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 Wisdom Rings for Plant Vitality Experiment

We are offering 15% off of the 3 and 3-1/2 inch Wisdom Rings, plus free tools/discounts after the plant comparison study is complete!
Details below!

Using a 3 or 3-1/2 inch Wisdom Ring to do side by side comparisons of plant growth and vitality:

This can be with seed germination, plant propagation and root growth, general growth and vitality, seed production, flower comparison, and/or fruit size, taste, and essence.

We are requesting photo and written documentation of both the "control" group, and the "treatment" group.  

The treated plant would utilize the Wisdom Tensor Ring, while the control group would not have a Tensor Ring.  Both plants or groups of plants would otherwise have the exact same conditions such as sunlight, temperature, water, soil, etc.

The Wisdom Ring should be placed on the soil, and around the seedling or plant.  The Ring can also be placed under the germination mat, or even around a jar for simple house plant cutting comparisons.  Use your imagination and experiment!

After the plant has reached maturity, or fruition, please email your photos and documents to info@twistedsage.com.  Once the findings are published here, we will send an offering of free tools or discounts in exchange for your time!

**All submissions will be treated as product reviews, and your identity will remain confidential.  By submitting your photos and documentation, you agree to allow Twistedsage Studios to publish the findings.

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*Sale will expire May 1st, or until supplies run out!
We intend the discounted Rings are used for plant experimentation. 
There is no energetic difference between the 3 and 3-1/2 inch Wisdom Rings (the sizes were originally intended to be used as bangles for various sized hands).

While any Tensor Ring will have positive effects on seeds and plants, the Wisdom Ring energetics is doing more for the plant and the soil than any other Tensor Rings available.

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