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Horse Harmonizer Ring
Horse Harmonizer Tensor Ring

Horse Harmonizer Tensor Ring

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...releasing trauma.

The Horse Harmonizer Tensor Ring takes the emotional charge out of traumatic memories, by simply placing the ring over the horse's neck for a few minutes.

The 26" diameter Horse Harmonizer Tensor Ring is made of a medium gauge copper.

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Simply place the Horse Harmonizer Ring around the head of your horse, so that the Ring rests up near the heart.  It only takes a few minutes to shift the horse's energy.

As horses have the largest heart chakra of all animals, the energetics of the Ring can easily clear and release traumas.

We have friends that do professional horse rescue, and see horses coming in with a "spikey" energy signature, and once they use the Horse Harmonizer Ring, the horse's energy smooths out, and stays that way!

We see it as releasing the emotional charge of memories.  The same can occur when a person uses the Ring (though humans are much more complicated than horses, especially when allowing the release of all their junk which no longer serves them). 

The energetic signature of this particular Ring is of the Divine I Am line of energetic tools from Twistedsage, and horses and animals (and plants and water and people) respond very well to this particular energy.

The Horse Harmonizer Ring is a sturdy ring, yet can be bent out of shape fairly easy.  This is perfectly fine, and does not have to stay a perfect circle.  It will be creating a working field, no matter what the actual shape of the Ring is.

Customer Reviews

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Horses & Humans

A client from out of state called requesting distance healing on an extremely bad-tempered horse. I started the session off with the Horse Harmonizer. Within six minutes the client told me the horse's attitude, breathing and even his ears softened. I also tried the Harmonizer on a client who travels 45 minutes through horrendous traffic to get to me and arrives all wound up. Within four minutes her whole system relaxed! She now loves to start all sessions off with the Harmonizer.
Christine Ford

john a.
Works perfectly

Their products are incredible. The workmanship is excellent and they work as promised. Love these guys for what they do.


The Horse Harmonizer Tensor Ring is amazing. The energy is very palpable. The horses respond quickly, dropping their head, closing their eyes and sighing. You can watch the physical change. I would suggest using a (human) hair clip to hold it in place - just clip it to the mane. It helps, especially on smaller horses. Have noticed that if the ring is laying on a flat surface, a cat will find it and curl up inside. They are very drawn to it. I’ve really enjoyed having it on the bed at night - sleep seems deeper and more peaceful. Don’t hesitate to buy this ring - for your horse, your pet, or yourself! It is absolutely fantastic!!

Lisa R.
Horse harmonizer

This tool is great for transformation in horses and dogs. My dogo had a phobia of thunderstorms and loud sounds. With three treatments she was sleeping through a storm. I'm glad I could add in her comfort for her senior years and to conquer this phobia. I have also seen transformation in horses that where disconnected from people. I'm looking forward to offering this life changing service to other animals, to help them live balanced and come to peace with the past trauma they have suffered.