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Prototype Generators
Prototype Generators
Prototype Generators
Prototype Generators
Prototype Generators

Prototype Generators

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Two new energetics,
two new Generators


Highest Potentials

As you choose the highest potential of creation in each moment, the highest potential changes. 
Your highest potential will change, because you changed. 

This can lead to great and exponential change throughout all of your creation.


The HP mini Generator carries this field of Highest Potentials.


Nothingness Space.   A space of No-thing-ness.

Please refer to these directions before connecting with the Nothing Space.

Before stepping into it:  Deep breath.  Let go of intentions.  Hold the sphere.  Just allow.

Space of No-thing.  And in that space is Everything.

Must be in the heart center, as need to connect into Soul light fully.


The Fidget Generator and the No Space Generator Pendant carry this field of No-thing Space.

HP mini Generator

Illuminating Highest Potentials (HP)

The 1-1/2" flattened wire Tensor Field Generator is meant to stay spherical, and not collapsed.  It is fairly sturdy Generator that can be carried in your bag, but not sturdy enough to withstand stepping or sitting on.


Fidget Generator

The 1-1/2" Fidget Generator can be collapsed, as shown, and can still stand up in a spherical shape. It can be opened into a ball, and then collapsed again, like the Generator Bracelets.  It fits over any finger or thumb, can be carried in the pocket without worry of breaking, and makes a great fidget toy.  Oh, and did we mention it holds just as powerful of a field as our newest Ascension Chamber!?!


No Space Generator Pendant

Fidget Generator and Generator Pendant are exactly the same energetic and construction.  

The Fidget Generator can move and open fully into a sphere, while the Generator Pendant is hammered and shaped for a slimmer profile to be wore as a pendant.  And can still be partially expanded.  Comes with our signature adjustable leather lanyard.

We were considering not releasing this as a pendant, as it can be a rather intense experience to slip into that Nothing Space whenever one's awareness is on the pendant.  I actually wanted to call it the "not for the faint of heart" pendant at first.  Then I slept on it, literally, and decided the next day that we must push these like wildfire.  They are next level with embodying your light.  You thought I was excited about the Wisdom Wand...?  This Nothing Space is like... beyond quantum exciting!  It is the new energetic we were just now able to anchor into the tools. -June 2023

The field of influence of the HP mini Generator is about the size of a house, while the No Space and Fidget create a very personal-sized field.


 More information, concepts, notes from tool readings thus far

It is from this space of nothingness that you allow your Highest Potentials to be realized.

The HP also contains the Nothing Space within its potentials.  You need only access it!

The space of nothing is just that.  A nothingness space.  Nothing but your energy and your light.  As you allow the human to step aside, your light begins to repattern energy differently. 

Everything is energy.  Thoughts, aches and pains, life situations, are all energy in creation.  Human conscious shines on your energy to create what you are experiencing. 

*In the nothingness space, you may feel your mind go blank, and this is when the human steps aside.  Your true light, your higher consciousness (not your human consciousness), shines it's light onto this vast ocean of energy and potentials, illuminating your highest potentials in every moment of creation.  Yet it will always be up to the human alone, to choose and allow any and all potentials into experience.

I have found that if you are not in the heart space and allowing, it can be rather intense.  Simply take a breath and allow! 

**The HP mini Generator will carry the energetics and properties of all the Tensor Field Generators.  And this does not scratch the surface of available potentials held within this field.  It is your own soul's potentials, which are being accessed here. 
The field of Higher Potentials is determined by your level of consciousness, and is only limited by what you choose to experience.  The HP mini Generator will still "protect" from EMF and other Energies that do not belong to you. 

Highest Potentials (as an energetic) is a reflection of that space of Nothing realized, yet Everything in potential.  Your light illuminates the highest potentials, which exist in that nothing space.  Those potentials are illuminated for the human to more easily choose those potentials over the ones they are carrying. 

The 1-1/2" Highest Potentials (HP) mini Generator broadcasts these highest potentials into the field.  It is like your personal light house, illuminating your highest potentials in every moment of creation. 

The Fidget Generator and the No Space Generator Pendant both hold the nothingness space.  And these two Generators hold it just as tangibly as the newest Ascension Chamber holds that space. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Great craftsmanship I highly recommend it so long as you have yourself a 12 or 23 inch grounding ring to go with it. This nothing space is profound and really can make you feel ungrounded. To be used with a grounded ring in my opinion and then the full benefit of the nothing space can be utilized to its fullest.

Rebecca R.
HP Generator

Felt the great energy as I was unpacking it!
I’ve been carrying it with me from home to work and everywhere in between! The field it radiates is wonderful
So happy!!! I love all of my Twisted Sage products!
They make a huge difference in my life as I am a Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner it really is very beneficial to keep my energy taken care of!
I recommend you let the products choose you !!! 🤗💚✨

Nancy S.C.
Prototype generator

Love my new prototype generator! I feel protected, i tried wearing it to bed 2x’s and had to take it off, so i hang it on my lamp next to me when sleeping. No problem wearing it during the day!

Bonnie W.

love it

"What...? That was nothing."

Haha, no; that was Nothing SPACE, and inspired!

Endless self-monitoring aside, it's been truly humbling and astonishing watching both the HP and Nothing Space in action via another who's content just "dozing". Simply witnessing another take momentous first steps towards substantial soul evo with Insane amounts of Grace, Ease, and Alacrity is jaw-dropping, but more so when there's zero personal realization of the very "out of character" catalyst, in situ. (If you're in the AoE, it can be easy to miss!)

The Nothing Space is exceedingly familiar space if Zen is your thing, i.e., No Mind/Mushin, and a similar/parallel frame of mind--sans action in this case--is Flow. All of this Flows together in the best possible way; even faster than anticipated when you can get a boost from the newly anchored energetics. Will need far more experimentation to nail down, but the HP Mini Gen could be a stealth advantage for improv.... seriously, never boring!

Thank you Brian and the TS team for anchoring awesome into this petite amazeball!