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Wisdom Wand
Wisdom Wand
Wisdom Wand
Wisdom Wand
Wisdom Wand
Wisdom Wand
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Wisdom Wand

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Wisdom Wand Special Offer (Full-sized)
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mini Wisdom Wand on Clearance!!

Distilling the Light and Information of lifetimes,
turning life experience into Soul Wisdom,
allowing the return of who You are
into the here now moment.

And that is simply the beginning...

Where you go from there is only limited by your imagination
and the following of the Soul's heart's desire.

Wisdom Wand Update!  All full-sized Wisdom Wands created at the Studio since July 13th, 2023 will carry the newest fields!  Those who purchased their Wands before this date, have the opportunity to update Wands with the newest energetics. The two new fields that we are working with is the Nothing Space and Highest Potentials. Current Wand holders can bring their wands into this meditation, and anchor in these new fields into their full-sized, mini, and Pendant Wisdom Wands.

This will be a deep guided meditation and attunement, yet simple and easy! Anyone can do this exercise. It is simply heart-space allowing of the energetic update. https://youtube.com/live/urxqnGjCceg? is the YouTube link.

Utilizing the Wisdom Tools

With the Wisdom line of tools, to use them is to simply be in the Heart Space and place your awareness onto what it is you are working on.  It can be something physical such as an ache or a pain, emotional such as an emotional reaction, a reoccurring thought or fear, or any situation in your life. 

This tool works when you are present and in the Heart Space.  Once there, simply hold the Wand (doesn't matter how or which hand or anything, keep it simple) and place your attention onto what it is you are working with.  Being in the Heart is the key. While you are in the Heart Space, you release any desired outcomes as well as surrendering your control of how what and when.

To access the Heart and learn how to go into that zeropoint center space of you, please watch this excerpt from 50 Questions Friday: https://youtu.be/Tq7EwyvOScU?t=3202

Brian says that he has not meant a single thing that he worked on with the Wand in this way, that he did not feel a shift in.  Either the thing being worked on shifted, or his perception/reaction to the thing shifted. 

If you are more into the "doing" aspect with the Wand,
then using it as a wand is powerful as well!!

NEW!  Wisdom Wand Video Webinar!


Wanding is an action, it is something you do.

It is as simple as pointing the Wand at what you wish to work with, and making a circular or figure-eight pattern with the tip of the wand.  Brian feels making small, fast, clockwise circles works best for him.  Please use in the fashion you feel most comfortable with. 

Try Wanding your left palm, or anywhere on your body to see if you can feel the energy pulse as you do.  You do not have to feel the energy for it to be working.  If you do feel the energy, next, try imagining that you are Wanding another part of your body.  Such as your big toe.  Just point the Wand out in front of you, make your circular motions with the tip of the Wand, while imagining your big toe right there.  Do this for a few moments, and see if you can feel the energy flowing into the body part you are imagining.  That is distance work with the Wand!!  Your imagination is the limit in sending energy!!

When working with others, you are simply holding space for whatever clearing, releasing, healing that their soul wishes.  It all happens in an instant.  Again, be in the Heart Space, without an intended outcome nor judgement of where anyone is at.  Know that all is perfect in their path, but that you can hold space for them to choose other options!

Again, using the Wisdom field is the simplest and most transformational way to use these energies.  It is also the simplest, in that it takes only your awareness while in the Heart to create permanent shifts.

More Uses and Light Anchoring

You can instantly restructure water with this Wand!!! 
Simply use the Wand as described above to send energy into water.  You can ask that the water carry all of the most beneficial energies you may need.  We do the same with the Water Rings, in that we ask the water to carry the frequencies and properties of whatever plant, crystal, or mineral (or any beneficial energies that we may need) within the water for us to ingest or bathe in. 

And yes, the Wisdom Wand is an excellent tool to carry on the body for EMF remediation! 

You may find that the Wand never leaves your side once you have one!  Most of us even sleep with our Wands.

You can use the Wand to send energy to plants, people, situations... the imagination is the limit, and you can never do harm with the Wand!!  Either the energy will shift the intended thing, or it will shift your relationship to it!  In a good way, of course, as it is your Soul that is in charge of all that occurs with any of the Twistedsage Tools!

The Wand is 6-3/4" in length (17 cm), made of a medium gauged copper wire wrapped around brass.  It has some weight to it, so not suitable as a pendant, for most.  Many carry it in a front pants pockets, while others carry them on a wrist lanyard.

Video on Light Anchoring!

Using the Wisdom Wand to create a Light Column is a very powerful way to create sacred space which holds the Wisdom energetics.  And you can do it from a distance, or simply put a Light Column anywhere you go!  Into water, cell towers, hospitals, schools, etc etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Received my wand last week, I could feel the energy coming through the package, I got a sense of "Giddyness" when I put it on, laughing way more.. I feel myself ascending steadily..I feel "Safe".

Luzlee R.

I love my Wisdom Wand so much, so does my friend, i actually learned about this tools from her. I purchased a Wisdom Wand for her and my daughter. I'm definitely reviewing 50 questions on friday on YouTube and learning more about my wand and how to use it., as well as other tools I purchased. I'm having more vivid dreams. I'm also experiencing physical healing, as well as other really positive experiences. Thank you Brian so much for creating these tools I am very grateful to be using them🙏🏼💚😇

Susan E.
Wisdom Wand Seems to Amplify Intention

I have been using the wisdom wand for creating columns of light and sending healing intentions. There is an energetically charged torsion field or toroidal motion with texture. I try and imagine the size of the columns of light and intend for them to have beneficial effects on folks in the area.

Melvin C.
Wisdom wand strikes back!

So I have had my wand for a few months now and usually carry it in my bag when I go to work . And I do heavy lifting , I work at Ford..so . Anyway this particular night my ankle was killing me( a post surgery side effect on my right leg) . I thought let me put the Wisdom wand to the test... Why my ankle COMPLETELY stop hurting!!!!??? That doggone Wisdom did it again , completely defying any logic! These tools are the Real deal!!!! Nuff said.

Melvin C.
The Wisdom wand is a BEAST!

Of Course I felt the energy all day before it arrived. So it's only been day 2 since I've had it ,but since day 1 I have been surrounded by a sort of Safe space type energy. And in the presence of the Devine I am ring brings about an almost" Regal " energy .I realize that this combo may produce a whole other energy in another , but in my case....regal energy. So on to the wand that stomps the ground ,combined a the alchemist set with a 3" Wisdom
ring and A RAMU infinity, With the intent to shift the energy of the Ramu into a more complex energy. I dropped into the S.S.O.T.H. and intended for the the shift to bring in all that is in my highest and best , and also intended for any templates related to the higher aspects of Ramu come through and It Shifted the Ramu Cubit to a light column that lifted my vibration and kept me in my own Zone .like I had a white bubble around me. Yes sir this wand defies description because It causes change instantly and permanently. The Wisdom wand Is a beast that stomps the ground .It seems it can do anything!