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Newly updated in the Creation Field Energetics!!

If Rainmakers are marked as "sold out" you may still purchase, it will be approximately a week before it is shipped out!

The Rain-maker

It is like a magnet, attracting the energy of water.  The field connects into the water within the earth.  It is a field of magnetic attraction.  

This energy field is a space of Love, in that the attraction of rain is in the highest and best.  Not the huge and detrimental storms, but the most beneficial weather patterning.

It holds that deep peace which is found in the Creation Field energetics. 
The plate is approximately 9 inches in diameter.

Suggested ways to utilize the Rainmaker

Environmental- Simply place the plate directly on the ground.  There is no particular way that the plate needs to orientated.  I feel using it directly on the Earth is the best way to utilize as a Rainmaker.  The coils do not need to be aligned with the North/South geomagnetic lines.
While it is ok to set it and forget it, your attention amplifies the fields greatly!  I like to create an Earth Alter, with stones, like a medicine wheel.  This is simply a way to help hold your focus and attention onto the tool and the field, and prevents it from being mowed or stepped on. 

Clearing food and energizing water- You can flip the plate upside down to more easily place water or containers on the plate.  One of the things we see this particular field doing, is transforming GMOs in food, charging and clearing supplements and medications, as well as "electrifying" water!  (I just see the water becoming radiant in this field)

Crystal Transmitter and Charger-  Placing any crystal in the center of the plate, allows the consciousness of the crystal to come in more, which clears the crystal, as well as amplifies it's frequencies and properties, which are then broadcast out into the immediate environment! I see this field rippling out anywhere from 200 feet to 1/2 a mile.  And further, with your attention and intention of expanding the field.

Expanding the Field with a Gaia Sphere- any of the Gaia Spheres work to expand the field out further.  This field will continue to expand, when your attention and intention is placed onto the Plate.  We do not know of the potentials of the size of field at this time, and will be for you and the Earth to decide.



Quantum Grid Point acceleration- The Plates are made to fit a Quantum Grid Point in the center.  The field then has all of the support of this world-wide healing grid.  Not sure why the word acceleration, but is what comes and feels right with this configuration.  This is one of my favorite ways, so far, to use this plate- on the earth, with a grid point! 

Please do play with the plate and uses and configurations with other tools and crystals.  There can not be any harm done, and you will likely find new ways to utilize the plate.

We always appreciate a review with a photo of how YOU are using the Rainmaker Plate!!

There is an episode of 50 Questions Friday where Brian talks more about the RainMaker Plate: https://youtu.be/ar5Vwe02-xM?t=351

These are handmade with love-

There may be slight physical imperfections in the resin or the alignment of the tools, but perfect alignments and geometries are not what powers this creation!  Brian does his best at creating these plates, and each one is perfectly beautiful in appearance and function!

It is safe to leave in a humid or wet environment, or even in the water (such as in a local reservoir).

The origins of the Rain Maker-

The Original Rainmaker from 2013: 
Slim Spurling, the original creator of Tensor Rings in our lifetime, showed us this configuration several years ago.  It consisted of the original trio of Tensor Rings, four Tensor Coils, and he showed a clear quartz sphere in the middle to hold intentions.  

Once we placed this grouping of tools together onto the ground, we could feel waves of energy flowing outwards like ripples in a pond.  We began to feel the coolness of rain on the skin, and could smell rain in the air, yet it was not really there...  We did readings on this configuration, besides what Slim was telling us, and we saw that this field was clearing GMO's in seeds, plants, and also clearing any harm that GMO's have on the physical body!  Since then, this energetics has been put into all of the tools!

Any Tensor Field Generator will work in place of a clear quartz sphere, for holding intention!  (update:  The Rainmaker Plate does not require a Generator or Crystal to hold the intentions.) 

Once all pieces are placed together on the ground, go into the Heart Space, and simply set your intent for working with the weather and/or all of your local natural environment! 

The field is approximately 1/2 of a mile wide, while it rests.  With your attention on it, and with an intention to expand the field, you can hold the fields as far out, or wherever on the planet, you wish!

Again, this is bringing through the new energy, which is more about using your intention to set things in motion, but then trusting and allowing your higher consciousness to bring about changes in the highest and best that you could possibly allow.  Even if it does not look like what your original intent was!

"This configuration created with the new Cubit lengths is seen to make changes in the DNA of GMO crops, seeds, and soil. The energy spreads 3/4 of a mile out, and flows in waves- like a drop in a still pond.
The tools used together clears people and the environment as well. GMO seeds can be placed around the configuration for transformation of DNA within the seed itself."
The Earth Grid Combo, from May of 2013
It was shown that using the tools with GMO seeds will shift the DNA back to its original DNA. Using the tools with GMO seedlings will allow the plants to shift back by the end of their life cycle, providing non-GMO seeds. Using the tools with the human body, will neutralize the harmful effects of consuming GMO products.
This setup was also creating a reality of rain. When it was placed on the earth, we could feel rain on our skin and smell rain in the air.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Darlene H.

Used it with intent to shift water/wind away from my Home in Central N.S.
Minimal damage & power outages in the 200 miles around us.

Rainmaker success!

I have been able to attract rain to most of my state, but not enough to my home town. The difference being that I have been protected from all forms of severe weather and storm damage. I got less rain, but it came with comfort and safety.

Victoria M.
One dandy tool!

I was so blessed to be able to get the rainmaker along with another fire generator during the recent sale. Both tools are simply amazing- I love the generator for just about everything; if I have to travel into the city I keep it with me in my handbag and things stay calm❤️
The rainmaker just blew me away- not only is it beautiful but is super powerful. There’s really no way to describe this grounding energy that it radiates, you just have to experience it. I’ve used it to recharge crystals, clear food, even clear my wallet and money! If you don’t have one, please get one, you will have something amazing for the rest of your life!

Victoria S.

Here’s the Rainmaker I just put together using Tensor Coils and the Personal Alchemist Water Rings. I had already been assembling the parts before Twisted Sage’s Rainmaker Plate came out but it’s the same basic components. I’m using a mini grid point from the Prototypes page until my Quantum Grid Point Pyramid arrives. There’s a Heddeka under the point because hey, we’re talking about water here! I’ll be adding Gaia stones between the coils for their connection to earth and devas.
It’s sitting on top of a beloved quartz point I’ve asked to amplify and broadcast the energy. The gnome is very pleased that it has a new job as rainmaker guardian.
Does it work? Time will tell, but when I glanced down at my phone as I was walking back into the house the first thing I saw was the word RAIN. It was for a forecast in another area but I think someone was sending me a message. It’s currently 100 degrees F and we’re in the middle of an extended drought but I’m counting on a good rainy season.