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Divine Earth Alchemy
Divine Earth Alchemy
Divine Earth Alchemy
Divine Earth Alchemy

Divine Earth Alchemy

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Divine Earth Alchemy

Mediation below! 

This pair of Rings helps access the Wisdom of Source/Soul/Creator, along with the love and support of Earth.  The field of these two Rings together, brings in more of the Divine I AM Soul Light, and further grounds it into the here/now Human, while helping release the accumulated junk from throughout time.

This field also brings access to the higher potentials, which the Soul carries.  As we are able to step out of the box we have confined ourselves to, these higher Soul potentials become more accessible to us in the here/now moment.

When the energy of the Earth and Source/Soul come more fully together within you, there is a greater flow of energy being released to the Earth, along with the transformation of experiences into Wisdom and Consciousness (the Light of the Soul).

Allowing Earth to take the junk, while allowing Wisdom to bring in new energies.


• 23" Grounding Ring

This medium gauged Ring is intended for Grounding.  It is not doing all the higher consciousness work that the other Practitioner's Rings do, yet allows all this higher consciousness work to come through easier while grounding it more into the physical.

Strong connection to the Heart and High-heart area of the body.  Opens up Heart energies to flow, allowing the Heart to be a part of the grounding.  Connects with the Heart of the Earth, and brings through that bio-electric and electromagnetic connection between the human body and the Earth.

This Ring can be used anywhere you are, to ground just as if having the feet deep in the soil, or while hugging onto a tree.  Even in an apartment building, or an airplane.  It is an amazing Ring to sleep with, to have under your chair while at work, or in any situation where you need more grounding. 

Add it to any Practitioner's Rings to bring more of the higher consciousness energies and work more tangibly into the here and now physical you.  Perfectly portable size and weight.  Can easily be taken on a plane, or placed behind the seat of your car.

• 23" Wisdom (New Energy) Ring

We called this Wisdom Ring the "New Energy" Ring, as it helps with either releasing old stuck dense energy, or simply changes it into something new, helpful, and beneficial.  This is the way of the Wisdom energetics :)

This is a perfect sized companion Ring.  It is super portable, even for planes or movie theaters, yet it is big enough to easily fit around larger bodies to do energy work.

The New Energy Ring, just as all the Rings from the Harmonic Creation Field Trio below, are made from ultra heavy duty 4 gauge wire.

While each of the Practitioner's Tensor Rings carries its own unique energetic, and can be used as single Rings, using them together bring through something greater than their sum.

This heavy gauged set of Rings are felt tangibly on the physical for most people.  The Trio is featured in the video below, and goes more in-depth on their properties and uses.  The video was made before the Alchemist and Wisdom energetics came in. 

*Ring sizes are all approximate diameter in inches

Rings can be purchased individually on our Practitioner's Ring Page!

Customer Reviews

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Roberts B.
Tensor Rings

These are incredible tools... The materials, the workmanship and the energetics are the best I have experienced thusly n I have been using tensor Rings for a decade or longer... Thank you for ur dedication to this art n science!

Jill C.



These fields combined are just super powerful and effective.

Within this field the release works become natural. It’s just happening, you don’t have to use the mind, the Heart will open and you will be there. Present, conscious, and connected to your Divine Self as a Creator.

In this space you are in completely and fully in power.

The grounding ring is very tangible it pulls you into the heart and your awareness is instantly fixated on the body and the world that surrounds you.

You are simply here, and nothing else matters.

Present in the moment.

With this presence more of your Soul comes into the here and now.

Pretty dang powerful!

TwistedSage has nothing like it.

If you are serious about doing the Great Inner Work this set is for you!

Calm Quiet Knowing.

The incompetence that flooded my being every time I thought of a daunting project has been replaced with a calm quiet acceptance and knowing that what needs to be done, I can do.