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Wisdom Tensor Ring
Wisdom Tensor Ring
Wisdom Tensor Ring
Wisdom Tensor Ring
Wisdom Tensor Ring

Wisdom Tensor Ring

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The Wisdom Ring

The Wisdom Rings carry a supportive and grounding field yet, as that electric blue white light of the heart of Earth envelopes and holds you, your Light, your great I AM presence as a giant central Sun within creation, comes in to assist with the deep, soul-level, transformations.

We were never meant to hold onto and identify with any experience. We were merely meant to have experiences, mine them for their multitude of benefits, and release all emotional attachment to them. In this way, we could maximize the variety of experiences and grow in wisdom. Wisdom is an inner distillation of knowledge acquired through lived experience that releases any need to relive it. The soul is open to any and every experience, without judgment. It is a repository of wisdom.

Much of what holds us back from being our fullest expression of all that we are, in any moment, is that we are stuck in the energy of previous experiences we won’t release. This is particularly true of experiences we deem traumatic, where the emotional body wasn’t allowed to fully process the event, and the mental body rendered a swift and final judgment. We can carry this stuck energy with us across lifetimes, bewildered as to why we cannot seem to realize the desires of our heart, or break out of old, unsatisfying patterns and paradigms.

The Wisdom Tensor Ring is a field of energy extending through all soul incarnations, allowing you to easily complete the process of turning experience into wisdom. It supports the emotional body from all lifetimes in knowing its infinite wholeness. It supports the mental body in opening up to a multitude of perspectives, so as not to fixate on a singular conclusion, and allow detachment to ensue. It creates space for the Light body to come forward in all its magnificence, knowing it is only ever enhanced by any and every experience. 

What remains in the wake of this quantum shifting is the comfortingly familiar Peace of the Love and Light that you are. You are restored to your original blueprint of infinite possibilities, at once embodied and unleashed - free to create, experience, glean wisdom, and create anew.


The Wisdom Rings are crafted of solid copper, from a medium-weight 10 gauge wire.  The 3" diameter Ring can be wore as a bangle or carried in the pocket, as can the 3-1/2" Ring.  The average adult female can fit the 3" Ring over their hand, while the majority of males can fit the 3-1/2" Ring over their hand.

The 1-1/2" Tensor Ring (currently on clearance) can be utilized as a pendant, which you can choose with or without the adjustable leather lanyard.  This Ring works well with the Infinite Heart, which nests perfectly inside of the Ring.  The Wisdom Ring can also simply be carried in the pocket.

The Wisdom Rings work well with water and restructuring EMFs.  It is the perfect Ring for first time Tensor Ring users, as well as for advanced consciousness workers and practitioners.

How To

Restructure energy patterns with attention.

It all begins with acknowledging a situation.

The example we will use here is reacting to a situation, such as being triggered.

With this Ring you can change your way of being in that trigger.  Simply give your attention to the emotion and the Ring at the same time, and just be.  It is that simple.

In that moment of the trigger, with your attention on the emotion that is coming up, you are releasing old patterns that are not in the highest and best through allowing it to be in its highest and best beingness or state.

Try it for any physical, mental, emotional, or life situation.  It is simply acknowledging and allowing.  Allow your Divine Awareness to do the work, as you simply step aside and allow.  Releasing the old brings in a whole new energy beyond imagining.  It is all done through You, your higher consciousness, and is not influenced by your thoughts or emotions!

Creation Story

Below are details which do not need to be known to work with this Ring, yet I like to include "more" for those who like the story behind the creations! 
The information has not been rewritten, but is there to sort through if you wish :)

Created October 30th thru November 1st, 2021

Many of you have been working with past life traumas and experiences that affect us all in the here and now.  We found that bringing in the Chalice energy (that crystal clear pure pure light) for the soul to work with, the soul could traverse through lifetimes to distill the light and information from that lifetime, taking experience and turning it into wisdom.  This wisdom comes into the human, here and now, in the form of light.  It is the soul's light, the soul's wisdom.  The more we allow the soul to go through the lifetimes to turn experience into wisdom, the more of our soul's light we can carry.

There is now an easier way to transform experience into wisdom.

