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Ascension Grid


The Ascension Grid is an entirely new concept for us, in expanding beneficial fields.  Here at Twistedsage Studios, we have spent the past decade in clearing up old grid systems that no longer serve the greater good of Earth and humanity, and have helped to create new Earth Grids through the use of Light Anchors.  These techniques are older than Pyramids themselves, and have been used for eons to subserviate humanity.  Now, we are creating something transcendentally beneficial, in the way of grid systems.  One that you do not have to know how to anchor columns of light to assist in expanding beneficial grids.
Triangulation points for known Quantum Grid Points created by the Ascension Pyramid, mini Ascension Pyramid, Sits Pyramid, Ascension Grid Pyramid, and Quantum Grid Points.
Connect the lines to see the area of the Ascension Grid. 
Between two grid points, you will find a wall of fiery golden light. This is an Ascension Grid line, which carries the same energy as the Ascension Pyramids. Anywhere this grid line exists, the Ascension Pyramid energy can be found there. Areas within these grid lines, will have a more subtle, yet still very powerful, field.

All map points are approximate, for the privacy of our customers who receive these tools.

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