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College Kit

College Kit

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New and Updated for 2024!!

This Kit contains everything your college student needs to have a clean and clear space to learn and grow in!

Five simple tools to promote mental clarity, grounding, emotional support, and EMF mitigation:

Laptop Ring
Intended for use under a Laptop computer, the 9-1/2" Harmonizer Tensor Ring works the best for harmonizing harmful EMFs. It is powerful in restructuring electromagnetic fields, and any dense energies. It is like a super charged Tensor Ring, with a higher frequency and ability to work in the physical realm more tangibly, while also offering that higher consciousness support.


Cell Phone Tab

Independent biofeedback studies show the Cell Phone Tab makes cell phone use beneficial to the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies, makes organs function better, and clears the mental and emotional fields! All by simply carrying your phone with Phone Tab!!! Studies available on our EMF Page!

HP mini Generator

It is like your personal light house; illuminating your highest potentials in every moment of creation, and broadcasts these highest potentials into the field.
Energetics: Energies and properties of ALL the Tensor Field Generators.
Size: 1-1/2" HP mini Generator.
Sphere of Influence: Size of a home.


Water Ring

3-1/2" Water Ring returns water to its original crystal structure, balancing PH, and makes water lighter in weight in the lab, due to the high spin rate of the water.
To use the Rings with your water, simply place your glass or container on top of the Rings. Placing water within a Tensor Ring will normally restructure water in 4 to 6 hours.
Electrical Clearing Plug-in

The Plug-in style of Disc can be placed in any outlet to harmonize the electrical system all the way to the local electrical transformer!
Use a single Plug-in Disc on any plug in dorm room or apartment, to extend throughout the building's entire electrical system!

Restructure and Energize your water, as seen in "The New Science of Water", simply by using our Water Ring with your container of water!!

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