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Light-weight and versatile, the Light Bangles are one of our most inexpensive Tensor Rings!  The Light Bangles are truly light-weight and perhaps energetically Lighter than the Wisdom Rings.  The Wisdom Ring energetics is still present in these Rings (as is the Golden Fire, Balance and Harmony, Chalice, Divine I AM, etc, etc).  There is something about the Light Bangles, as they have been created in the newer energy which we are now in.  They energetically actually seem Lighter, yet the potency and power of the Wisdom field is still very much present!

As with all of the Tensor Rings created here at the Studio, the Light Bangles are versatile and can be used for the mitigation of EMFs, restructuring water, clearing dense energies, used for personal release work, and energy healing.  Or however you use the Tensor Rings, this Ring can handle it all!

For most people, heavier-gauged Tensor Rings have a more tangible feel to the energy, while the actual Tensor Field is the same energetic regardless of the weight or size of the Ring.  The Light Bangles, with the lighter gauge Ring, are still creating a powerful and transformative field!


The Xsmall is a 2-1/2 inch diameter Ring, while the Small is a 3 inch diameter Ring.

To find the size of Light Bangle which fits you, you may print out the file below, or measure and cut a 1/2" strip of paper that is 7.5" for the Xsmall and 8.75" for the Small Bangle.  Using Scotch Tape (or any clear wrapping paper tape), tape the ends of the strip of paper to form a hoop.  To give your paper bangle extra strength, use a longer piece of tape to cover the entire length of paper.  This will help determine what size of Bangle will fit over the hand!

Light Bangle Sizing Sheet download

Customer Reviews

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High Vibe

This light bangle is perfect for everyday wear. I put it on as soon as I received it and haven’t taken it off.

James M.

Great crafrsmanship!

Helping with arthritis

I bought this for my mom’s arthritis in her hands and she never takes it off because she says it’s helping to reduce the aches and soreness.

Interesting Detour

Normally, the personal bias with tensor tech is maximum versatility + energies, but when Healing others not in the same space, it seems going for a slower, more gradual, logarithmic approach is a better tactic. Was surprised to find this item at TwistedSage for the first order, but knew at once that it fit the bill. Got two of the Light Bangles to test out in a variety of situations; they are cost-effective and optimal solutions for more experimental contexts, and cause less annoyance when damaged or lost.

It hasn't yet been a month of full ownership and use, and has been a little over a week for one highly specific, local, organic-based experiment... but the combined and newest Energies in a single Bangle ostensibly out-perform any of the Classic measurable frequencies/harmonic trios, of (mostly) full cubit length, and of similar wire gauge (that are also upgraded to the newest energies). Even when "upgraded", Classic Rings appear to have their own peculiar math-based biases in performance; they are still very effective and incisive tools--read: often with ultra-specific purposes, but need sufficient boosting and creative combining to inch towards, or touch on, the more dynamic and profound chunk of the newer energy spectrum--that's already packed into a single Light Bangle. It then comes down to being laden with many copper tools to achieve the approximate, desired effect v. one or two bangles for lighter-weight Potency.

So for the initial product-testing, it was a matter of moving the organic subject to known locales of far-less-than-ideal energies, e.g., not straight-up harmful, but always a location of mild-vaguely moderate dis-Ease; a single Bangle (targeting strategic energy regions) generated a stronger, stabilizing field than a single, full cubit, Classic-frequency ring. Since then, a number of varied tests have proven the strength of a single Bangle, despite it not possessing a thicker gauge; the energy effect isn't in your face, but softer, with a slow-and-sure steadiness. A potent-yet-gentle, Constant stream of energies for those that aren't desirous of jaw-dropping changes yesterday, or in record-time. From my experiences with Universe, one should never Force anything for the best outcomes, but this thing has already generated some very pronounced, Consistent changes.

Bangles seem to work great in more standalone situations than they do in uber-combo-power setups, although their own energies (when multiplied) are both additive and supportive.

Thank you Brian and the team!

Image: Light Bangle = Stronger Energies than 3 Classic Rings

Light Bangle

Very nice Light Bangle. Gave it to my mom for mothers day and i feel she is more alert since giving it to her.