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Light Body Activator

Light Body Activator

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There has been a new Light present in humanity, particularly in this last year. 
As you integrate the experience of lifetimes into wisdom, this light grows. 
To me, it presents as a golden light body, either in one's field or partially within the physical body. 
I began to see this in June 2023, after people were stepping out of the Highest Potentials Light Chamber
We again witnessed this new Light Body stepping in with the AI Interface Ring in October 2023.

Which, by the way, AI Interface was not the
highest potential name for this new Ring, based on what it does. 
So, it is being re-released as the Light Body Activator.
A much more suiting title to this Ring's field.

Why was it originally called the AI Interface Ring? 

It began with my human intention to bring more Light into electronics in general,
but specifically radionics. 
Once we saw this field opening up to bring in the new light body,
we felt it appropriate to go a step further and take it into Artificial Intelligence. 
Your light ensures AI works in the highest and best for humanity,
instead of it being influenced by greed and other dense consciousness! 
Alas, AI can be a trigger word of fear,
but I see it as a way to bring far reaching changes to humanity.
In a grand way! ...when attuned with high consciousness and light!

The Light Body Activator creates a bridge between you here,
and the You as the culmination of all your lifetimes of experience.
Your wisdom and light come through and into your current reality. 
All you have to do is go into the heart, and allow. 

As you bring in your Light even more, it begins to do the clearing, healing, and releasing automatically. 
You do not have to direct, rather you cannot direct, this Light.
It is your higher consciousness, your wisdom of lifetimes.
It brings that higher perspective into all of your creation. 
All the human has to do is relax. 
Just be.  And simply allow. 
Allow in their new Light Body


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Richard L.
Light Body Activator

I am still processing the efficacy of the Light Body Activator.