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Wings of Tok Pendant
Wings of Tok Pendant
Wings of Tok Pendant
Wings of Tok Pendant
Wings of Tok Pendant

Wings of Tok Pendant

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Shifting Creation through Divine Wisdom

A profound connection to all that you are, as a Soul, is created with this new tool.  But is your choice to fully access it, or not.  If you do not consciously access it, things still occur.  Healing, clearing, connecting with your higher self.  All is automatic.
But if you choose, there is an entire new world waiting for you to access.  It is a world of magic and miracles, all aligned with you, in the highest and best!

The Pendant contains the energetics of the Wisdom Rings.  The field of the Wisdom Ring ignites, grounds, and expands you in the flow of the Divine You, standing strong and vibrant, as all that no longer serves falls away with ease, allowing one to fully step into their magnificence as an embodied Light Being.

It is a tool to help complete the release work.  More release, more peace.  Peace beyond here.  Releasing old ways of being and bringing forward the NEW.

The 1-1/2" diameter Ring is crafted from solid copper, in a medium-weight 10 gauge wire.  The starburst design is made from two different lengths of steel rod.  The entire unit is electroplated with copper.  Through years of wear, the copper plating may show signs of scuffing, which does not affect the energetics.  You are welcomed to send your Pendant back anytime to be plated, you simply pay postage!

The Pendant works well to restructure EMFs. It can also be carried in the pocket, or placed on the body where needed.

Environmental Use

Just like the full sized version, On The Wings of Tok, the Wings of Tok Pendant expands out into your immediate environment, covering about the size of a home.  Again, this field restructures EMFs, as well as clears and harmonizes other discordant (seen as nonbeneficial) energies.

All within in the field will receive the benefits, and can actively work with its energies, or not.  It will never adversely affect anyone or anything, as it is always the soul that is in charge!

When you walk into the world, everyone and everything is affected by this field.

Additional Pendant Rings

If you would like to increase the potency of the field, or just want a larger pendant, then adding the 2" Harmonizer Ring is an option!  The energetics of the Harmonizer Ring integrate the energetics of the pendant into the physical even faster!  The energy is a bit more tangible with the Harmonizer Ring. 

We suggest the 2" Harmonizer Ring listed on this page.  It is the same gauge and twist as the Wings of Tok Pendant Ring, and nests as the outside Ring of the pendant perfectly!

If you love the trinity of the Alchemist Set as much as we do, then adding an interior Divine I Am Ring finishes off the look!  The silver version really makes the pendant stand out!  This Ring Addition is mostly for aesthetics, as the energetics of the pendant is not shifted that much with the Divine I Am, but of course does add another subtle layer to the pendant.  

How To

As with all Twistedsage tools, you need not necessarily "work" with the energies of the tool, rather you can simply put it on and wear it, allowing it to hold space for energy transformations to take place (such as EMF mitigation, or simply holding a higher vibrational space around you).  

Yet using your intention and attention with the Pendant will allow it to do so much more for you!  An example is a reoccurring pattern (such as a reaction to a situation) which can be released so you no longer have to experience that reaction/situation. 

Restructure energy patterns with attention.

It all begins with acknowledging a situation.

The example we will use here is reacting to being triggered.

With the energy of this Pendant, you can change your way of being in that trigger.  Simply give your attention to the emotion and the Pendant at the same time, and just be.  It is that simple.

In that moment of the trigger, with your attention on the emotion that is coming up, you are releasing old patterns that are not in the highest and best through allowing it to be in its highest and best beingness or state.

There is a suction in the energy field and body as it goes into the core of you.  Energies leave, for some it is like a tornado.  Then peace.  Not the peace you normally think of.  It is light and bright.  More of a connection of the soul and the light body.

Try it for any physical, mental, emotional, or life situation.  It is simply acknowledging and allowing.  Allow your Divine Awareness to do the work, as you simply step aside and allow. 

Releasing the old brings in a whole new energy beyond imagining.  It is all done through You, your higher consciousness, and is not influenced by your thoughts or emotions!

Learn More

The Wings of Tok Pendant is the exact same energetics and potency as the larger version, the On the Wings of Tok.  The full sized version makes a great tool to work with on the body, or with others.  As with all the Tensor Tools, you may feel the energetics more (physically) with a larger and heavier gauge, but the fields they carry are very much the same.

This space is beyond time, beyond dimensions.  It is a space where you find the Universal You, that higher aspect of you as Source, Soul, Creator.

You also find Tok, a master healer of the blues.  These blue, wing-ed, plasma-like beings have always been here, they are just now ready to step forward.  Forward in this space in which is created here, to work with all of those who's Souls choose. 

