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Heka Clasp Bracelet
Regeneration Heka Clasp Copper
Golden Fire Heka Clasp Copper
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet

Heka Clasp Bracelet

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Golden Fire in Silver and Copper. 
Chalice in .999 fine silver!


The energetics of the Heka Clasp elevates the frequency and vibration of our physical and energetic bodies, and even energy fields beyond, anchoring in more Peace, more Light, and more Love, creating space for transformative shifts to occur.

Available in three energetic frequencies to serve you on your path. Handcrafted in copper or silver, which make a beautiful combination when worn together.
Note: the Golden Fire energy is equally powerful in both metals. 

Golden Fire: Supports the wearer with heart healing, clearing, activating, and connecting.
Fits wrist sizes 5”- 8” 
Available in copper or sterling silver

Chalice: Assists the wearer with releasing old thought and behavior patterns, limiting beliefs, and false story-lines to align with energy that creates a heart-desired reality. 
Fits wrist sizes 6" & up
Slightly heavier gauged .999 fine silver

My daughter is 12, and she wears the Chalice Heka Clasp 24/7.  It is the only tool that I can keep on her person (besides a cell phone tab).  Her wrist size was smaller than 6" when she first started wearing it.

Wisdom:  Made in the latest energetics, this heavier gauged and stiffer copper clasp carries a deeply grounding energy, and a more discernible connection with your Higher Creator Self.
Fits wrist sizes 6" & up
Slightly heavier gauged copper

All Jewelry created here at Twistedsage Studios carry beneficial energy fields that reduce or eliminate the effects of EMF radiation, restructure water, and expand the heart and mind to higher states of consciousness.

More Information

Egyptian literature cites Heka as the personification of magic and medicine; existing before duality began. Others say Heka translates to Activating the Soul.

This style of closed-loop ring is just as potent and powerful as wearing a full-sized ring of the same frequency around the wrist.  Having either of the frequencies on your wrist will shift the frequency and vibration of your wrists, hands, fingers, as well as your entire body, bodies, and energy fields beyond those. 

I see the Golden Fire as bringing through all the healing, clearing, activating, and connecting.  While I feel the Regeneration takes us even higher, to where none of that is even a reality.  I prefer the Regeneration over the Golden Fire, as that is simply my point on my path.  Please do feel into each one, as the energetics does come through the photo. 

Customer Reviews

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Satisfied C.
Golden Fire

I received The two golden fire clasps today. I am wearing one on each wrist and for my left wrist, I just added my silver chalice clasp. I love them!!!

Elizabeth W.
Helped ease elbow pain

In the few months that I have been wearing my clasp, the pain in my elbow has decreased to a manageable elbow. I even miss it when I have remove it for various reasons

Marta S.
Great product

Good quality, good fit for my small wrist and looks nice. I hope it works great too, but it’s hard to tell. I wear it 24/7.

Paige M.H.

The beauty of this bracelet is outstanding
I have had many people compliment me on it.

Heka Clasp Bracelet (Wisdom, Copper)

Love it. Just had to have it for pain and agility in my wrist while dowsing. I dowse very heavily now at times as I use Brian's dowsing rod for comms with many etheric beings, including the biggest, most beloved one of all :) Helps me maintain hours of conversation without random jerks from pain. Helpful while being introduced to inner Earth lords and kings, where etiquette is important. I roll with this one on my right wrist, Chalice silver on my left and a Divine I Am on each ankle (limited run experimental), 24-7. Am in the heart of a spiritual war for this planet and these devices help greatly. Remember that while you cannot modify Brian's programming, you can add to them. Like say Alexa, you can ask Source, or your guide to add programs to your rings. You can create an invocation to say, at every sunrise, do some etheric good thing. Peace, love, and light to you all. Dont be neutral. I just asked Source yesterday and He straight up said there is no middle ground. If you are not with Source.....you can figure the rest out. 01-25-23 0435 UTC