and all of it’s love. Surrender to the Universe. Surrender to all that is. I made statements of surrender, and slowly became more solid in myself, sitting as one of the three points. Yet I was also still in the density, that darker space below.
I felt the longing to stay in density reality, along with the "fun and games" I had experienced through all lifetimes incarnate within this universe of duality. It was a remorseful feeling of having to leave here, yet I knew that I could not stay on that side of the veil.
Brenda and that being were reaching down, giving a hand up.

One last big surrender, and I came through.
My consciousness shifted into this higher awareness. And then I saw it… This being was me!!!

It all felt like that great veil that we step through as we come into this density reality. It totally served a purpose, but it is time to surrender and allow yourself to step through the veil, and out of duality creation.

And then I noticed that I no longer felt my wings. That golden winged being that I spoke of during the last leg of this story, began to dissolve its golden plating, and then it too began to dissolve. My awareness was now in a whole new space. And in the here/now at the same time. I am no longer that golden winged being. My back muscles still hurt. I have walked with wings for the past decade, and it seems they fulfilled their roles. But now I am excited to play in a whole new field of creation.

Oh! There was more that I had to be aware of to get out of that density space. And that had to do with NOT taking all of creation so serious. I have for lifetimes after lifetimes had my nose to the grindstone, creating and doing, all for the sake of the expansion of creation through duality as that engine and driving force of creation. Just as we all have. It has been our very existence as a Soul in this time space universe, being born into and creating through duality.

Now is time for light heartedness and play. That is where creation really comes into reality, in this new paradigm of being- is through light-hearted play. And I know not to take the rest of the world so serious, knowing it is all in beautiful transformations, in its own cadence and rhythm.

So. It’s time to loosen up and play, from the heart, as creators. We are on a beautiful trajectory, the earth and all of humanity and beyond.


Part 3- Transformation of the Ego

February 18th, 2021

Today I felt some uncomfortable effects of the work we have been doing . I woke foggy again. Couldn’t really function. Talking with Brenda, she had a rough time last night, but sat with that Chalice energy to shift it, slept a little, and has been good.

We found that my soul aspect in this life, that soul spark incarnate in the here now, was not integrated in with the new whole and complete me that we had been working on. My current soul spark was very much attached with Ego. We intended to simply integrate this spark like all other soul sparks that make up our wholes. But there was still an entire structure that housed the spark, which was connected with Ego. We cleared and released the structure, and the bigger I Am was able to step more in.

At this point, the ego presented as a dense crown, or band around the head. It is in our belief that the Ego is a necessary component to the human. We don’t want to get rid of the ego, but also see it is time that it harmonizes and relinquishes control. We sat with Ego, my soul spark, and the crystal clear pure light of the Chalice Ring. Slowly the spark let loose of the ego, and I held it and wept. Mourned for it, is what it felt like.

And then I saw it. It was Ego. And it presented as a being. As conscious consciousness. It was the one pouting, holding its head down, and the dense crown that I once wore, in its hand.

We integrated the soul spark. And then we worked with Ego, intending to love it and shift it to a higher vibration. Bringing it into a higher space for the good of the new me. I saw it shift into a higher state. Then it felt like it needed a whole new assignment of doing.

One of the things that slipped into thought was for one of its jobs to bring happiness to my being. This was the same time that Brenda said and I knew that the Soul needed to be the one who “assigned” Ego new tasks.

But yet, I saw Ego dancing around and trying to amuse. Just as Brenda said something about being a light bearer. And I was like, huh, that’s not really what I think of as a Light Bearer, but the meaning of light in this case was actually “not heavy” as Ego had always been, lol.

Anyways, don’t know where this is going, but it is exciting. Have spent the rest of the day mostly quietly internal and rested a few times between nieces b-day party at work, twisting wire and work things, and daughter’s math tutoring. We just now returned from the new Studio Ghibli movie at the theatre in the City.

Been writing this through the day, and have not made time to fully rest and integrate. Looking forward what tomorrow brings, yet feeling the ever increasing need to be quiet and present, as it has also been the theme over the past weeks.

Much love to all the Humans and their process. May all transform with grace and ease and allow the surrender of Ego to serve the highest good for each and every soul. Hopefully as light bearers!