When I was first looking at the Ring, I could see an entire jungle coming out of the Ring.  There were all shapes and colors and kinds of plants from simple greenery to exotic colors and forms, all flowing out from the Ring.  It was a little chaotic.  We harmonized the Ring's field a little, and then were presented with a single plant.  I could see the field of consciousness of the plant.  This may be what some call the morphogenetic field, where the consciousness of the plant resides.  I could see the patterns of energy flowing from this field, and becoming the physical plant.  I could then see the patterns of energy shifting and changing, and then the plant was able to send its roots down into the soil and pick up nutrients that were not available before.

When sharing this with some of the teachers at the recent Radionics conference, there was a doctor there who was speaking on soil.  She states that soil has all the nutrients needed for any plant, but is not always available.  It is not active so to speak.  Not electrically charged which would make it available to the plant.

This goes with what we were seeing, in that there was a field around the roots of the plant, which was then changing the soil, activating the nutrients it needed.

My first experience with using the Ring for myself was when someone was projecting onto me about something going on with my teeth.  I said no, its not mine.  but i still took it on.  later in the day, my teeth really hurt, but I knew it was not mine. I could not get it to release.  When we were looking at the ring the second time, Brenda had me use the ring to release the issue.  I simply put my attention onto the pain in the teeth, felt it fully, allowed it to be, and put my attention onto the energy of the ring, and it all just went away. 

This has been the new paradigm of work.   Simply using divine attention onto an issue, feeling it and recognizing it, and allowing to no longer be, all in one simple brushstroke of conscious attention.

On the final day of updating and working on the ring, we were playing with a friends radionics reagent.  Marty Lucas creates energy fields which he embeds into crystal cylinders.  The energy we were working with is called DNA Seed Atom.  When held with the Ring, it took us through all that the soul is, throughout all incarnations.  We decided to add this energetics to the ring, to take us further into the Soul DNA (we realize the soul does not have DNA, rather all soul incarnations within this universe).  Marty's website is https://radionics.us/product/dna-seed-atom/

I then brought up the information which Adamus of the Crimson Circle speaks of, about the human mind changing, as a new human is being birthed on the planet right now.  The body itself is changing into more of a crystalline structure (which is being seen microscopically in physiology). 

It appears that the entire world has gone crazy, which we see is simply due to an imbalance in the brain, as it is going through its changes.  If you find yourself forgetting things, and becoming more in the moment, then you are shifting perfectly!  It is OK that there is an imbalance, as it is the way to get to the other side of things, to rebirth ourselves into a new way of being in the mind and with the mind!  The choas is simply a part of it, a step to get there.

We held the space for this shift of the human brain to come with more quickness, grace, and ease.  I saw what looked like a giant sun exploding, sending out its wake in the shape of a giant disk that blew through the entire universe.  It was all an intense moment, and then the peace came.  The space is now held in the Wisdom Ring to allow the shifting of the mind.

It seems it is the mind that began to withhold experiences of a lifetime, instead of allowing it to flow as wisdom to the soul.  We are becoming so much more wise, with a sense of knowing.  A knowing beyond any type of intellectual knowledge, this knowing is simpler.  It just is, and comes from your soul, from your heart.  

Some of the information as it came from Q&A with Brenda.  It is incomplete, but included here for those who wish to see:

For the human, repatterning DNA.  For the Soul, all DNA of the Soul incarnate.

Beingness.  All possibilities.  Everything and Nothing Space.  Just being.

Subtle and Powerful.

Chaotic cleaning and clearing wave, followed by peace.

Through cell structure, into the nothingness.

Restructuring physical patterns with attention.

Divine Structure.

releasing the old paradigm that allows the plant to do something like pulling nutrients out of old soil.

a field for new creation as the old is released.

the consciousness of the plant is doing this.

people release old paradigm and patterns, opening them up to a space of new creation, of new beingness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
The Wonder of it All !!

These wisdom rings are such a unique asset to my practice. I take them out for sessions both in person and from a distance. I've used them for diagnosing, balancing and harmonizing the chakras, working with the emotional system and, most recently, I've used them to balance the lungs on a six-year old asthmatic child. They are also wonderful and work well with horses, dogs and cats.

Grounded Within

More at peace and serenity with myself which projects to those around me, still learning and feeling my way through the wonders of all😉within, peace out.


I don't feel theses subtle energies, I just wanted a ring that I could use sort of like a purple plate. One that would be on my keychain so if something happened I could just put it to use say on a bruise or any little acre pain that's the main reason I bought it. Occasionally I use it as a manifest generator for the weather in my area.


Very fashionable and functional


Perfect “peace”

Arrived timely and instantly can feel the effects of this beautifully crafted energy tool.