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Golden Fire Tensor Rings

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Activates the Sacred Heart
The Sacred Heart is the golden-fiery heart Jesus and Mary are depicted with.  Beyond religion, the Sacred Heart belongs to all humans.  Activating this Light with the heart begins the cleaning, clearing, and healing of all lifetimes.

Activates the Quantum Mind
Opens the right hemisphere of the brain, balances the brain, and activates the pineal.  This allows us to step beyond the mind.
In the process, your Soul is more fully brought within the human.

EMF Mitigation
The Golden Fire is one of our most potent energetics for restructuring discordant electromagnetic fields.  Most of the EMF tools we create are with the Golden Fire Tensor Ring, such as the Wifi Ring, Cell Tab, Smart-meter Disc, and more. 

Sleeping within the column of the larger Golden Fire Ring for those sensitive to EMFs can assist with sleep patterns.

The heavy-gauged Practitioner's Tensor Rings carry a tangible energy field, felt by most!

The 15" Golden Fire Tensor Ring pictured below is being used to charge supplements, essential oils, stones, crystals, and jewelry!  Perfect size for counter-top, bedside table, or under the seat of the car!

The 22" Heavy-Duty Golden Fire Tensor Ring is pictured above as the outer, heavier Ring. 
It is a versatile, easily transportable Ring.

The 29" Heavy-Duty Golden Fire Tensor Ring is the premier personal Quantum Space portal for the entire body to be within.

Please visit the Testimonials on the Golden Fire Tensor Rings below!!!

Creation of the Golden Fire Ring

Cubit Measure of the Golden Fire is based on geometries coming onto the planet in 2017.  Discovered and anchored in by Brenda Schnose.

The measure was shown as a neon-blue light-rod, and bent into a circle where it became golden-light. The first Rings that were made with this measure were causing tremendous releasing in people, and had to come with a disclaimer. The Rings caused a reaction in some, as the doors were opened and were triggered with more junk to release. It was nothing that couldn't be worked out, people just had to know what was going on and how to do the clearing work for release.

A couple weeks later, on August 31st of 2017, Brenda and I held space using the Three by Three, and the subsequent activations and clearings we do with that process, to anchor into the Etheric Template of the Golden Fire Rings. This allowed the automatic clearing and release to be done for the person with the Golden Fire tools. Brenda then brought through the Activations and Attunements for the Sacred Heart and Quantum Mind into the Etheric Templates of the Golden Fire Rings!!!

With the Sacred Heart Activation, many report a burning in the chest as things are burned away, then Cool Clear Waters come flowing through.

Some will note a pulsing on the head afterward, a Crown of Fire. This is a very sacred initiation, but open for all who would receive it.

This entire process could happen immediately, or over time.

When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder. The tools remind you of the Activation.

Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart, so you can continue to use it.
So many Activations you may receive, but do you use them?
This is an important tool to use, your Sacred Heart...

Ascension Chamber Audio

The first few Testimonials below are from a Beta Testing we did,
where people would sit with only the picture of the Ring and give feedback!

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Satisfied C.
Golden Fire Tensor ring

I have soft tissue damage on my left leg that bothers me from time to time. I took the small ring, placed it in an adhesive patch and put it in the area of the damage. Not only did the area of damage felt warm, the discomfort went away. I will definitely get more. They are worth it!!

Michael V.
Golden Fire Tensor Ring


Regards from Switzerland

Alec B.
Strong energy

Energy feels as strong as that coming from a crystal held in hand. As I interpret it, the energy feels "pushy" meaning it'll clear out everything in its space, so if you've got lots of "stuff" buckle up, lol. I haven't gotten past the 'clearing' part yet so can't comment on what comes next.

Gregory F.
Lovely ring

I’m very happy with my golden fire ring. I haven’t removed it since I received it.

Michelle W.

I bought the small Golden Fire Tensor ring and the copper Heddeka.
I’ve been experiencing loud ascension symptoms, including intense thirst which I have not been able to quench no matter how much water I drink. Placing the Heddeka in my water has finally allowed me to be hydrated!!!!
The golden fire ring has helped me to sustain a higher frequency and enables me to back into that frequency quicker when I shift out. It’s like training wheels helping me to establish a new set point frequency!
I’m a big fan and will buy more products as I need them. I’ve already recommended to several people in my circle. Thank you!🙏