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Fairy Wand

Fairy Wand

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 Fairy Wand

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The wands can be used for healing and protection. Comes with an adjustable leather lanyard.

3-3/4 inch copper wand made from the Golden Fire energetics.

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There is a fairy being, of the highest good, associated with each wand.

The wands can be used for healing and protection.

Comes with an adjustable leather lanyard

Crystal sun of Earth. Elementals. Intention, to bring the healing energy of earth into the body through the Fairy Wands.
Healing wand- healing the human, including the emotional bodies.
• Heart connecting, grounding.
• Crystal Sun Activation, DNA activation.
• Not the soul-level work like the Dragon Wands...

Produces a Tensor Field, which restructures Electro Magnetics. Restructures water. Wearing these Fairy Wands as a necklace does offer the body EMF protection.

To use the wand:
Hold the wand to connect with the fairy. Once you meet them, you can ask for a name if you like.
You do not have to carry the wand, rather simply ask the fairy to be there when you need!

3-3/4 inch copper wand made from the Golden Fire energetics

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Light comforting energy. It's not overbearing, but not very subtle either haha. Works great with Scalar devices like all the other tools here, especially the wands. New daily mainstay!

Yvonne M.
Love This Wand

I received the Fairy Wand this week after working with the wisdom wands. I enjoy the copper wands more for their calming energy feel, over the silver as that for me feels more like a crisp energy.

However, the Fairy Wand feels completely different, so fun, playful and joyous energy! I can’t wait to do more work with this wand and connect to the fairy realm. It’s said you don’t need to wear it to work with it, but I feel I’d still love wearing this for the high vibration and joyous feeling I’m getting from it.

Kimberly C.
Fairy Wand

I love my Fairy Wand. I have not connected to a fairy yet but I am working with it and I feel the intensity of the wand

Terrence R.
Loveee it!

It’s a beautiful new addition, I felt it’s energy immediately once I wore it, I have noticed being present in my heart space while interacting with others, believe what you may fairies live amongst us☀️💛🧚🏿🧜🏿‍♂️

Joyful and Vibrant

Definitely recommend for any beginner with no prior experience with magical friends, of course each fairy is different, but mine is extremely response, energetic, playful, communicative and active whenever I call them. Energy was felt strongly and if you call them, they are certainly felt even without the wand. thank you twisted sage for another family member, love them