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Heddeka Water Coaster
Heddeka Water Coaster

Heddeka Water Coaster

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Heddeka Water Coasters transform your beverages to be most beneficial for your body. Our unique design is packed with vital energetics, featuring a heavy-duty 4.5" Tensor Ring, a powdered shungite base, three ANCHI crystals, purple Lepidolite, and a Heddeka, all encased in EcoPoxy - a non-toxic, plant-based, UV-resistant resin that is over 70% bio-content.

The outer tensor ring elevates the frequency of water to its highest aspect, while the Heddeka connects one with the pure consciousness of water, and clears water of memory, restoring its purity and vibrancy. The energetics of the Shungite, ANCHI crystals, and Lepidolite are conveyed through the tensor field into the water.

Shungite is known to filter out contaminants, radioactive compounds, and organic substances like pesticides from water. ANCHI is an acronym for "Ancient Chi," meaning the ancient life force of all things. ANCHI crystals help revitalize water, restoring its original structure. The purple lepidolite used in our coasters is harvested respectfully from a very sacred place, and serves to infuse the water with its properties that help clear environmental toxins, provide immune support and EMF protection, as well as calm and balance the emotional body.

Coasters will vary from photo, as each coaster is individually hand made. EcoPoxy is durable and resists scratching, yet the lifetime warranty we offer does not apply to the aesthetic aspect of the Coasters. We do not recommend placing extremely hot items on the coasters. High temperatures may soften the surface of the resin.  Coffee and Tea are still acceptable 😊

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mark B.

I really like it and use it frequently. Such a simple way to lift the vibration of the water. Thanks!

This works wonders and is so very beautiful!

Am so glad I saved up and ordered this beautiful piece, that, as another reviewer said so lovely, is indeed "functional art!" It's by far the best solution of any of them on the marketplace, ( except, of course, your very own water rings 😊), one tastes and feels the difference noticeably, and it really is a conversation piece, too. Where I live, the water used to be at times really contaminated with Legionnaire's and also abnormally much lime stone, which the water rings took care of and end of story. I didn't realize how incredibly beautiful it is until it arrived and can't stop looking at it, lol. Also strong, beneficial energetics and one feels all the incredible love and craftsmanship that went into making it! Huge Love and thanks, dear TS team! 💓

Teena D.
Love my heddeka water coaster!

Love my heddeka water coaster! Nothing more powerful than structured water for our bodies!❤️

Rebah E.
water coaster

Love it ;-) Use it every day

Functional art

I love the coaster. It has more vibrational attributes than I realized, works beautifully & is quite the conversation piece.