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Alchemist Halo
Alchemist Halo
Alchemist Halo
Alchemist Halo

Alchemist Halo

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The Alchemist Halo is an interwoven set of Practitioner-sized Rings, into a single, versatile and powerful geometry! The Alchemist Rings have been updated to the newest, higher-consciousness connecting trio of energies here at Twistedsage Studios.  Each of the 22" Rings carry a different energetic of the Creation Field.  One is the Highest Potentials, another the NoThing Space, and lastly the Grounding Ring.  This trio brings a lot of peace, as well as deep transformations!  Plus still carries the energetics of the original Alchemist Set of Rings!

This beautiful set of Rings can take on three basic forms.

The three interwoven 22" Rings can expand into the sacred-geometry vesica-pisces trio of the Triquetra, a pre-Celtic sacred symbol.This powerful shape is nearly 3-1/2 feet across!

The Rings are compact and versatile, being only 22 inches in diameter, yet still large enough to encompass plus sized bodies!

It is like a magnified Wisdom Ring, Highest Potentials, NoThing Space, and Grounding Ring when the trio is collapsed and flat.

One of our favorite geometries of the Halo is its three-dimensional spherical form.

It can stand freely and radiate into the environment, covering the size of a large home!

Distilling the Light and Information of all lifetimes into the here and now for you.

As lifetimes are cleared, harmonized, and integrated, you are closer to being simply your soul and the you in this here now moment.   Aligned as a powerful divine creator, bringing into creation something more, something new, and something totally you.

A great way to utilize the larger Rings, is to spend as much time as possible within the Rings. The expanded trio could be placed under your chair or bed, or hung at the head of the bed so you are sleeping within the column of Light created by the Rings.  A powerful way to utilize the Rings is in meditation.

Preview the original Alchemist Halo from a past 50 Questions Friday!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gloria A.

We have your product in our studio...working within the three circles...shaping the rings...adding the twist of simplicity...ahhh...nothing but Love...

Just WOW!

Am sitting in them while writing this review, and lacking words to adequately describe the awesome energy... When I saw them in the webinar and they clearly wanted to move into this small flat, it somehow became possible and they arrived this morning! As Brian said, spending as much time in them, while meditating, is what is happening, they make me feel as if one is in a huge bubble of sacred light, grounded, in one's happy zone. Very fun to play with and quite a centerpiece for this small apartment, gives my mind ease while abroad as if I am home in the States, which spiritually, we always already are Home in our sacred heart anyways, but while here, that zero point energy where one is the/at joyful peace wherever and whatever. Will try sleep with them as a previous reviewer showed and suggested and report back! Thanks a ton, dear TS team, awesome craftsmanship and such loving, caring energy in how they were made. Highly recommend! 😍

Bloss T.
Release, Sleep in peace!

The alchemist halo has helped me release one of the most stubborn lower entities that was infringing my thought form my energies and my healing transmissions. I slept so
peacefully after receiving this alchemist halo.

Wowzers…. Like…. Really WOWZERS!!

To start, I’m a big fan of twisted sage. Their tools have helped me with my personal and professional spiritual practice tremendously. I had an open mind with this, just wanted to feel what it was capable of. I initially placed it partly against my headboard partly flat on my bed and covered with pillows. It’s large so never felt it when I shifted in bed. My dreams were not disturbed. Which was one of the goals for getting it. Also used it in the same position when I meditated. The energy form it is palpable and consistent. I set it up in a sphere in my living room. Then put my crystal collection to use inside it. 💥 ⚡️. With each change of the stones emitted a new energy. I was told when it’s standing up can amplify its energy encompassing a block radius. So, I sent love to all my neighbors. Will be taking this with me when I travel. Thanks twisted sage for making amazing tools.

Diane B.
Giving my house an energy boost

I love all the items I have from Twistedsage Studio. My newest is the Alchemist Halo and at first , I put it in the small room I tend to meditate in. I then felt it was important to move it to my living room which is more the center of my house. My pups also spend a lot of time in this room, so I want them to feel the highest benefits from the Alchemist Halo as well.