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Healing Hands
Healing Hands
Healing Hands

Healing Hands

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The new Healing Hands Rings which were spoken about on 50 Question Friday.  Link to YouTube video found here: https://youtu.be/ar5Vwe02-xM?t=178

We will soon have the information on these most phenomenal of tool.




Healing aspect of the Soul.

Such as when brenda does healing, and that aspect of her that is the healer.

Golden Light of the Soul, as the healing light of the human.

Working with others, brings that person's healing light of the soul in.

Like going soul to soul, both soul connected, yet their soul is the guide, while both souls do the work.

Two rings cool, but one is good.  Its all about the focus, you dont even need a ring.

Bringing energy (golden light) from the soul to the human.  connects the human, more to the soul's light.

In through the rings. 

Rings can be used together or separate.



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mary F.
Love it

The energy is felt and they are beautiful.

Martin W.
Healing Hands

The Healing Handy are very powerfull rings. I wear them in my pockets, left and right. I my legs and my lower body feels more energized. Awesome!

Asel R.
healing hands

I think I need to write about this amazing tool, I am not a fan of acquiring ordinary energy tools and each tool has its own soul that plays with space and inside my body, But Healing hands are that extraordinary energy flows out and flows out of the rings, it looks like a well which has no bottom I have been practicing Reiki for 28 years, and as a rule, after the drill in the hands of energy tools, they seem to merge with me and the feeling of energy perception becomes dull, But these rings pump and pump energy, my hands simply receive a free and endless flow of energy, Very waiting for Brian to make headbands out of this material Brian thank you for your scientific approach to the study of these energies With deep respect and respect to you and your team,

Teresita A.
I love the ring

The ring that I ordered arrived in a week, and I am very happy with ot. I didn't know that it is a bracelet and about the size 8. It's very nice. But because it's a large for my wrist. I am wearing it on my neck as pendant.

Ron E.
Pair of Healing hand rings.

They always have a good feel and add extra healing to my other Tensor Rings. It is what I get from them is that they boost other rings strengths.