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Grounding Ring Inserts
Grounding Ring Inserts
Grounding Ring Inserts

Grounding Ring Inserts

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Your perfect sole mate(s)!

 Grounding for the mind, body, and soul.

This pair of flattened Rings are inserted into your shoes, to keep you not only grounded with the Earth, but also helps you stay embodied while bringing in your Light even more!

For the Body, the Grounding Ring energetic connects the electromagnetic field of the heart and every cell of the body, to the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

The Grounding Rings bring a strong connection to the Heart and High-heart area of the body. This field opens up the Heart energies to flow, allowing the Heart to be a part of the grounding.

To Grounding Ring Inserts begin with the Light Bangle energetics to help ground the Mind with the Earth.  We then add that deep Heart-of-the-Earth grounding connection which comes from the Grounding Rings.  The Rings are then shaped, flattened with 28 tons of pressure to be thin enough to where you do not physically notice them when placed under the insoles.

*Important!  Place the Grounding Ring Inserts just forward of the heel, where there is not a lot of flex in the foot or shoe.  Placing near the ball of the foot creates too much flex, where the Insert can bend and possibly break.

If you do not have removable insoles, you can use an odor-eater style of insert over the Grounding Ring Inserts, as shown in the photo.

These Rings go anywhere you go, to ground you while at work or play. Even on your car ride, in a building, on an airplane, or in any situation where you need just plain grounding, these will be supporting that connection.  And yes, they protect your entire field from any harmful EMF!!!


There is no left or right with the Grounding Ring Inserts.  They can be placed however you feel in the shoes, they do not have to be a certain side up or down or forward or backward :).

Energetically, I see them as this sheet of blue energy, about the size of a sheet of paper, and is always there at the bottom of the feet.  The connection is your entire physical and electromagnetic being connected with the Earth, and all of your Light right there with you in the physical.  And this can become more and more apparent, as you continue to place your awareness on this connection.

Customer Reviews

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Satisfied C.
Grounding Ring Inserts

I am a diabetic and do my best to keep my blood glucose at a decent level. Nonetheless, I have neuropathy in my feet/legs. I just received these today and put them in my Sketchers. My feet and legs are not sore. These are a Godsend. I will be getting more of them. Thank you, Twisted Sage!


My feet and ankles feel better😍👍

Judy K.
Grounding Rings

Great product to have in my shoes and keeps me grounded with the earth. They are comfortable without feeling there is an object that needs to be removed. Feeling of being balanced and secure. Have two pairs and will buy more. Great idea Twisted Sage!


Love these! I put them in my shoes and it felt like they gave me wings! Thank You so much Twisted Sage Team Your All So Awesome 👍🏽

Colleen M.
44" Tensor Rings Amazing

I'm not sure what all they are doing but I'm sleeping with one at the head of my bed and I've never felt so rested and healed. My stomach issues resolved. I've put my glass water jugs in the center of the rings for a few hours and it seems to clean/structure the water. My dogs like to sit in the middle of them. They are an amazing healing tool.