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In April of 2022 we came across a new energy which was first put into the Alchemist Torus.  This new energy as we currently call it, is simply a stronger connection with the Earth while bringing in that highest aspect of you, as creator, more tangibly. 

Basically, this new energy has built upon all previous energetics of tools created here at Twistedsage Studios.  What the new is then, is simply the more tangible connection with your higher consciousness, as well as with the heart of the earth.  Plain and simple.

This peaceful, transformative, energy is quite possibly the new plateau of energetics here at Twistedsage Studios.  All new tools created will be in this new, more tangible, higher connecting and deeper grounding energy.  But no worries, we will continue to offer our current line of tools, which have built upon each other to bring us to here and now!

The listings below may have a mix of energies on the same product page.  You can recognize the new energy tools on these pages as having the name of Wisdom or Alchemy or simply new energy in the product name.

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