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Creation Field Wand

Creation Field Wand

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New Creation Field Energetic!

two-ounce silver wand holds a powerful field 

a space of creation

A Space of Creation for your Highest Potentials to be realized into the moment.

The Creation Field is accessible thru Wisdom.  Wisdom comes from the heart, and is your Light, alchemized... lifetimes of experience brought to wisdom by the Soul.  Your Light illuminates the highest potentials of creation for you, in the moment.

The 6-1/2" wand is the same size as the Wisdom Wand, but much heftier (2.2 ounces), and a totally different energetic. We suggest working with the Wisdom Wand or Wisdom tools for the best results in this space of creation.  Alchemizing experience into wisdom, allows you to receive these highest potentials in creation.

Please refer to these directions to illuminate your Highest Potentials within the Creation Field.

We begin with the Nothing Space: 
Deep breath.  Let go of intentions.  Hold or connect with the Wand.  Just allow. 

This is the Nothing Space.  Space of No-thing.  And in that space is Everything.

Must be in the heart center for your Soul light to come in fully.  You will feel the human you step aside as the mind goes blank. This is where your light, your amassed wisdom, begins to illuminate your Highest Potentials.  All occurs automatically.  Simply allow.

As your Highest Potentials illuminate within the Nothing Space, allow yourself to slip into this Field of Creation.   In the moment everything changes within and around you, yet everything almost looks the same.

Wisdom illuminates the highest potentials of creation for you

Wisdom comes from human experience being released.  Soul alchemizes those experiences (good bad ugly or otherwise) into Wisdom.  We suggest to begin with the Wisdom line of tools, which are all about alchemizing experience into wisdom.  Again, it is wisdom which illuminates the highest potentials for creation.

The Wisdom Wand, along with the Quantum Heart Coil Pendant, are two staples to begin your journey into Wisdom.

From there, the Creation Field tools hold a Space of Creation for your Highest Potentials to be realized into the moment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I call it the WOW Wand

I love the WOW Wand (Creation Field Wand). I had screwed up my left knee, excruciating pain for three weeks. Waking up during the night due to pain. I worked with the silver WOW Wand pointing it at my knee and moving it in a circular manner and VOILA, the excruciating pain was gone! I am able to walk without pain and I can move my leg freely now and I can sleep!!! 👍 👍 I got a download telling me that the energetics in the Wand assist the body with healing itself, that the Wand is not the healer but a conduit of energies for the body to heal itself. A Powerful Conduit, Channel indeed.
Also it is a portal opener and I have had downloads about going to the Nothing Space and create and also going to the Everything Field and be able to communicate with other beings and other aspects of myself (I am a WOOWOO guy). I felt l can use it for everything and anything I want. There are few rules though, stay in my heart space, use it only for good, use my imagination, allow things to be (no commands, no expectations, no attachment to outcomes) Also if I visualize during my work using the WOW Wand I visualize an orb on the area I am working on and allow.
This is an amazing Wand. Brian, thank you and the team so much for bringing this amazing tool into our dimension! I am also wearing it as a pendant! Another benefit of this Wand is attachments get worked out and drama also just work itselve out, expectations that appear are gone within seconds. This Wand is my Tensor Tool of choice! (Sorry Shaman Wand)
A footnote, We are not all the same. The way this Wand works for me may not be the way it works for others. I believe tensor tools work in accordance to what the wearer or the one using them needs. It is a personal partnership! I am sharing here some of the experiences I have had so far!

Immune to Drama

I've had it for two days. Drama no longer affects me. Examples: 1) A co-worker's attempt to intimidate me, I simply ignore and have NO emotional charge from their comments. 2) A neighbor was concerned about a dog that looked lost. I could have engaged, but felt completely neutral about the situation (it was not my situation). 3) A family member's 'poor pitty me' attitude is not mine, and I don't have to engage in it. Nor do I feel bad for letting them be where they are.
It's as if I have zero emotional charge on where others are; nor do I accept their state of being as my responsibility. I have a lot more psychological energy for me. I regard to other people's drama: I Let that sh*t be. It aint me.