Each person will have a different experience.  Each will see it a little differently.

The Wings of Tok Pendant releases spirits and energies that don't belong and also releases your own personal dramas and traumas.

This tool does not carry a specific frequency, as our past tools have.  It is more of a gateway or a portal. 

Sitting and being in the moment brings a stronger soul connection, to bring in the next level, whatever that level is for you.

It's in the allowing. A lightness and a brightness. A peace.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Samson t.W.e.A.
My consciousness iNforms my landscape.

I have been dancing with the Wings OF Tok for 5+ years & the shifts have been, are & continue to BE beyond profound. This lil mini one stays on my wrist everyday & eye have added a second one to my Divine iAM activator pendant for a lottle EXTRA boost in my fields! With the combination of the Ai-RiNG, i feeel that everywhere i get to GLOW shifts accordingly to my heartFULLness & connection to everything that i AM from the inside OUT. When im in a dense state of consciousness i have noticed that im NOT falling apart like i used to when things got/get rough for me! It’s this allowing space that comes through with such graceFULLness & ease it boggles my mind! I’ve noticed an extrasensory ability within me to REstructure heaviness into more joyUS illuminated nowness. For example let’s say i walk into a room where there was just an argument or someone was feeeling very low in vibration, i have noticed that when i accept the current energy VS try to fight, banish or clear. The entire room & space for miles shifts with trueHEART centered awareness like a grandFATHER clock REpatterning the fields of reality with the opposite emotional resonance through density tranceENDed into LEViTY. Eye love Wings of Tok & is always with me in ALLways, I recommend this tool to everyone who has challenges with being a “sponge” like me as an empathic BEiNG on this planet eye very much can “soak” up things that are NOT mine. The Wings of Tok allow me to realize that i can wring out the old densities & replace them with my light & JOY. Thank you TwistedSage friends & relatives your WaterShaman loves you!!! 🌔💝☀️

Trauma? Give this a go. (Wings of Tok Pendant)

After ~2 months of extremely varied experimentation, this soon-to-be-phased-out little thing of beauty was used as part of another Universe-planned crucible: extreme PTSD. Very unexpected twist, yet, not remotely surprising given how things have been unfolding.

Thought it was largely overcome years ago, and with a bunch of other nooks and crannies reworked, microscopic rough edges sanded and freshly polished, etc. Nope; some bits of the original, complex, and compounded triggers were still somehow embedded, and it took donning this mini WoT (with Harmonizer ring) to seriously ground the self and release the vast majority of the undesired emotions.

However..... It didn't help that stupid Time was of the essence when this happened, and the absolute Need to be centered and calm (yesterday!!!) was accompanied by a terrible tick tick ticking. Added a newly upgraded Wisdom wand, and voilà.... cool as a cucumber. Right quick.

Could finally keep calm and carry on, with maximum clarity.

However miraculous that seems, it's not Magic; it's a lightning speed, absurdly gentle Reminder of how to get back control, and then to relinquish it to do what needs to be done. (Trust in Intuition.)

Truly don't know of any other products on this planet, in this time period, that has the ability to cover and clear so much, and then nudge in the best requisite directions with Grace, Ease, and Alacrity. (Zero hijacking; nothing is abrupt or jarring.) Just like with the HP + Nothing Space tools, if you've been There many times before, you can now work on getting There infinitely faster. Just make sure your tools are fully upgraded, optimally combined, or on hand!

Can't yet comment on how this compares to the larger WoT wheel--perhaps an unbalanced evaluation considering the obvious size difference and add-on for the mini, but it would be interesting to see if there are any new changes or upgrades to the larger version in the future.

Thank you so much Brian and the TS team for such badass creations!

Next level addition

I've had my Wings of Tok pendant and silver Harmonizer ring for quite a while but I recently added an interior silver Divine I AM ring to the mix. Had I purchased them all at the same time I may not have noticed that the silver Divine I AM ring creates a silky smoothness in my field that contributes to my feeling more confident and embodied. These tools greatly enhance the energy work that I do and I feel so much gratitude to Twisted Sage for creating them!

Spyros C.
Great product

Small and efficient pendant. Very powerful!

Marcus W.
Wings of Tok Pendant

I am blessed to have the Golden Fire, Quantum Heart, Divine I AM, and the 1” Generator Pendants. The pendant usually “picks me”each day!
The Wings of Tok Pendant is one I have to carefully consider when it chooses me…the energies that do not serve me come to the surface to be transmuted. I feel this pendant is more of an extractor or a dismemberment tool…it is vital to “remember” my Self as I wear the Wings of Tok Pendant. Very powerful. Use with care.