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School Kit

School Kit

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Newly Updated 2024 School Kit

Powerful clearing tools, which hold an amazing space of protection and comfort for all that are within their field.

Each of these tools transform EMF's of all varieties, including fluorescent and LED lighting, WiFi, and any other 5G transmitters. 

The tools clear all forms of energy which affect both the mental and emotional fields.   Helps keep the entire environment, and all within it, clear of dense energies that are found in schools, and brought to school everyday by other students, faculty, and staff. 

 The 2023-24 School Kit includes two essential items:

HP mini Generator

Cell Phone Tab


If your student has a cell phone with Cell Tab, and the mini Generator around, they do not need to wear a Tensor pendant or bracelet. 
The mini Generator brings a lot of extra support and clarity to your student, and all of those around them. 

The HP mini Generator can be kept in a book bag or locker, or clipped to the students backpack so it is always near.

The self-adhering Cell Phone Tab is proven to remediate the harmful radiations from your phone and other electronic devices. 

The 1” Cell Phone Tab has a super-sticky rubberized backing which stays readily onto any surface.

Apply to your Cell Phone or Cell Phone Case, Tablet, or other electronic devices.  If you ever need to change your phone or phone case, we are happy to send you a new sticker-back for your Cell Phone Tab, for free!

Also Available: the College Kit

Personal note from Brian:

My daughter is super sensitive to other's energetic attachments, as well as other kids and teachers, in general.  She is specifically sensitive to people's thought forms, which all the tools help clear from her field!  Not to mention the frequencies from the lights and all other levels and layers of non-beneficial energies that can be found in public school systems.  She is able to function without the irritation and fatigue that comes from being in all the various energies for a full 8 hours a day, when wearing any of the tools. She is turning 13, and has been wearing a Heka Clasp for 3 years, as her favorite tool.   This year she will have an HP mini Generator clipped to her bookbag also!

Customer Reviews

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The school kit is a great value for lots of needs

I love this kit! It's great for students' needs. It is also such a great value for so many uses...travel, the glove compartment of the car, giving as gifts to those who ask about the cell phone tab (I like to keep extra on hand). The zipper pull is genius, what a great form factor for kids and teens, also for business bags and purses. Thank you TwistedSage for creating energetically beautiful, effective, beneficial works of art that are immensely practical too!