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Harmonizer Ring under Laptop Computer
Laptop Tensor Ring

Laptop Tensor Ring

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Intended for use under a Laptop computer, the 9-1/2" Harmonizer Tensor Ring is possibly one of the most versatile frequency of Tensor tools, and seems to work the best for harmonizing harmful EMFs.  It is powerful in restructuring electromagnetic fields, as well as any other dense energies.  It is like a super charged Tensor Ring, with a higher frequency and ability to work in the physical realm more tangibly, while also offering that higher consciousness support as a part of the Alchemist Trio of Tensor Rings.
This is the largest Tensor Ring in the Home Alchemist Set of Tensor Rings.

The Harmonizer Ring is certainly not limited to working with EMFs. 

With water, I see it bringing beneficial energies and codes through the water for people, plants, and the environment.

For personal use, it works with the physical, as well as the higher aspects and energy bodies of the human.

How to create the Harmonizer Collar Ring video tutorial!

This versatile 9-1/2" Ring is of a medium gauge. 
It is a heavier gauge than the Water Rings, yet light, sturdy, and portable.

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The Harmonizer Ring was created on 3/17/2021, and we have not had the opportunity to receive feedback, nor extensively work with it yet, though we were so excited about this new Ring, that we could not wait to get it out there!

The Harmonizer Ring carries with it the energy of the Chalice Ring, as well as all the higher aspects of the Golden Fire Rings.  It is the Golden Fire that works so well in restructuring electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  Together, this diverse Ring clears as well as shifts dense energy.  This includes EMFs, dense consciousness, ghosts/waywards, geopathic and geomagnetic, and all other physical based nonbeneficial energy fields.

The Harmonizer Ring works in the dense EMF and physical planes, while bridging into that higher Divine I Am space.  It exists at the ceiling of the physical electromagnetic world we reside in, like a bridge.  It is both of this world and of the world of that clear pure Chalice energy.

Out of the Ring expands a pyramid structure, with a sphere on top.  It is a golden/copper colored pyramid that creates a flow around it, like a torus, with a column of light extending through it.

There also exists a pyramid structure identical to the first, but is more etheric.  It is a white/blue structure and field, which reminds me of the Divine I Am Activator Pendant field, which were both created on the same day.

Like all pyramid tools created at Twistedsage Studios, this pyramid can energetically expand to the size of the home, or it can shrink down and be nonexistent.  Depending on its need, and/or your intent. 

When the Harmonizer Tensor Ring was created, it was created with the intent of being used as a Laptop Tensor Ring, to be placed under a Laptop to harmonize the energetics, as well as bring through higher vibration communications through the computer (like with the Gateway Tab).  New tools usually take on a life of their own, and become more than what the original intent was.  This Ring is no exception, as it carries more than simply the ability to harmonize electromagnetic fields. 

We look forward to hearing the testimonials on this one! 
This could be the new staple in energy remediation!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Powerful energy!

I ordered the 2 " Harmonizer ring by mistake, but alas, there aren't any beyond duality. I haven't tried it under the laptop yet but will and update--it cleanses crystals beautifully and also amplifies them. Today, I felt guided to wear it around the Infinite Light pendant, and it seems to amplify the heart-based energy in a soothing and beautiful way! Thanks a bunch, dear Twisted Sage team! It really feels like a staple for everyOne with being so versatile, and the 9 1/2 one will be next! 💖

Elaine R.

This is a powerful ring. I use it for clearing jewelry and crystals. I also use it to balance chakras as you can turn the ring to adjust to the appropriate frequency. It is a great amplifier and equalizer.
There is much more to discover with this ring. Highly Recommend!

Martin W.
Harmonizer Ring, Laptop Ring

It's a srong and heavy duty ring. I wear the Ring all the time arround my neck. I feel energized and my pain in my right ancle is gone. A great Tool , fantastic!

Renard W.
Game Changer

I have used the Harmonizer ring on my pyramid and on my person and Wow! I literally use it everyday as it makes me feel balanced and charged.

Most effective ring I've purchased from TS

Thank you TS team. This 9.5 in Harmonizer ring is the most effective and physically felt ring I have purchased from you (although all the other tools are still very effective and felt!). I was really enjoying working with it until my Berkey water filter said, see if if fits around me! Of course it did and now I have a supercharged drinking water, with a silver water ring at the bottom of it and a GF ring sitting on top, yippy! So here I am today purchasing another Harmonzer ring so I can play with it!