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44 Inch Chamber Ring
44 Inch Chamber Ring
44 Inch Chamber Ring

44 Inch Chamber Ring

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This is our largest Ring available! 
The 44" wide Tensor Ring is used in many of our Ascension Chambers.

Easily shipped!
** see shipping agreement below

Chamber Ring Energetics

It is a space of nothingness, once you can allow yourself to be in that space.  The mind goes blank, the space is a most peaceful space, yet filled with near limitless potentials of creation.  This high and connected space allows the human to step aside while your consciousness, or Light, comes in to re-pattern the energy of your creation.  This could simply be the releasing of stuck energy, shifting life situations, clearing nonbeneficial patterns, etc etc.

Chamber Ring Uses-

The first thing you may want to do with these giant Tensor Rings, is to live in them!
Having one at the foot and one at the head of the bed, along with a Torus to help with the flow in the field.  Any size of Torus within the 44" Ring will open the field, while the 25" Sun-Disc offers the most potent experience.  Brian uses the Alchemist Torus in his setup.

 This stack of 44" Rings is going to an orchard to be used around their trees.

Perfect size to house beehives in (increases honey production, helps prevent colony collapse, and beneficial for overwintering).

Some use these Rings to store or charge products before they are shipped to customers.


Rings can be used on the ground, ceiling, or wall.  Your imagination is the limit.  The material used to hold the Rings in place, does not effect the energetics of the Ring.


Shipping and Handling

Shipping within the US is approximately $150.  International can be close to $250.
Total shipping cost is not included at checkout. 
You will receive an emailed invoice for the remaining shipping before the Rings are mailed.

The shipping cost does not differ much between one or seven rings.  You can never have too many of these beautiful, giant, Rings in your space!

** Shipping Agreement

Upon purchase of the 44" Chamber Ring(s), you will be charged for only partial shipping.  You agree to receive and pay the email invoice to cover the remaining shipping cost.
Our apologies for the process.  The website currently is unable to calculate shipping and handling for this size of package.

Package Options

One- Rings come in singles, which are versatile to use anywhere. 
Two- A pair of Rings held a few feet apart and pointing at each other, will create a third field between the Rings.  This is the "tube" of energy, like what the healing chambers are.
Three- A trio of Rings simply adds "more" to the field. 
Every Ring added, will create approximately a 23% increase in potency.  Potency could be described as how tangible the field can be felt on the physical.
Five and Seven Rings are also available shipping options.  Again, the shipping cost is nearly the same for each of the above package options!

This is one of our lay-down chambers we created for the Tesla Tech Convention in 2017.

The original Chamber was a 12-Ring chamber, and so 3rd generation of Chambers also features 12 Rings. 

The Rings were tied in two places with parachute cord, which was then draped over a long rod which suspended all of the Rings.  The original Chamber and on, we tried to use the spacing of 8.3" between Rings, as this is the sine-wave of the hydrogen atom.  It is simply another layer. 

You can make a super extravagant Chamber, but really two Rings and a Torus is absolutely beautiful!

Ascension Chamber 5.0-

Our newest Ascension Chamber 5.0 uses three Rings at the head, three Rings at the feet, and a 25" Torus at each end.
It was originally placed at either end of a massage table.  We plan to create an updated version which will use another 6 Rings to surround the body, as you are suspended on a massage table.

The 25" Sun-Disc can be found here.  It is a super powerful and amazing Torus, which when it is in a home and spinning on disco ball spinner, it appears to brighten every physical cell of the home and occupants.

The traditional Ascension Chambers used a Flower of Life at the feet and a Torus at the head.   We are finding that using a Torus at the head and the foot provides a more physically tangible energetic space.  Again, the Alchemist Torus is a great option, when the budget says no to the 25" Torus!

The larger Rings are shipped the same as our Practitioner Rings.  We sandwich each Ring between two sheets of heavy duty 48 inch cardboard sheets, and lots of tape!

Customer Reviews

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These rings are amazing! I will have to share more soon as to how they get used so far they ask to moved around the house and center, as well as have placed them around chairs to sit in… and they feel incredible, as you can feel perfected field within the ring.

Elasa T.
Love these scalar generators!

I absolutely love these 44 tensor rings we are figuring out how we will set them them up but so far they have loved moving around the center m finding their way.